Dropping in late because work and other things took precedence. But here’s a bug fixing patch to hopefully stabilize the unstable release. Sorry for the delay, I meant for this to drop Monday night but some shit came up, long story. Doesn’t matter.

I’ll admit and say I’m a bit drunk at this time, so I can’t guarantee the quality of the patch or the post but I hope it at least makes testing this ridiculous junk easier. I’ll also admit that I spent some time writing up and drawing up concept for some shit that won’t matter for a while yet. Its my style I guess, work on things that don’t really matter much, but in the end, result in a greater (hopefully) whole?? haha. I dunno man. Anyways. I really want to do another in-depth lore post soon as its been so long, or at the very least another Q&A soon as that’s also been a long time since.

On that note, feel free to leave questions on the Q&A if you have any, or if you have lore stuff you’re dying to know about haha. Otherwise, you can snag the stability patch below and help me test this hormone TF stuff while I work on weird junk. Please let me know of any problems as soon as is convenient for you and hopefully I can get all the issues sorted soon before moving onto the next tidbits here or there. Thank you all for you support and feedback as usual, its more than deserved for sure but always appreciated and enjoyed even if I’m not always quick to hit up on it. If you’re playing the new patch, you’ll probably need to create a new character because several bugs were caused by missing components that will now be given to new players, but we’ll see. Its still pretty unstable so don’t be afraid to level bug reports or criticism haha. Anyways, going to have a busy work week so I’m unsure if I’ll have anything at all for sunday, maybe just more bug fixes, but I’ll try to have something more soon. Thank you as always.

Take care

Tainted Elysium Update [0.2.1D] Patch 1


From [0.2.1D] unstable to [0.2.1D] Patch 1 (08/03/17)

  • [0.2.1D] Patch 1 (08/02/17)
  1. + Expanded text color systems and made a standard color library to make it easier to adjust colors long term for specific characters, dialog and sources

  2. x Fixed an issue where realism settings would sometimes cause hormones to not function even when enabled

  3. x Fixed an issue where female gender TFs wouldn’t always trigger even when conditions should have been met

  4. + Further sped up the rate of change on bars for situations in which they reached ludicrous levels and would take real life minutes to complete. The factor now scales without tiers

  5. + All model animations will no long stall if sizes were originally past the max frame length of that particular model part and will now default to the final frame if it surpasses the size

  6. x Fixed fullness bars not animating when switched to metric mode

  7. + reworked the code for the stat bar animations, making them move more smoothly and have a gradual speed up and slow down to their progression

  8. + Added a graduated speed up and slow down to the model animation, resulting in shorter wait times between long distance changes and longer and smoother small scale changes

  9. + Added environmental lighting factors that scale according to time of day and location. Some places will be bright enough to induce tanning, others will cause paling after a longer period of time. These can be disabled by turning off the “naturalism” setting.

  10. + Added luminosity data to the “sky analog” tool-tip for tanning debug

  11. + Added skin shade and hormone changes to mystery potion

  12. ^ Turning off Water-retention now automatically removes all excess bodily fluids

  13. x Fixed stretchmark growth not being disabled when the naturalism setting is disabled

  14. x Fixed stretchmark severity being able to go into the negatives

  15. ^ Reduced how common hormone messages are, effects must be noticeably accumulative before a message will play

  16. x certain hormone related changes not scaling their effects according to time passage

  17. + Added functionality to the “androgyn system” organ, this will now regulate the effects of testosterone and estrogen conflicts for hermaphroditic characters. The organ can be received during character creation or through debug commands

  18. ^ Adnrogyn systems can now be selected in character creation regardless of starting sex

  19. x Fixed an error that would cause button wipes due to a bad hormone message

  20. x Fixed an error that caused male tfs when only female tfs should be available

  21. ^ Reduced the chances of gender TFs instantly reverting when both hormone types are present by giving gender tfs femininity level requirements

  22. x Fixed a cancerous spreading bulletpoint that could be triggered inside tooltips and from then on stack ontop of all tooltip messages

  23. ^ Breast tissue will now only convert to non glandular tissues if they’ll less than 0.2 ounces and femininity is less 90%

  24. + Added commands “paler” and “tanr” to adjust pale and tan rates. Standards are 0.0033 and 0.1 respectively


  1. kneggis

    Oh my.

  2. Anonymous

    I tried the C2F command when it was previously introduced, and there wasn’t any mention of it in this patch notes so I think this hasn’t been caught yet.

    It seems to be a variable instead of a command, but after much playing around with it (trying to modify the stored value and whatnot), it doesn’t seem to do anything. It seems that whenever I query for the value of C2F it keeps giving me 10, never changing from that value. Is there something I’m not doing right, am I being stupid and talking absolutely out of my ass, or is it just neutered for the time being?

    • Anonymous

      Scratch that, looks like it was fixed in this version.

  3. Anonymous

    Hmm, it looks like estrogen doesn’t effect breast growth(and other female features?, I can’t tell if those have been programed in yet) as much as testosterone effects penis growth(testosterone does nothing to testicle growth, most likely because it hasn’t been programed in yet). For example I if I set estrogen and testosterone to 5000 my character’s breasts don’t really change at all while my characters penis will quickly swell in size.(this is with an intersexed character with the Adnrogyn system)

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Thanks for the report. Turned the growth factors were using 0.00001 instead of 0.0001 so it was so small the changes were often reverted by natural decay or another factor. but there were some features that were also just funky and needed work anyways. This all should be sorted out in the patch I’ll be posting soon. Keep an eye out for weirdness though, I still haven’t had much time to really give it all the attention it needs.

  4. I like a lot where the hormones in game are currently leading.
    – found twice in row the game-stopping bug described earlier with 0.1.2 D – “disappearing buttons syndrome” that is. Couldn’t save, do anything apparently – appeared pretty fast, just in a day or two game-time after giving a male PC pretty ridiculous doze of hormoneE (1000 pg/ml) w/o touching hormoneT-level in any way. Should be possible to repeat easily in case this is something that occurs to several players and not just for some. I use Firefox, btw, if that has something to do with the thing. Could not reproduce this with hermaphrodite PC:s or females. only males so far.

    General babblings/opinions etc:
    – BG with high estrogen sounds logical to me. (Could be AG as well, but I have been able to imitate that with debug tool, so NVM.) In similar vein there could be also balls growing under high doses of testosterone. Oh the pain.
    – in some later patch there could perhaps be a choice for fake pregnancies in different sizes. Could be handy in order to avoid stuffing constantly those poor babies. :)

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I found some bugs that were causing wipes, but I wasn’t able to find this one in particular oddly enough. I’ve patched the game, so let me know if it still occurs, and try it on a clean character as well, not from a save. I want to see if it might be a compatibility error or not which will help me narrow it down.
      Also, the balance of growth, shrinkage and what parts are still being ironed out, but yeah, sounds like good ideas. :)

  5. Anonymous

    So when is more enemies going to be implemented so people can actually play the game? 20 patches? Oh ok sure I don’t see how this is going to stagnate popularity within the community.

    • Quake

      Way to be an asshole about it. Did you forget about the Ovikari event which was just added in recently? One dude is working on this project, and the commitment and quality has been amazing so far. Keep up the work, Atticus. You’ve been doing great so far

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Well bud, I’m not really concerned about the game’s popularity. I’m not making anyways stay here, take interest or donate, they can do as they like just as I am doing as I like. This is my game to do with as I please and at this point I’m more interested in getting more mechanics working, functional and less riddled with bugs. All the events and encounters in the game are only there to test new features and mechanics (the ovikari and bees to test the parasite/effect system, the slimes to test the material system, the oversized ovikari to test npc mechanics, etc.)
      So, the next enemy will be added to test another feature. Right now, things are getting content faster than things were in the pre-alpha, and when this alpha phase gets all the features I want it’ll move into the beta which will concentration more on content than mechanics and functionality.

      I may also add some sometimes because I feel like it, who knows. If you’re not into this drudging mechanical stage, (which is understandable) then you could probably check back in, in a few months. If that’s too long, then Elysium probably won’t be the game you’re looking for.

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah the game is actually super playable in it’s current condition and pretty fun, so don’t let one persons misguided opinion get you down

  7. Profile photo of firesoul10

    So- in my quest to stuff my characters to world-breaking effects, I’ve confirmed that your bar works well past what should ever be reasonably attained within legitimate gameplay. Good job- it only took 10 seconds or so changing between ~50,000lbs of fullness to over 1,000,000. It’s not going to get much wider a margin than that, especially since it devolves into overflow errors shortly after that. Don’t worry about those though- if numbers like 10,000,000lbs of stomach contents happen, then something else is very, very wrong.

    Something else I’ve noticed, though, is that while traversing Rosewood Forest, my characters’ metabolisms seem to flatline? I’m unsure if the area’s mutation is just applying with its mutagen levels or what, but imho it’s worth looking into, at least for the folks who might not be as interested in packing on the pounds like crazy as I do.

    I’ll keep trying my hardest to break your game, so we know how far it can go before all breaks down. =P

    • Profile photo of firesoul10

      …and for the record- I’m saving this patch as “The Definitive Self-Indulgence Version”.

      …because these particular game-breaking bugs are super close to what I cheat for anyway. =P

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I wasn’t able to track down the metabolic flatline just yet, because frankly this patch didn’t get a lot of time, but I’ll be looking into it. Thank you for the report. Glad to hear you’re liking the changes so far. :)

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