Usually when the previous update falls in the middle of a week I’ll skip that sunday, but there was some bugs and some small things I could squeeze in so why make it wait when its a nothing patch anyways. Plus, I’m trying to get out more “in progress” stuff going and stop worrying about initial quality if end quality becomes easier to reach. I dunno.Anyways, like I said, there really isn’t much to this patch, because I was mostly at work the past couple days or otherwise busy, but you’ll find some bug fixes, small adjustments to the still in progress hormone system and some messing around with a rest/sleep thing.

Okay, a sleeping system sounds silly, but given I had a fatigue and passing out mechanic and there was only two locations that you could actually sleep in, it got kind of asinine to push that on people. Now you can sleep or nap anywhere to recover fatigue, hp,sp, etc. There’s also one line dream things, just relating to statuses like hunger, lust, sanity. etc. But all in all it won’t mean anything until I start adding onto it and more importantly make it so that sleeping in “unsafe” areas triggers events. I ran short on time for this patch, but I’ll working on stringing in the current events into sleeping as well as some new simple ones I have planned. This will all tie into the sanity system when I implement sanity conditions and fugue states, fugue events will partially piggyback on this system so it should flow smoothly. And of course I’ll be working on adding more to the hormone system, getting that fixed and then tied in with the TF system. Gotta get those threads weaving and all that. lol.

I’ll see how much of that I’ll get done for next sunday.


Anyways, I’ll keep things brief and leave it at that. The Q&A hasn’t gotten many questions at all yet, so I’ll save that for later, but if you have any questions about the game development or its lore, I’ll be getting on that soon, so feel free to leave your comments and Qs there or below. Thank you.


Take care

Tainted Elysium Update [0.2.1D] Patch 2


From [0.2.1D] Patch 1 to [0.2.1D] Patch 2 (08/06/17)

  • [0.2.1D] Patch 2 (08/06/17)
  1. + Removed location restrictions from sleeping, the player can now sleep anywhere.

  2. + Mental state, hunger, lust and other factors will now determine simple “dream” messages the player may receive from sleeping.

  3. + Sleeping now causes sanity recovery, amount recovered depends on length of sleep, comfort level of sleep location and the psychological condition of the player

  4. + Sleep time now varies based on fatigue levels and rng

  5. + Fatigue and hunger bar tooltips now display time passed since last rest and time passed since last meal respectively

  6. + Added variety to lake-lyr and fertile fields location messages to match rosewood standards

  7. Forgot that there wasn’t a standard intersex profile to load in debug, so now “char1”,”char2”, and “char3” commands will load a debug male, debug female and debug herm for quick testing.

  8. x Fixed hormone related Breast-tissue growth not functioning as intended

  9. x Fixed androgyn systems preventing some female hormone changes from occurring

  10. ^ Reduced the speed at which penis size increases, reduced the hormone-levels-to-maximum-penis size scaling and increased breast-tissue reduction speeds for testosterone effects

  11. x Fixed a navigation button wipe bug related to the androgyn system, there may be more wipes caused by the hormone system, haven’t found them all yet


  1. Anonymous

    Seriously though. The hormone system can wait. Focus on adding actual gameplay, monsters, encounters. new areas FIRST so people don’t get bored playing it. You adding these things take like. 5 minutes to test and then go ”Meh” and wait for the next update. there’s nothing to DO in the game other then dick around in debug mode. I’ve done everything there is to do. I did it within an hour.

    • Carolyn

      I, for one, want more transformations before anything else. I’m perfectly fine dicking around in debug mode.

    • Anonymous

      This. This. A million times this.

      It’s cool you’re adding all these systems and I get the idea of having a strong foundation to build on, but I haven’t played the game in months because none of the systems you’re adding do anything. Most times, you can’t even tell something was changed. If you need help adding actual content, I’m sure there’s a dozen or more people willing to write scenes for this.

    • F*Word

      Yeah, actually I kinda agree with anonymous. Found this game like a year ago, and really like the slow TF concept and really hope for more. But now everytime you post, I’m not even sure I want to download the version because many times I downloaded and found not much changes had been made. Maybe try to tell use your milestones for the game, and how that reflects into your versioning so we can know which version has significant updates, and which one is just bugfix/refactor/whatever. By doing that, we’ll also roughly know how much progress has been made into your planned final version of the game. I’m okay with whatever pace you want to develop the game, I mean, it’s a free game. But at least give some info about what should we expect to get by waiting. Because I believe you’re doing this for an audience, right? And I’m afraid, like what anonymous said, your audience is getting bored.

      • AnonZ

        im’a just add this real quick, when saying the “Audience” is getting bored, don’t go making it sound like the entire group tht follows the game is like tht towards the fact tht Your bored it makes you look like an ass for making the dev have to read it like tht, and then me having to specifically tell you this is wrong to do if there are others tht are bored then they’ll voice it themselves don’t go classing everyone together.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with this also. It feels like the scope of this game is going to become so big that it’ll never end up even close to becoming a finished game. I also think that more people would donate to the patreon if the knew they were going to get regular content updates, rather than more mechanical systems that ultimately could be done in a much shallower, quicker to write and less buggy way. I don’t know if the same goes for other people I don’t care about realistic biological functions that much, so it’s tiring that all of the dev time goes towards them. I do understand that you want to get these things in early as all content will have to be written based off them, but it feels like everything is done in such a complex way when at the end of the day that’s not what people are jerking it to. Something like CoC has incredibly simple transformation mechanics but is still mechanically a good game. I do believe that if you manage to finish what you’re currently creating it would be amazing, but I don’t know if it’s worth waiting three or four years for it when something almost as good could be done in half the time.

  2. Carolyn

    Take your time, my friend, and do things in whatever order you want to do them in. I’m sure you know a lot better than we do what makes sense when.

  3. Profile photo of firesoul10

    Really digging what I’ve seen of the dreams so far! Reporting what I’ve found-

    -Dreams seem to devolve into nightmares after a point.
    -The Sleep debug command does not play a dream, and seems to be acting strangely otherwise.
    -There seems to be a point in gluttony where nausea overwhelms the resistance acquired. One successful nausea resist does seem to fix it. (Note- this happens at extreme sizes, and shouldn’t affect legitimate gameplay.)

    I’m going to have to go find Hunger dreams now. Good luck!

  4. Profile photo of firesoul10

    Oh- The Metabolism flatline is linked to the Cream Trees, by the looks of things.

  5. Anonymous

    still runnin into that bug that hardlocks the game by disappearing all the movement buttons and making the save, load and options buttons not work either, even the debug menu locks up. I thought it might be the hormone system causing it, but this time it happened to me when I was just messing around while making my character eat lots of apples.

    • bronn

      it happens when hormone levels reach 40+

      • Anonymous

        Does a character’s hormone level rise slowly over time then? Because I wasn’t messing with the hormone commands at all when it locked up.

        • bronn


        • firesoul10

          Well, until it’s resolved, you can disable hormones in the Settings menu. If you weren’t using them anyway, there’ll be little to no impact on the gameplay.

  6. Anonymous

    Well, I turned hormones off along with hormone themed transformations and it still locked up so it’s probably something else.

  7. To those who are complaining about lack of content:
    Just remember that you are complaining about a FREE game being made in the author’s SPARE TIME. Keep in mind too that the game in still in a transitional phase where the author completely re-wrote how entities interact and change so that all characters in the game use the same underlying code.
    I for one am glad that he’s working on getting all of the components of the engine and character evolution in place and sorted out before adding a bunch of content. This way when the content does come, it will have a sold un-changing base to build on. Sure there are things that I would love to see implemented, but I’m not about to go complaining that a free game isn’t progressing at a AAA title pace.

  8. Letmego

    I’m having issues starting the game. When i download it and open swiff player it gives me and needs adobe flash error, but i have the latest version…
    plz help.

  9. Anonymous

    The fact the developer has released his game to the public means he wants it to be enjoyed by people, if he didn’t he’d keep the game to himself. So obviously he does care what his audience thinks. I also happen to agree with the majority in the comments with the lack of content, there is very little to do in the game. However, it’s a WIP alpha so it’s meant as a demo rather than a functioning game.

  10. Thirsty

    I’ve said it long ago and I’ll say it again. I love a strong mechanical base, it is probably the largest reason I enjoy Fetish Master aside from a couple excellent mods.

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