• Meant for this to get out earlier as there isn’t much to it, but I got delayed by some stubborn bugs . Anyways, it wraps up the test scenes with the Ovikari spider and fixes a number of bugs as well as deals with […]

  • Just dropping off a small content patch. Was busy as usual and given that I updated in the middle of the week I didn’t give myself much time anyways (admittedly I did take the time to just relax, had a long week, […]

    • Oh, it’s not rising back up on its own? I may have set it up on the wrong metabolic stat (it should be lowering the metabolic “effect” stat, not the metabolic base stat), if that’s the case the only way to raise it back up right now would be debug commands. I’ll be sure to look into it and get that fixed (its supposed to return to normal after a few in game hours).

      Thanks for the report.

    • Thanks for the report friend. Sorry about the wait, things have been busy but the patch will becoming out tonight, these should be all fixed up now.

    • I do want to add in something easier to track for that, but for now I tossed in a little area in the tooltip under fullness. Hovering over the full bar will display the GI capacity and contents at the bottom of the tooltip. also, the gi command should be working, but it needs to be capitalized as “GI” so that it doesn’t overlap with other commands that start with gi, but I’ll work out an exclusion for the lowercase version later.

      Sorry for any inconveniences and the wait, patch will be out tonight.

    • Aye, I keep forgetting about that. Sorry about that. I’ve updated it with a lot of the new commands and such but it’ll still need some work soon. I’ve uploaded the new version is already up if you need it, just reopen or re-download the command list.

    • Whoa, that’s really strange. I’ve never seen that happen before or had that reported but I’ll keep an eye out for it. I’m sorry for any inconveniences it may have caused. Are you using an unusual OS or browser maybe, something that others may not have done that could have triggered it? Either way I’ll see what I can do about that strange bug.

      Thanks for the report.

    • I appreciate the report friend. I got it all fixed up in the patch I’ll be dropping in just a bit. Turns out those descriptions were still using the legacy variables and so they never changed according to the player entity. Should be all clean now.

    • I found the issue. It comes from when I converted all the calculations to use the same base measurements but I forgot to adjust certain descriptions and outputs in some areas, so its conflating ounces and ml in some spots. This results in that 100ml being 100oz (6.3lbs) instead of the 3.3814 oz it should be. haha

      Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next patch

    • Aye, seems some parts of the calculations were conflating oz and ml resulting in all sorts of weight madness. This will be sorted in the next patch.
      I’m also looking into the calorie issue and that should be fix at the same time.

      Thanks for the bug report friend, every bit helps.

  • Hey all, really sorry this is coming out so late, and incomplete at that, but things have been pretty crazy as of late. I knew I wouldn’t be getting much more time so I wrapped up what I could when I got a chance […]

    • Thank you. I’m hoping that it delivers on those promises once its finished.

    • Turned out there was an error that was miscalculating how stomach firmness is determined. I’ve fixed it up and restored the proper hard belly. I didn’t even realize this was happening, so thank you for the report.

    • Sorry about that, the ended up not getting anything to test it with outside debug commands. Sorry about that, got short on time. The scene to test that will be in soon. And yeah, the air pump still isn’t working I totally forgot about it actually so thanks for the reminder, I’ll see about getting that up and running again soon.

    • Indeed, I’ll be fiddling with it going forward, same with arm muscles as well and mixes between. So we’ll see how that goes.

    • Well, thank you for playing. :)

      also, thanks for the report. It’s all fixed up in the patch now, didn’t even realize it wasn’t working after all this time.

  • Sorry for disappearing and the lack of communication; things have been really out of sorts as of late. I’m just dropping in to let you all know I’m still alive and things are still happening, just not as I would […]

    • Thank you friend. I hope things will be worth the wait in the end.

    • Hey, plants are great. There’s a lot of interesting features that can be added to a humanoid from them that aren’t often explored in other monstergirl types.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate that. It still amazes me that people stick around this project, even with what it it is. Anxiety is certainly a familiar pain of mine, but its not always a big issue. I have my cycles of ups and downs. lol

    • Thank you. I try to keep things interesting, even if what I do tends to be more of the boring kind of stuff. haha. Or at least I’d think it would be boring to most people, but its always good to hear that people are still interested.

    • Oh certainly, I’ve thought about doing progress builds more often, and I would like to. But the issue is my development style, I tend to develop many ventures throughout the game at the same time because that’s the way my creativity works or keeps steam, I don’t get bogged down with one thing, but this leads to the problem of too many things being incomplete and often leaving the update unreasonable until enough of the open organs are sewn back up again. lol

    • From my tests they should be working in the newest version of the game, although I’m not sure if I’ve fully narrowed down the issue yet. So if the problem persists, let me know.
      Thanks for the bug report.

    • Oh, huh, didn’t notice that. The mechanics were all there but it turned out the base rate was set to 0 by default, so it had no fuel for the engine so to speak. I changed it to the proper standard now and things should progress naturally again. Hopefully soon I’ll actually be expanding pregnancy into a more interesting mechanic. I really want to, just it keeps getting shelved for later. lol

      Thanks for the bug report.

  • Well, this was not a productive week and at this point I know I’m not going to get the update finished by tomorrow, so I’ll let it go till next time. Tomorrow is Easter and I’ll be spending the day with family and […]

    • Ah, sorry about that. I posted the link to the results instead of the poll itself, lol. It’s still ongoing, so feel free to try it now, should work now.

    • Ah, well, happy Easter-birthday then my friend. ha ha
      And thank you, I’ll endeavor to do so.

    • Well thank you friend.
      I think I tried a little to hard to make them “my orcs are different” but I hope that when they do show up in the game people will enjoy them. I look forward to setting them up.
      I’ll obviously be adding bovine themed stuff eventually too, because I love a good cowgirl, but eh, you know. lol

    • Understood. I’ve always been stuck between scifi themed stuff and classical fantasy. With Elysium I’m hoping to bring the themes together and hope its not a disaster. lol.

      I think as far as general monster-girls I’m big on cow-girls, slimes, driders and nagas.

    • Yeah, Strawpoll only allowed 30 answers, so I tried to fit in whatever I could and I’ve seen quiet the variety of monster girls in my time so I tried to reflect that.
      But yes, food girls are good. haha.

    • I’ve actually seen leech and worm themed monstergirls before, but in general what I meant by worm/parasite was tentacle monsters and in general all the squirmy things. But parasite related/caused tfs would fit. It’s whatever you would find attractive in that poll slot and we’d just work from there.

  • With the weird timing of the last patch and then because Lilly and I had a number of things we needed to get done in the week (plus, just work as usual) didn’t get much done. I only really worked on Elysium […]

    • Thank you friend, I appreciate the sentiment.

    • Thank you. I’m truly glad to hear you’re enjoying the game even for what it is so far.
      I can say there are moments where I’m proud of how far I’ve come but also disappointed that its not further. There’s only so much that can be done I suppose, but it’s still hard to admit that at times. I have my issues I guess, lol.

    • ah, that’s a strange one. Haven’t seen it myself, but I haven’t exactly been looking for it. Thanks for the report, I’ll try to hunt it down for next time.
      Sorry that I didn’t see this sooner. I’ve been a bit, “away” lately.

  • I’m just going to axe the shit I was doing for now and drop off a patch for all the bugs. I have numerous fixes for you all and I got too many new things started and didn’t leave myself time to finish them. Ontop […]

    • Ah yeah, just noticed there was an issue with how height deviance was effecting it. I’ve ghost patched the game, so redownloading it should fix this. It’s not a perfect fix, but I’ll improve upon it later.

      For now it’ll arbitrarily scale with neck fat instead of the actual neck thickness.
      Thanks for the report.

    • Thank you my friend. I appreciate the sentiment.

    • Thank you, I really appreciate that. I’m trying to get things done at a better pace and I’ve had better luck than earlier in development, but I still end up disappointing myself at times. This update shouldn’t have taken two weeks and there was a lot more planned to be in it that I had to cut out, but I’m glad you think its a good amount for an update haha!
      I hope to bring even more sooner rather than later.

      (also your English was perfect, I wouldn’t have even known it wasn’t your first language had you not said. I can only speak/write a single language, so a third language just seems like an amazing feat to me. lol)

    • Ah, shit, you did haha! Sorry about that mate, I’ve just been quite distracted it seems. Well I’m glad you were in there helping folks when I didn’t notice. lol

      As to fluid retention, according to the code it should be getting filtered, so I’ll look into what could be preventing it from turning off. Thanks for the report.

      And, certainly, an extra-strawberry would be real easy to through in there. Although I’d imagine it’d be difficult on a person being that top-heavy. haha.

    • I’m not sure about food items, but I did find an issue with a missing lust resistance variable that would crash the buttons. So reaching max lust, or using any item that influence lust would have triggered the crash whenever that missing variable was checked.

      I’ve since ghost patched the game, so redownloading it will fix the issue. Now of course there may be another factor that’s triggering this, so keep an eye out for it and let me know if problems persist.

      Thank you for your report.

    • As I mentioned above to “A Fan”, I’ve ghost patched the game to fix an issue with some miss checked variables. Redownloading should fix the problem, but again I didn’t find anything specific with a location or an item triggering it like you both reported and it instead was a different internal factor, so the issue may still persist.

      Let me know if it happens again and I’ll work on narrowing it down. If it’s clear and doesn’t come up again, then I guess we’re all good.

      Thank you for your report.

    • Thank you, there’s still a number of issues to mop up on the bug list, but it was nice to get a decent portion of them crossed off. Hope to have more content next time and not just bug fixes, but stability is important too I suppose. ha.

    • That’s the plan. Things will become more difficult as a character gets heavier and I’ll eventually be changing scenes to reflect this differences. (Lifting belly to reach, struggling over things, etc.)
      Eventually one won’t be able to reach at all, but given they have enough sensitivity and eroticism, they might not have to touch in order for it to work.

    • hmn, well that could be true. haha. From what it seems it looks like it could be Adblock or Noscript.

    • I had a fellow figure it to be his adblock, so NoScript and Adblock alike are eating the feed. lol. Ah well, I just put up a disclaimer in FAQ or somewhere if it becomes to much of an issue. At least I know now.

      And thanks, it’s good to know people think my progress is impressive for what it is. It’s just always eating at me that I don’t get more done. Two weeks felt like far too long for just a bundle of bug fixes. I started three different internal projects (New scene, New TFs and a rework of the TF system) because I want to have content to supplement the bug fixes, but alas, I ran short on time for all three and had to just put them aside for now. Makes me feel slimy. Dunno. lol

  • Sorry that Its been a while and there’s still no update. Things have been nuts lately and I haven’t gotten shit done. It’s a lot to get into, so instead of wasting all the time explaining I’ll just chalk it up as […]

    • No worries. I’ve got everyone’s reports down on a list. I apologize for not replying. I really appreciate your work I’ve just been in one of my “antisocial” swings and being expressive has been embarrassingly difficult as of late.

    • Thank you friend. I’ll endeavor to do so.

    • Thank you friend. It’s just a bad string and it happens to me sometimes. I had a unprovoked break down, it was not fun, the first one in many months. It happens to me sometimes and I’ve yet to seek help for it because it happens so rarely, plus not wanting to dull my senses with drugs or have to deal with the rest of the baggage that kind of stuff brings. Thankfully Lilly is really great at putting up with me, haha, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have her there to rain my sanity in. She’s much like me, so I’m there for her when her sanity isn’t operating at full mast. Co-dependency I suppose, but so far its been very health for us to be together, much healthier than we were on our own.

      Anyways, enough of that.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the 3rd person mode. The majority of people like to play in second person, but just as with you, I’m not one to really enjoy it that much. I greatly prefer 3rd person, always have, it was just easier initially to write the game in second. haha. But my own personal satisfaction was a big drive in getting the other narrative forms working, but it helped knowing I wouldn’t be the only one to use it in the end.

    • Thank you, I appreciate the sentiment. I’d contest that it is anti-social behavior to an extent though. Due to my anxiety disorder, it gets difficult to want to talk to people at certain points, even replying to people I don’t really know online. So on top of being busy, it was hard for me to step over my lines and get out there. It’s often why I only reply right after I post a blog post, or write near the end. I go in cycles of wanting to converse and not, but I do read them. Which often leaves me feeling guilty for not replying for a long while. haha.

      Anyways, as much as I’d like to add more dynamism to the model, changing it’s entire position would be rather difficult to accomplish, especially so with all the leg and body types I have planned. The most I’m doing on that front though is adding a visual effect for “flesh piling up”, which can currently be viewed in the max breast size visualization, the breasts will reach the bottom of the screen and kind of pool there. I plan to extend this to the other body parts as well eventually. I may expand this into other aspects as well, so maybe someday there will be body position changes, but we’ll see

    • Ah, shoot. Is it really not working for you? At all? how long has this been going on or has it always been that way?
      It works for me, so I don’t know if it’s a browser issue or a code issue.
      I use twitter because it’s a fast and easy way to put out small bits of info on the go instead of writing up my long blog posts or wasting all my blog space with small twitter like updates. I’ll work on fixing it if I can.

    • Yes actually. I’m planning on anorexia and a number of other mental issues that the player can start with or acquire in their journey. This will give them negative reactions and messages when they gain, kind of playing with body horror among other things. But very thin characters will be just as viable in the long run (or at least that’s how I want it) so eventually it’ll work for both extremes.

  • Sorry for being antisocial this week and not really replying to comments, I was feeling awful and out of it and time slipped me by. Thank you so much for all the reports though, it was a huge help. Got a patch for […]

    • Ah yes, It seems that if any factors are added to an entity, when a previous entity is loaded it will draw a null value, causing the freeze.
      Thanks for the report, I have some ideas on how I might fix it, but it’ll take a bit of testing. Luckily I actually have some old save files I can test with.

      Sorry for the inconvenience

    • Ah, thanks for the report my friend. I’ll see if I can sort those out shortly. I think those debug commands should be working given that spelling, but I’ll make sure I didn’t change them or otherwise mess with their functionality.

      As to the saves, as I stated in my reply to Bicubus, it’s going to take a good bit of testing to find a good work around for this matter. It won’t be as big a deal as I’ll eventually not have to add new variables to the entity system and thus there will no longer be incompatibilities, but in the mean time it’d be really nice if you all weren’t forced to make a new file every time I added a new factor to the entities. lol

    • A quick report as I’ve only just started playing, but my character’s arms seem to have defaulted to clawed. Also, skin color still results in a state where the character creation screen does not let me advance, particularly when using Black-Brown.

  • Just dropping off a quick patch to fix some of the most blaring issues with the last major update. Sorry it’s a bit late, the update was released late in the week, and with work I didn’t get much time to get this […]

    • I found a fix, though it isn’t ideal. The thing causing the download loop is the Privacy setting that asks you if a site should be allowed to run Flash. Disabling that got Elysium to play in Chrome again.

  • Well, hey there, I don’t know how to begin this, but I’ll just say, here’s the update. You can scroll down to the bottom and pick it up if you’re not up for the blog bits. So, after whats been far too long, I’ve […]

    • Yes as it’s stated in the change-log, for now all clothing items and equitable weapons or tools won’t have a use button for this initial build because they were causing a bad bug I ran out of time to fix. They’ll be sorted out soon. All other items (food, drinkable, injectables, etc.) should be working however.
      Sorry about the inconvenience.

    • I haven’t got into trying the update yet, but I’ve been meaning to post a feature request:

      Could we have lock buttons for the slide bars in the bodycustom menu? You know, to make it so that it won’t redistribute the weight from one or more categories if it’s selected.

      • Ah yes, I meant to start working on something like that ages ago, but then got caught up in all this other business. Due to the way that the sliders work at this time it might be a bit difficult to implement but I do plan on putting something like in soon. I’ll fiddle with it when I have the time.

    • 8 months, 3 weeks…praise jesus we have an update. Thank you atticus.

    • Thanks for the report friend. This save issue has turned out to be a far bigger than it first appeared so it may take time to fix it due to the nature of using an array of objects inside a sharedObject system for the saves. It’s kind of wacky but there’s some testing I need to do to work it out.
      The rest should be easy fixes though. Thanks again.

    • Thank you friend. I’m glad to have made it this far as well. Long way to go though, as we can all see. Haha!

    • I sure hope so, Still running into some pretty time consuming bugs. But yeah, writing content is a lot faster now. :)
      Thank you for the kind words.

    • Thank you, and I have considered it and I do plan on spreading eventually, I just haven’t had the time as of yet. Thank you for the suggestion.

    • Thank you, I’m glad. Watch out for the horrible bug fest it’s going to be though. lol

    • I just checked it out, apparently the commands are actually working, but the pregnancy factors aren’t calculating into the body shape or sizes for some reason, so I’ll see what I can do to get that fixed. Thanks for the report.

    • Ha, no worries mate, this exactly the kind of stuff I’m needing and expecting right now. So thank you for the big report, I’ll see what I can do to get these sorted out and feel free to leave me anymore if you run into any problems.
      Thanks for your time.

    • unfortunately I’m not really sure. Chrome has ended its support for flash applications, so the only basic solution that I know of would be to run it from desktop with a flash player of sorts or to run it in a different browser.
      There may be a work around inside chromes settings, but It’s not a browser I’ve used and I’m not familiar with what one would have to do with their browser to allow flash.
      Sorry for any inconveniences, nothing I can really change about my game to fix that, that’s the issue with using the platform like flash when the rest of the world is slowly putting it out of its misery. lol

    • Ok, got a couple bug reports for you, Atticus.

      The first is in character generation. In Third Person mode (don’t know if tense factors) when I select an eye color, it seems to select the color before it. Blue > White, Green > Hazel, etc.

      Then there’s one that’s been in there for a while- whenever a piece of clothing breaks, it seems to outright remove the inventory screen.

      And another new one, increasing max stomach capacity does not seem to be affecting bursting threshold whatsoever. A character with a two-ton stomach still pops after 50oz or so.

      Hopefully this is at least minorly helpful. =P

      • Thanks for the report, I’ll check those out. Although I’ve disabled clothing and equipment for now because I didn’t have time to fix them before the update so I’m sure how you even put clothes on to break them lol.

        • Well, I said it’ d been in for a while. I can’t confirm if the new update fixed that or not. It’s a 0.1.7 bug. =P

    • I’m embarrassed by so many of these mistakes. I screwed up a lot of the dialog by flagging the “you”s and “your”s as the normal player referencing ones (the ones that get swapped into an “I” or “My” in first person or “she” and “her” in third person) Ugh, what a nightmare. lol.

      Had a busy week and I’m just now running through everything. Won’t take long thanks to you pointing it all out, should have a patch out by the morning or after I get home from work tomorrow evening.

      Thanks for your help, including the reports down below. I’ve got all the information copied down and I’ll be working through all that I can and whatevers left I’ll clean up in the next patch,

  • This week turned out to be a pain in the ass, don’t even know why, it was just shit. But I’ve made more head way (not as much as I’d like, but its getting there) and I’m back to answer some of these Q&As I’ve been […]

    • Ha, well, I hope it actually is getting better each day, it’s certainly doing something I just don’t know how valuable it will all be just yet. lol
      And yeah, shit is always bound to happen. I only have 6-8 days left (6 if I want to stick to sundays, and 8 before February ends) and there is quite a lot of work left to do. Whether it’s wrapped up nice and neat or if its in tatters, I want to get something out and just work from there with the community involved while I finish up whatever is left of the transition.

      So even if I get hit by a bus or work schedules me for 168 hours, whatever mess I have will be out there for scrutiny. haha!

    • Yup, the plan is to release it at the end of this month, preferably by next sunday, but I’m giving myself till 28 if I really think I need too. The reason it’s been so long is because I’ve completely replaced the base system and rewritten the code for the grand majority of the game. All of this started during a shitty time in my life so I got hardly anything done for so long. The reformat is to a point that I can release the game back out and just wrap up the last of the transition while it’s out and being “played”

      And I tred on the word “played” lightly, because on the outside the game isn’t going to be much different at all compared to the current version, at least content wise. It’s a huge difference mechanically and in the backend part for creating content. Given that, the updates to follow this one will become more and more content focused as it finishes up because of these coding shortcuts I’ve implemented for myself.

      One way or another, the project is at least not “dead”, maybe a zombie, but it’s still vaguely shambling around. lol

  • Just dropping in with a small progress report and to wish you all a happy Valentine’s day; spoil your significant other or if you’re on your own, don’t forget to treat yourself. Time slipped passed me this week […]

    • Of course! Eventually, once all the writing shortcuts and “cool things” are implemented for scene creation I’m going to work on some sort of writing guide so that if people ever want to test their own content in the game or further down the line in development, write content for submission for us all to enjoy.

    • Well we’re glad to have you here (Sorry for the late post, things have gotten away from me as of late).
      Thank you for your sentiment, I look forward to this games future as well, hopefully its a long and inclusive one. haha.

  • Didn’t get as far as I liked, but I expected as much with my work schedule. Still I’ve wrapped up most of the needed descriptive components that’ll be used through-out the game for all the various parts, size and […]

    • I don’t really post often anymore, so I’m just here to say I’ve been popping on once or twice a week for a while now, and that my lack of commenting reflects a lack of things to say and not a lack of interest. Hope all goes well, and I’m glad to hear that forward progress is being made!

      • Thank you my friend. I’m glad to know you’re still on board. It’s actually been pretty impressive to see that my traffic has never fallen below 500 daily visitors. I know a good portion of those are probably simple search engine spider bots and the like, but its still amazing to know so many people still check in regularly.

        As this next update draws near, I look forward to being able to bring content back into the game and getting people engaged again; but it’s still a process obviously. lol

    • Thank you anons #2 & #3 for defending me, I appreciate it. I know things are rough with how long this boring journey has been, but its good to know there are people wholly unperturbed by it.

      As for you Anon#1, well, it took me a while to think of what to say, but I figure all comment deserve a reply, even the inflammatory ones. All I can say is that I’m sorry you’re unhappy but realistically what could you possible think you’re accomplishing here? Yelling at me won’t make the game just magically playable. The mentality you’re presenting here is the same breed of thought that poxes 4chan’s d-game general threads, everyone is just so bitter and actively wants to see devs give up and stop for some reason. It’s strange.
      But that’s beside the point. The only one who I’m “stringing along” is myself. This game is, and has always been my project and my hobby, nothing more. This isn’t my job, I’m not really even paid to do this, I just do it when I have time and when I’m feeling up to it. I just decided to share what I was doing with others and enjoyed everyone’s engagement with this project. Those who are here are here by their own volition, I’m not lying to them or extorting them.

      If this is about money to you, let me explain: this isn’t, never has been and never will be about money. I could win the lottery tomorrow, never work another day in my life and I’d still happily work on my project. It’s what I do. I didn’t even setup a patreon for the longest time; I was very resistant to the idea but I put one up at the behest of generous followers. As the other anons have pointed out, I never made any promises, or tried to trick anyone for money; these donations are 100% genuine gifts and if anyone doesn’t feel that way I highly encourage them to remove or refund their donations; I want honestly and clarity within my community. I haven’t touched a single penny of those donation since the last update and won’t be touching it until after I get an update out again; they’ve been sitting their like a soft savings account supported by my fans.
      If you’ve donated to me anything and you’re unhappy then please get your money back. When it comes to money I personally judge the value of a purchase by the amount of entertainment or satisfaction it has provided me compared to its cost, I earn a few cents over $10, so if I spend a dollar on something I need at least 6 minutes of entertainment out of it, if I spend $10 dollars, I need an hour or so, etc.
      If what you’ve spent hasn’t met your needs, then again, please get a refund.

      If money isn’t the issue here, then in all honesty, I’m afraid I don’t really owe you anything. I never forced you to spend time waiting for the game or forced you to take interest. I support this project and website of my own volition, my own money and time; this is my hobby and I work on it at my own pace when I can. I have a life, a fiance and a job and I don’t spend every second of my free time working on this project, it’s just not possible for me. I work on it a lot and its the majority of my free time and its something I truly enjoy engaging in. This project may never reach the scope I’ve built for it, but I’m far from done with it and I want to get it as far a long as I possibly can. If you don’t like how I spend my free time or work on my hobby or how I’m making it, then with 100% honesty and sincerity I would love to see you make your own. There aren’t enough people out there making games, they’re started and abandoned left and right, and it’d be good to see another dev that can dedicate and commit to a project.

      And if that wasn’t the issue and you were just trying to get under my skin, then, well, good game sir, you got me to write a rant. See you around chum.

    • I look forward to it as well. I imagine its going to be quite the extensive hunt though, lots and lots of relatively untested new systems are being combined into or overwriting old ones, so plenty of incompatibility is bound to happen; ontop of that I expect a whole smorgasbord of grammatical issues with all these pronoun and tense sensitive variable sentence components. lol

    • Thank you, I’ll try to do so.

    • Haha, well, I’ll just trust your judgment friend.

    • Not a problem friend. The naturality toggle doesn’t really do much as of yet, it just effects some cosmetic details like stretchmarks, cellulite or whatever other realistic but possibly unwanted imagery. It’s more of a catch all for possible future cosmetic details that’ll be added among other things.

    • Thank you my friend, I truly appreciate your sentiment; (especially as someone who is prone to lurking sites rather than posting on them like you)

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the ride so far and I truly hope I can keep this thing going for us all. :)

    • Well, I don’t know about “great”, but more flexible and easier to expand upon than the previous version certainly, lol
      I don’t quite get it either, but having been engrossed in enough d-game development threads it’s a common enough mentality. It’s spurred on by the fact that there aren’t many good games with much content out there that both are free and fulfill the niche they’re looking for. After years of this and plenty of people coming up with great ideas and then never creating a game, or creating a demo and then disappearing, they’ve become jaded. With nothing to talk about and no games to play, they sit around in their threads together complaining about this or that, attacking those that disagree and continue to make each-other bitter and jaded. They don’t make their own game and they don’t really co-operate with each-other to make anything productive. But putting that aside most of them are still pretty cool and they’re a good source to gauge alternative interests and ideas and to get brutally honest, if a bit unhelpful “criticism”. It’s always good to have another view point, even if it comes down to “I don’t like x” instead of “x is bad because”. Occasionally you’ll find a helpful gem and or converse with someone whose chill and those are the parts that matter.

      Of course there are some folks who just feel like all devs should spend all their free time making a game for them and never make any money on it (even if they themselves don’t spend any money or donate), and they’re not really people you need to listen to. Most of them have zero experience in game development, art, or anything creative and don’t even both to offer critique or anything of value, they just actively shit on everyone around them. Luckily they are the exception and not the rule. A vocal minority if you will.

  • Made some headway, but nothing in particular to talk about this time around so I’ll just drop some Q&A’s and then get back to working. One step closer of course, so that’s nice; but I don’t get another day off […]

  • I’ve been a little “unplugged” as of late, but I’m finally back with some good progress on Elysium and plans for the next public release. Just as as back drop, Lilly and I took a small vacation to celebrate our […]

    • Nice fat bot! ;p

      Take care in the meantime! ;)

    • So do I friend. lol.
      But I also look forward to delivering it soon. I just wish I could do it sooner.

    • Milk will certainly be a selling point in many regions, as food products are needed and Elysians don’t really have any stigma over milk produced by humans/sapient beings. As for other bodily fluids it becomes more dependent on the region and parties involved, but due to the mutagenic properties (or lack there in) of certain races fluids, they do have niche markets and will be something that’s sell-able. Items and mutations will certainly be available to enhance the production of these fluids.

      As far as self interactions, I certainly plan on there being more than what’s currently demoed. Plenty of rubs and masturbatory options will be available on various parts of the body, including mutations and non-human erogenous areas as well.

      • shit, what am I writing. lol. Sorry about that I was actually replying to something I got in the Q&A while I was replying to this comment, got them intermingled.
        Where is my mind.

        Anyways, to respond to the first part, what I meant to say was that I certainly hope Elysium will one day gain a life of its own (not too far from home, but independence regardless). After this update, I imagine (and hope) that I’ll have the freedom to spend more time focusing on simple content and expanding upon the base outside of just the engine components. I imagine as you said, once there’s actual content, they will likely be a new flood of interest. We’ll see where things go from there of course. lol

    • ah, yeah, that’s a pesky one. I’m still not entirely sure what caused it in the previous iteration, but give the new transition with the entity system, most of those areas have been done and should hopefully not show up again. It has something to do with the ordering of the status events versus scene events, the status call for the mutation is triggered by doesn’t display or get resolved because it’s interrupted by the scene event. So, with no resolution, the trigger is still there to tell it that its being called so it never gets re-called even when the mutagen rises again. Hopefully it can get sorted out with this next update but I’ll have to keep an eye on it.
      Thanks for the report friend.

    • that’s actually a great term there friend. Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll probably have to shamelessly take it off your hands ;p
      in all seriousness, it would fit well into the type of lore we have and I could see the early Elysian scientists naming things in a similar means in reaction to the less than ordinary changes their world was going through.

  • ♦      Lord Compendiary      ♦

    Name: Volupta Gula, The Witch of the Grove
    Trope: Dionysus-esque hedonism god
    Region: The Glutted Grove
    Temple: Palace of Plenty
    Followers: The Grove Con […]

    • Thank you. That’s pretty much what I was going for. The protective, portly matron of a less than classy, but not too crass, establishment of pleasure seeking and excesses. lol
      (sorry for the late post, things got away from me some how)

    • Thank you :)
      We had a great anniversary and it’s been relatively nice on the progress front as well. Sorry its been so long since the last lore, I get discouraged from posting them when I don’t have complimentary art to go with it, given that, I don’t draw all that often and it takes me a while to make something of quality. Eventually though there will be lore and art established for all the lords.
      (Sorry for the late post, been away)

    • oops, yeah, I just mixed up the e and the i. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Right above this should be the next lore post, but I figured a basic post should be dropped off as well. It’s a new year and as is the weird coincidental tradition, this first week was a time to celebrate my […]

    • yeah, it’s always been pretty strange in that regard.

      I was actually almost born on my fathers birthday, but there was an issue with the birth (I was being strangled by my umbilical-cord and my heart ended up stopping so they had to preform an emergency C-section, etc. Either way, I survived but was a tad early and didn’t end up on my dad’s birthday, lol)

  • Sorry for skipping out last week. The holiday work week was insane and the time away from the madness took precedence. Anyways, I’m just dropping in to finally put up the lord Q&As as well as the results of the […]

    • I like your view of the gods of Elysium, gods are nothing else than that anyway, because they’re just an invention of mankind, they’re nowhere as perfect as current monotheistic religions want them to appear to be.

      Also, that’s a lot of lore you’ve gone through, and a lot of work. I still wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to increase the size of the team (gosh you could even try a Kickstarter with what you have already :P) depending of how ready you are to let a bit of your power over your project that you have to other people.
      But if not for that, I wonder if you have a buttload of documents such as game design documents, etc… which would help you keep focused on your project. I don’t know if I’ve already asked that, sorry if I did. But I think it’s important, even critical as you are alone on this project AND the project is “public” as you’ve put it.

      Can’t wait to meet up with Volupta’s people. ;)

      Have a not too sucky year 2017, all.

  • Every year I get crazy delays around this time, and every year I think it’ll be different lol. Well, I’ve been swamped with finals, work and other crap and then this Christmas week I’m working nearly 60 hours. […]

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