Its nothing new to say things have not been well, but well, things have not been well. haha. Either way I have a small patch ready to go. Enough to smooth some of the shit that broke and a few small tidbits, but not much else. I’ve been working when I’ve been able or feeling well enough to do so. But most of my days were stuck at work, trying to pick up extra shifts, driving around with some family/personal matters and getting Lilly to her interviews, and then recently our car broke down at a horrible time and we had to get that fixed. Its up and running again, but its going to cost us more than rent. To say the least, my heart hasn’t been in it as of late, not just for Elysium, but not for anything really.

But, that’s all done now, work schedule should be back to normal (well, only a single day off, but still), the matters are settled and the car is back. Its just a matter of getting my head back in the game and sitting down and getting work done without interruptions for once. So we’ll see how this goes, lol.


Anyways, Lilly had an idea on how to give back a little to our community and our donors. So, I figured we’d give it a shot. I don’t know if anyone here likes or uses discord at all but we setup a server for Elysium. I enjoy the discords I’ve been in and we thought some people might like to discuss the game with other players more directly and of course talk with me with a little more ease and less wait (as we all know, sometimes I’m not exactly quick on the draw to respond). If it takes off, that’d be great, if not, well, no harm in hosting the experiment for a little while. It could end up too overwhelming for me, it could end up chaotic if there isn’t enough moderators, could end up boring in dead since its not like I’m online all the time, who knows. We’ll just have to see what it does haha. If you want to check the server out, you can find it here.

Lilly and I will be hanging out in there when we can, and a friend of mine is helping moderate for now. But they have their own project (which I recommend checking out on their blog, because the art style is adorable), so well all won’t be on all the time, but we’ll try to be around. lol

I know, this is short, given how long its been since the last word from me, but this just needs to get out there so I can put more time into the project instead of vegging out and forgetting that I’m supposed to be typing something here, haha. Thank you all for everything you’ve done and the help and support you’ve given even when I’m missing in action. Given that this all was mostly a bug fixing patch, this next set should be more content oriented (provided there are fewer bugs to fix this time) so I’ll be working on expanding night events, adding some new encounters and finally getting back to finishing the work I started on the TF system. So, we’ll see how it all goes. lol



Take care

Tainted Elysium Update [0.2.1E]


From [0.2.1D] Patch 2 to [0.2.1E] (09/12/17)

  • [0.2.1E] (09/12/17)
  1. + Added more art assets for later

  2. x Fixed “sleep” debug command not activating the actual “sleep” event sequence

  3. ^ made several improvements to the cream-tree event (RWF_E6), fixed grammatical errors and rewrote some things for clarity, added more rng to time passage, consumption quantity and effects

  4. ^ the cream-tree event (RWF_E6) now has art assets

  5. x Fixed metabolic effects hanging if they became too large or accumulative, causing metabolism to flat line when excessively using these sources of metabolic effects

  6. ^ Sped up the rate at which some effects fade

  7. + Opening the appearance menu now expands the player model to full size

  8. x Fixed an error where gluttony was being erroneously applied to the character through the material system along side the standard calculations resulting in extreme gluttony gains where they should not

  9. x Fixed an issue with the cream-tree event that calculated the status before time passed instead of after

  10. + Added standardized color scaling for various effects, including status messages and stat bar numbers and tooltips

  11. x Fixed several variety messages using random numbers instead of random integers resulting in the varied outcomes being static (messages should now be more varied as was originally intended)

  12. x fixed fertile fields using the wrong loot list

  13. + Expanded possible dream outputs and included more affectors (now includes fullness & hormone levels)

  14. + Added regional “risk”, each zone now has varying levels of danger which for now will effect encounter outcomes slightly

  15. + Added “sanity poison” (effect #10), detracts from sanity, increases stress and lowers willpower, metabolic health and digestion speed by a small amount

  16. x put a soft cap on height deviance on arm data to limit their maximum message adjustment. This should limit how often normal arms are described as massive on character under 3ft tall. But without draining overall muscle and fat along side height, small characters will still gradually be overwhelmed by their flesh as they shrink.

  17. ^ Adjusted body calculation and fat/muscle to scaling with height. This might change things on extreme characters but shouldn’t be too noticeable

  18. ^ Updated the donor list in the credits and broke them up and color coded them by donation tiers just as a small token to those ridiculously generous folks I’ve been lucky enough to have supporting me. As usual if you would prefer your user name not be displayed or would like it to be displayed as a different name, please let me know

  19. x Fixed water retention rates falling into the negatives, causing mysterious water gain for now reason

  20. ^ Halved the amount of impact sodium has on water retention

  21. + Added “over night” events for sleeping in unsafe zones. Currently this only effect rosewood, but will be expanded shortly. There are two event categories, waking events (ones in which the effects happen to the player over night and are noticed upon waking) and interrupter events (ones in which the player’s sleep is interrupted to face the event) currently only waking events are active

  22. + Added “Breast Mite venom” (effect #11) (Swelling, lactation, growth)

  23. ^ Updated the mystery potion to include the new effects and some sanity based modifiers as well as increased the likelihood of it applying an existing effect

  24. + Added 4 overnight waking events to rose wood (RWFONW_E1, RWFONW_E2, FWFONW_E3 and FWFONW_E4 respectively) #1 being a feeding from an ovikari, #2 and #3 being mysterious injection marks resulting in weight gain or loss respectively, and #4 is a bite from breast mites. More to come soon.


  1. Mordona

    Okay, seems Ovikari eggs are bugged up again and the maturing seems to hult even though the status still says your holding X eggs. This is not reliably repeatable. 2nd, milking your own breasts leads to a buttonless menu, leaving you with no way to progress.

  2. Perro the traveler

    Sorry to be such a pain but after a few more sessions I have a theory that it’s the meter getting messed up and not the actual metabolism function.

    • firesoul10

      Hmm- To be honest, I haven’t been paying attention enough to exact rates of weight gain to be able to tell the difference between ~80 and .5. Maybe you’re right. Or it’s just a more stubborn bug than we thought. I honestly can’t tell.

  3. T again

    That lore post makes me think of Nyarlathotep.

  4. vietthai96

    Did the option working?, i try to change or rather unchecking the fetish box lika mutation or traformation but nothing happen, the PC still changing

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