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    Name: Volupta Gula, The Witch of the Grove
    Trope: Dionysus-esque hedonism god
    Region: The Glutted Grove
    Temple: Palace of Plenty
    Followers: The Grove Con […]

  • Right above this should be the next lore post, but I figured a basic post should be dropped off as well. It’s a new year and as is the weird coincidental tradition, this first week was a time to celebrate my […]

  • Sorry for skipping out last week. The holiday work week was insane and the time away from the madness took precedence. Anyways, I’m just dropping in to finally put up the lord Q&As as well as the results of the […]

    • I like your view of the gods of Elysium, gods are nothing else than that anyway, because they’re just an invention of mankind, they’re nowhere as perfect as current monotheistic religions want them to appear to be.

      Also, that’s a lot of lore you’ve gone through, and a lot of work. I still wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to increase the size of the team (gosh you could even try a Kickstarter with what you have already :P) depending of how ready you are to let a bit of your power over your project that you have to other people.
      But if not for that, I wonder if you have a buttload of documents such as game design documents, etc… which would help you keep focused on your project. I don’t know if I’ve already asked that, sorry if I did. But I think it’s important, even critical as you are alone on this project AND the project is “public” as you’ve put it.

      Can’t wait to meet up with Volupta’s people. ;)

      Have a not too sucky year 2017, all.

  • Every year I get crazy delays around this time, and every year I think it’ll be different lol. Well, I’ve been swamped with finals, work and other crap and then this Christmas week I’m working nearly 60 hours. […]

  • Sorry for the late post, I ended up getting caught up with work on Elysium and then sorting through the NPC data so I could present the findings and of course answer some of the NPC related Q&As I’ve received. So, […]

    • Not for a while unfortunately. I’ve been swamped this week with finals and other matters and then Christmas week I work almost 60 hours due to the holiday rush. I don’t expect to have the update done until after news years at least. 2016 has just been an unbelievably bad year for me both in life and in game productivity I’m sorry to say.

      Looking back though, every December to January period in general has been an update drought, but this is certainly the worst one yet. I’m really on edge with everything and I’m only getting an hour or two for Elysium every once in a while so hopefully once the holidays end and the semester is over things will calm their fucking tits and I can get something done again. lol

    • Not everyone in Elysium will be a slut, I can guarantee that. There should be a decent number of characters to pick from that you might have to date and get to know before they’re ready for that sort of stuff. Not that sex with them won’t be unavailable, but a continued relationship with them not hating you for your actions might require a little more care.

      Customizable npcs and the like are certainly something I want to explore, obviously they’re be a lot more difficult to make indepth and personal compared to a more persistent npc, but its something I want to try. In some ways, that could indeed include your old bodies, provided they survived and aren’t completely feral/mentally broken. But thats a slippery, buggy road, so we’ll have to see.

      I’m glad you’re still here waiting on this molasses train, haha! Its always good to know that even if it’s going to be forever, there will be somebody out there ready to play the next update.

    • No, don’t worry, a lot of the lord info is up in there air and in general not all that well covered around the site (I’m actually working on a new survey related to them, to help clear up questions the community might have as well as in general get some ideas)

      Some of the lords will in fact be romancable or at the very least can become close friends with. (admittedly it was quiet a long while ago that I wrote those, so I’m not fully sure what I meant by open for who, but in general, I feel they should all have some form of bonding available if not full romancable relationships)

      Also, thank you for your kind words. I get obsessed with things. World building is my thing, I’ve done it a number of times, but this is the first time I’ve tried to make something of it and bring it to life. It’s been hellishly slow, but I’m far from finished and I want to bring these things to the world some day. :)

  • Sorry for the late post, things got away from me. Anyways, I got a little time this week and worked out some decent progress. It’s nothing to show off and nothing new, seeing as its more of the conversion/trudge […]

    • Yep, that’s actually exactly one of the things my next update will be bringing. I’ve rewritten all of the intro scenes (plus some new ones) with a TL:DR version that can be swapped in anytime. There will be a semi-dedicated button in the bottom right hand corner that’ll switch the read modes between full text and tldr. Not all scenes will have this, particularly if they’re already short or I just didn’t have time to write up their tldr just yet, but eventually if anything is going to make you scroll down to read, it’ll have a tldr summary.

  • As I mentioned last week, I’ve been overly busy with the holidays/work and Lilly and I had an unrelated family matter that really took precedence; again barely got anything done.  So here’s some Q&A stuff.

    It […]

  • So, I ignorantly mentioned last week that work would likely be letting off since the remodel is over, but hey fuck me, I forgot: I work retail and it’s the holidays. Surprisingly, I still managed to get some work […]

    • Ha, no kidding.
      Luckily it wasn’t actually all that bad, nothing like it was the day before thanksgiving, that was Black Friday for grocery stores. People were crashing carts, yelling at each-other, fighting over the last can of pie filling or frozen turkey, etc. Shit was crazy and I hated every minute of it. lol

    • To be honest I’m more just burnt out on life, not really Elysium specifically. In fact Elysium brings a lot to my life at certain times. This holiday/work season has just drained me.

      Lilly saw that I was getting pretty stressed though and got me a present early, Pokemon Sun, and I have to say, it’s pretty cute. So I’ve just been taking time when I can to lay on the couch/bed with her and we just play games and shit before we get intimate or whatever.
      Funny enough I’ve actually been too stressed out with work to drink or do anything that would normally relax me, but Lilly has her ways and I probably wouldn’t make it through life without her, I just don’t have the whole “being an adult” thing figured out yet and I don’t think I will for a long while.

      Anyways, thanks for the advise. I think I’ve delayed a release for too long and I’m just going to try and go at for as long as I can, get an update out and in public hands and then I’ll take a breather. If I really think its getting to me though, I’ll do what I have to, to take care of my mental health and my game.

  • In the face of the political landscape right now and how much anxiety the country is going through I thought another voice in the storm would be appropriate. I’m about to get political on my platform here, […]

    • It took me a long time to decide how to approach this. Eventually I realized it doesn’t matter and if I didn’t just post something I’d wallow in this for days.

      You don’t think I’m sick of it too? I’m just one man. Barely one at that, I’m a broken twenty something year-old struggling to cope with depression and my place in this world, wasting my days away working at a job that means nothing and does nothing for me while I crumple under the weight of my social anxiety and my crushing financial situation.

      Look, this is my platform, this is the website I paid for and I can do with it what I want to. To say that its only for game development and has nothing to do with me is just disingenuous. I’m not a professional, I’m not some studio, I am and will always be just a hobbyist first. Elysium is not the next revolution in gaming, or even a game that I’m trying to make a huge success, its just my obsession, something I play with. This isn’t a job. I don’t separate Elysium and the on-goings of my life. Elysium is an escape for me; all I fucking do anymore is go to work, work on Elysium and occasionally spend time with Lilly, oh and drink/sleep/take breathers. That’s my life. My life gets in the way of developing, but I can’t just give up my job, I’ll starve and I can’t give up lilly, she is my life. I can’t give up the breaks I take because I’ll burn out.

      I would be professional if I could, if Elysium could be my job, I’d do it. But it can’t pay the bills or keep my depression at bay, it doesn’t do anything but tease my sense of self worth and give me small satisfactions. Sometimes I just have to vent, this is my platform. I don’t use face-book at all and twitter is hardly the place for wordy expression. Even if I didn’t have this website, or an online connection with you all, I’d still be working on this project. I love it, its what I want to do. This place, online, discussing it with everyone and sharing things, that’s all for my own benefit.

      These past months have been hell for me, fuck, all of 2016 has just been right fucking shit. Every day that goes on I realize just how much longer it’ll be till I have a stable release for you all and just how much more you all will be expecting and just how much more you all will be disappointed each time I post another “hey no update yet, life, sorry” post. I want to please you all, I really do. It makes me feel amazing when I know some piece of crap that I’ve haphazardly thrown together can bring something to someone’s life. Its a high that I seek, but with it, it brings so much pressure and fear of disappointing people.

      Okay, so maybe doing the same thing every week isn’t great, after all its just “hey, this happened, life sucks, no update, maybe next time”. That’s pretty much 80% of the posts I’ve made for the past two years. But nothing has changed and it just is what it is. If I don’t post, people think I’ve given up. If I don’t vent, well I guess post quality goes up but I feel like shit.
      I don’t even know anymore.
      I wasn’t even sure if I should reply to this, or any of these comments at all, considering this was basically a one off, so I’m just going to leave it here and get to sleep because I have an extended work shift tomorrow and I’m already up too late.

      I honestly am truly sorry for the state of things lately. I’m doing what I can and things will likely improve when I finally get something out as that’ll improve my psychological situation as well. But its still a ways off. Sunday is just going to be another post saying, “oh, maybe next week”, because I don’t even have any new Q&As to answer and I’ve only just completed the main part of the new intro scenes. I still have to wrap them up, finish integrating all the main descriptions/appearance shit and getting all of the “eat this” “do this” shit hooked up to the new narrative settings, etc..etc…blah blah blah.
      Fuck me, fuck it all. I’m sorry and I thank you for being here anyways, as it shows you really do give a fuck about the game, regardless of the reason. That’s somethings, and as ridiculous as it seems sometimes, I will continue to find it amazing that people are interested in this shit show after all this time.
      Alright, I’m done. I’ll be back Sunday with more “news”. Maybe I can keep my whining on the low side this time.

    • You make a good point.

      As for my own opinion, even if he got elected through a semi democracy only (gosh I tend to think your system is the worst, and I’m Belgian), I think it’s well deserved. As for the Brexit I believe things have to get worse before they get better. It’s just silly it’s so close to World War 2 but hey, humans are silly and short memory, just like goldfishes. :P

      Just one note I don’t agree with your rant: there is no left in the US. But again, I’m not American. :P

  • Not a whole lot to say this time as there were only a couple questions asked on the Q&A, so I’ll save them for next time. For now I’ll just drop off some progress news. So, after Halloween I picked up a pretty […]

  • Hey all, Just dropping in to let you know whats been going on in my life and what progress has been made on Elysium as well as finally get around to answering some of the questions you all left me a bit ago. I’ll […]

    • I’ve got a question for the next Q&A, if you don’t mind.

      I noticed that appetite in the current build effectively just raises the nausea cap. Is this the intended final version of it? How might a PC with an especially hearty appetite deal with a situation worse / better than a less inclined one other than getting sick less easily?

      • Well, as it stand now, appetite increases the nausea cap and also increases how quickly hunger returns after eating as well as how fast hunger builds.
        There will likely be more things involved with appetite, where in the physical desire for food must be challenged against their mental resistances. Having a high appetite and low inhibition they’ll be less likely to resist food regardless of the source or the risks involved in obtaining it and consuming it.
        I’ll probably expand on it more as well, but we’ll see.

    • I do plan to explore the idea of “unobservant reactions” to changes, but part of that issue is that in the game the player can view themselves any time on their omnibrace. So, in some sense I could tie it in with the actual person playing the game, if they don’t check their appearance (which is where the character views a render of their own body) for a while, the next time they check is when the player character would react to itself.
      Seeing as these reactions are triggered by viewing ones self and all.

      Either way, I’ll look into exploring it.

  • TL:DR: More stresses with work and roommate shit, but otherwise things are progressing as usual. An October release is getting less likely, but I may manage it if things can clear up. No Q&A this time as there’s a […]

    • Wow, that’s some serious shit.

      It’d of course be silly to judge you for “doing nothing”, panic attacks aren’t nothing. I’m not sure if you’ve looked into getting help? I mean for the hippie and the drunkard mother? To push them out? You have been witnesses of the smoking pot and getting drunk, right? You could totally be uncomfortable for your own security.

      Geez, I wish I could help but half assed advices are all I can muster. XP

      Hope you’ll soon get out of it, and by that I mean them! You shouldn’t be uncomfortable getting in your own living room…

      • Technically we’ve never “witnessed it” but we’ve seen them intoxicated and found the evidence/equipment left around; so it’s still enough to confirm it. But thank you, your advice is perfectly sound.

        It’s worked out anyways, as I’ll mention next post, but it’s going to be alright now I suppose.

    • Our landlord allows guests to stay over, it just has to be shorter than 7 days in a row. So, in some ways we kind of just had to wait for that time period to verify, if we don’t just ask “how long are you staying”

      But, the whole drunk and making us uncomfortable part probably supersedes that.
      It’s worked out though, she finally left and we’re getting the roommate with the new contract and junk. It was just trying is all. I’ll have a full explanation next post, as I’ll likely have to repeat “hey it worked out” in all these comments. haha!

      Thank you so much for your sentiment though. Things have just been shit lately and I really needed to vent and I know this is my website to do with as I wish, but I don’t always feel like I should “blog” blog on it. It helps when I need it though, so I’ll probably just have to start throwing up “drama, rant” tag filters or something so those not interested don’t have to put up with all this crap.

    • Thank you my friend, I really appreciate your kind words.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate your support. We’ll be okay in the end, it’s going to work out. This is just a tough year for us.

    • Hahaha. Yeah, there’s quite a lot of quackery going on in my life, but really, it’s all kind of just first world problems or whatever. I don’t believe in luck, fate or karma, just chance; so statistically speaking things have to start going better eventually. The more unlikely bad things that happen to you, the less likely it is that you’ll run into another bad thing without a more average event occurring first. This year in particular has been one hell of a streak though, maybe I should just play the lottery so I can lose at that too.

      I do wonder if at times people think I’m just making up excuses, because I’d honestly be slow as shit at updating no matter what, I just like to express whats been getting me down even if it seems like the two are connected. I’m starting to believe in the H-dev curse the internet is always going on about, but that usually takes you much earlier in a project.
      Must be proportionate to content, not time or something. haha.

      Thanks for your sentiment mate; my life really isn’t that bad to be honest, I just have trouble adjusting to adulthood in the crowded and unfriendly, drought ridden south-lands of California and expressing it here helps me cope. It is on me a bit as well considering I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for the majority of my life, but I’ve never sought out help to actually fix it. I still don’t know if I even could bring myself to try, in a kind of twisted way it’s a big part of who I am inside. I don’t know who I’d be if suddenly everything was just okay, all the time.

    • We do from time to time, it helps, sure, but its just getting that push to really do it that can be so hard.

      I can actually be a decent speaker at times; I have a wide vocabulary and I’m good at leading conversations around different subjects without losing consistency or purpose, but once I’m in a situation that implies volatile confrontation or where the conversation can have actual impact on my fate and living condition I just break down. Thoughts jam up, I stutter and I get lightheaded. Its a rough ride for me.

    • Thank you. I know that I should probably look into help sometime, but. I just can’t really describe the exact reason why it just seems so impossible to just go and do that. I supposes its probably part of me wanting to cling to the idea that I’m actually still okay and I’m just overreacting, so going to the doctors is pointless and embarrassing; even if its likely not true.
      Then when you get to the medical side of things, it really gets me uncomfortable. I have a strong gag reflex and so I have a huge difficulty taking any sort of pills, I can’t take shots because I’m underweight and my low blood pressure and anxiety causes me to faint and experience mild seizures when I get a needle in me and in general I’m just kind of against taking medicines/antibiotics and the like unless its an emergency or a preventative like vaccines.

      I try to tough out most things on my own, I don’t even take cold medicine or aspirin because I feel it’ll just make you weaker when you don’t have those medicines and have to face your illness or injury alone. In general, because I thankfully inherited my fathers immune system I almost never get sick or seriously injured and so I don’t really have to confront medical situations and get to have this “I’m outside of it” kind of sensation.

      In many ways, I think I like to think that my mind is as strong as my body. I almost never get sick and when I do I usually overcome it very quickly without medicine or help, so surely the sickness of my mind can be overcome just the same; so I feel.

      I know its not true. But the way my anxiety makes it out, getting help is admitting defeat, admitting I’m the weak broken thing I really am, admitting that I can’t take on this world the way the other adults in my life can.

      Anyways.. I’ll stop with the ranting. I just want to thank you for your sentiment. I’ll try to fight that curse, but boy it sure is persistent. Luck for it, it doesn’t even have to try that hard to slow this game down because I code and write at the speed of handicap person stuck in a bowl of glue even without interference, so I was doomed from the start. lol
      At least I’m stubborn and persistent?

      eh, regardless, I’ll do what I can and I’ve been trying to stock up better “on the go” kinds of foods. But finding things that are cheap, don’t take much to prepare, are palatable and not made of plastic toxins is a bit of a difficult thing to do down here in expensive shithole California. lol
      Even without the anxiety and roommate, it’s pretty common for me to forget to eat or to eat very little, especially when I’m engaged in work or entertainment. I just don’t really have an appetite most days.

    • Forgive me if my response is a bit, trite. I’m kind of burnt out of expression for the day, so a lot of my response sentiment can be found scattered around the other responses, but I will say I really appreciate how thought out your advice is and that you’ve had our situation in your thoughts. You guys really don’t have to do this, and, well shit It makes me feel pretty fucking good that there are folks out there concerned for a shut-in weirdo like me.
      Thank you.

      To get to the meat of your post, our landlord is often in-personable and impractical but she is not unreasonable. She knows we’re subletting and shes “okay” with it so long as we pay on time and she only has to deal with a single check. She only asks that she approves of the roommate prior to them moving in. She’s kicked out people before just on suspicion of drug use, and so that’s where we’re worried. But, as things stand I think that while she’ll be unhappy with us changing roommates again so soon and will likely express her discontent with us, it won’t result in our eviction as well, so long as we can pay. It’s just that in the middle of the school semester it might be difficult to quickly procure another roommate who won’t be a simple repeat of this one.

      Obviously, we are living a bit outside of our means currently with this apartment; the reason we don’t want to leave this one is because of its proximity to both our places of work, her schooling as well as its proximity to stores, entertainment and the beach. It’s in a really great spot and in a safe part of town. Lilly has lived here since she started highschool, so its really her home and she wants to continue living here for a while longer yet. She’s been a faithful tenant the for years; but once her mother left to live with her boyfriend in France, its been a lot more difficult for us to maintain it ourselves. Her parents both still help pay a good portion of the rent though, so we’re lucky enough to have that, but collectively we still need the roommate to close the gap.
      Moving now would be difficult as we need to find a place that’s still close enough to our places of work (we only have the one car between us, so there needs to be practical bus routes available as well), is affordable and isn’t in a dangerous location. (which, Southern California has plenty of). It’d also be a really inconvenient time to do so right now in the middle of her schooling and everything else.

      We feel very stuck, but we also want to keep the place if we can.

      All that aside, we have been looking for a new apartment because we are expecting we’ll end up needing to move eventually regardless of how well the current situations go.

      Anyways, thank you again and thanks for reading through my dribble. We did end up getting the mother out and we’re going to confront the roommate with the new contract after she pays us for this month. So, hopefully this works out easiest for all of us, if not for the best.

  • Hey all, I can’t believe it’s been a whole week. I’m just dropping in to let you know things have been progressing as usual and I have yet another Q&A for you all. It’s a really beefy one this time since I got so […]

    • I probably have something more in depth for that another time (it’s a bit extensive) and more specifically as more parasites actually get implemented. But I’ll have some stuff on them for sure (after all, one of the 9 lords is parasite themed, so its a big part of the island)

    • Absolutely. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to do it, but plenty of cybernetic junk is planned and most of it basically just turns off certain body mechanics in exchange for cool gear and abilities; lose humanity for more robot action kind of junk

      This lore profile shows pretty much the basics of it, but one of the main species of the island is essentially just that, a brain (consciousness) in a jar (a advanced cybernetic injection mechanism) that allows the human mind to control anything from organic components to full blown machines.
      I’ll be exploring those possibilities more as we go along, but right now the way I’ve set up NPC’s they essentially work as vessels through which the player could swap into and control at any point, mechanically. So once I implement Jynx systems, the player will be able to control anything they’d like to, it’s just a matter of swapping what entity gets the “isPlayer” tag.
      Mechanically, everything is interchangeable.

  • Due to the remodel at work, my schedule has been pretty killer. I feel like I’m running around with my head cut off sometimes with the managers taking their stress out on me, trying to stock things when I no […]

    • Good luck with the shit stuff!

    • Well thank you for such high praise, I appreciate it. A lot of people give up on their projects because they don’t concentrate on what they want and they don’t find the trudge entertaining, if you want something you have to give it energy. I have a lot of stresses in my life and Elysium has just ended up as my go-to-relaxation method, I really enjoy working on it and when I’m not working on it I like to think about it, or the lore. It’s escapism, but it’s not really any different than when I escape into some video games or a bottle of vodka. lol

      I would like my habit to eventually produce a successful game, sure, but even if that’s not what Elysium is destined for, it’s been fun building it and I plan to continue enjoying it.

    • Thanks man. I don’t know why this year has been so pitfallen, but things have to turn around eventually. I don’t believe in luck, so, statistically with every bad event that occurs it becomes even more anomalous for another bad event to happen, odds are things have to swing back eventually, otherwise you really are cursed. lol

      Sometimes its hard for me to fathom just how much time I’ve actually wasted on this project. It’s a little bit absurd, and in reality anyone competent probably would have a finished game by now. I feel sorry for all the folks that found this project early on and I really should have done a better job at tempering expectations; but at the same time, even I didn’t know what to expect and I’ve personally enjoyed the journey. One day, I hope I can hear from people that the wait was worth it, lets just hope thats not too many decades in the future. ha.

    • Ah, I’m sorry about that, I don’t know why it wouldn’t be working but I just wanted to give my appreciation for the sentiment. Thank you.

      Hopefully it won’t be too much more of a wait for you all.

  • Well, hmn, the good news? I have plenty of Q&As for you all and I’ve made some “okay” progress on Elysium. The bad news? I’m going to have to start looking for a new roommate again, among other bullshit that’s […]

    • Seems like she has already wasted her start in life… :/

      You’re right though, you can’t risk your own situation for that complete stranger…

      Good luck with everything.

  • I’m having trouble responding to things individualy right now, so I just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone that expressed their sentiment to me. It has been a bumpy couple of days now, and with the funeral […]

  • The title sums it up for anyone who would rather not read through more life blogging. Consider it more of the same, another delay for the update as some things have come up in my life and I just need to spend […]

    • Sorry to read about another life setback. :/

      Take good care of you all and take all the time that’s needed, and a bit more.

  • So, as many of you should know by now, math has never been my strong suit, particularly when I first started with this project. As it turns out I recently discovered a calculation error at the base of […]

  • We’re getting close to the end my friends. I’m wrapping up the improved descriptions and appearance systems; after that I only have to rework the trait system and some miscellaneous side functions before the […]

    • Ha, well I’m always glad to hear you’re still getting enjoyment out of this all. Always encouraging.

    • I’m glad to be doing so as well, things feel stronger and more efficient.

      And yeah, wow, will it be a big bug hunt. lol
      The first few updates will likely be nothing more than bug fixes during the rough transition, but that in of itself should provide some entertainment. Ha!

    • Always nice to hear you all enjoy them. Thanks!

    • Ha, well hopefully it doesn’t take too much of your time!
      I look forward to providing plenty more entertainment however.

    • Well, life can be a busy thing for all of us. Only natural but I’m glad to hear you’re still enjoying your work on Elysium. It’s looking really slick.

      Thanks for the support, hopefully things turn around for good soon, and thank you for the info on “overloading” I’ll have to look into that, seems interesting.

    • Wow, well I’m glad you feel that way. The focus on a female character is because of the way I perceive fantasy games like these. I like to play as an “observer” and not as an “actor” in these situations. So even if it says “you” and I don’t think “me”, I think “her”. If that makes sense haha.
      Secretly controlling a woman is kind of a thing for me, so it’s all a natural consequence of that I suppose. But it’s elating to know that it’s appreciated.

      I can’t really play sex games as a male, and those that have TF with female themes almost always start the player off as some “poor slubby dude who gets transformed into a woman”. I just can’t dig that stuff, so, this was the obvious route for me. lol.

  • For once, I’ve been making some decent headway on Elysium again. Feels good. Obviously a decent update is a while off, but I’m getting to the point that I’ll be able to begin the transition of putting the entities […]

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