• I’ve been working up the courage to write this, but I figured that if I don’t write it now, I’ll fade into obscurity without a word and that wouldn’t be fair to following and history I’ve created here. I took time […]

    • I’m sorry it’s come to this, man. Thanks, though, for all of YOUR time and effort. All of your love for this project. Thanks for all the transparency, and involvement with the community- It’s been a really good ride. I hope you find your way out there. It was great being part of this, and I have no regrets.


    • Hey, this is Kilif from weightgaming.com. Obviously, saddened to hear that such a promising project has come to an end, and wish you well in your recovery. If you want, I can host an archived version of your game on the forum. Of course, I’d never do it if you weren’t ok with this, but figured I’d offer. No sense in your hard work not being remembered and enjoyed.

    • Good luck to you and all your future endaevours! Be happy! Live long and propser! Blahblahblah!


  • Sorry for the silence this last week. I had a busy work week, became ill and have had a lot on my mind as of late, which I will address below. I only really got the wherewithal to work on Elysium today and so I […]

    • Of course, you should do that.

      Creative endaevours SHOULD NOT eat away at your body and soul, if that’s the caase, you’re doing things the wrong way and should try to find a better way.

      You’re the boss, every decision is your and yours alone.

      Take care, sir!

  • Well, its been a rough ride because the holiday season rush at work and dealing with hosting Lilly’s mother among other things and everything is madness but bleck, its over and here we go, I finally got an update […]

  • Just dropping in real quick to say that I’m still around. It’s just that time of year again. I always tend to think “Oh I got time, the holidays aren’t that close” and then boom, holiday hours kick in at work and […]

  • Welp, more of the same. Barely worked on the game at all the past week and things have just been nuts. So instead of putting out nothing for another couple I figured bug fixes and minor additions is better than […]

  • Been a messy month so far. Holiday season is starting to pick up at work and been busy at home, but did find time here and there to sloppily throw together a new update. As I tend to do I jumped from subject to […]

    • >:)

    • I’m glad to hear it.

    • There is a wide range, but its something I’m fiddling with. In its current state it doesn’t actually prevent another orgasm, it just adds a soft lust resistance during the duration. In later game play having it longer might be helpful for lust based fights.
      If its too effective though, it might be nerfed, lol

    • Well, didn’t have time to draw one up or anything, but having a hotdog at some-point would be no problem lol. But yeah, that picture is pretty..interesting

    • Yeah, once it reaches an adult weight, its supposed to hang around for two hours. I’ve since extended its life span as this was more or less a test and I would like it to have more time and chances to breed and such. I was thinking I might make the amount of time it stays scale with the amount of other worms present. A lonely worm will stay a long time, breeding and paired worms will be more likely to leave after having offspring. Just something I’ll be fiddling with.

    • It isn’t fully functional, but it should be functional enough to turn a male to female or a female to male for the most part. Depending on where its stopping in the progress, it may or may not be a bug.

    • Yeah, this is the infamous “button wipe” bug. It can be triggered by many different bugs, but all of them have been rounded up and fixed so far. The bug has been far less prevalent as of late and I myself have not seen it for a long while. Unfortunately if I’m not finding it, it makes it very difficult to discover the source. So far none of my regular reporters have mentioned this happening to me, so it looks like I’ll have to rely on you all for the moment.

      If you run into the bug again, any details about what your character was doing at the time or how you were playing the game, etc. Would be a huge help to tracking this bugs down and ending them.

      Thank you for the report though, thought we were done with this bug, but this report will have me looking for it again, so thats good.

  • Welp, I did what I usually do and started more things than I could finish in the allotted time. I’ve never been good at sitting down and just getting one thing done, I need a million little side projects going to […]

  • As was mostly predicted didn’t really get much time this week, so nothing new. Got a single day off and the rest of the time was spent working or taking care of lilly as she was quite ill. Unfortunately, just as […]

    • Not really, but it didn’t end up being an issue luckily.
      But thank you for letting me know, even if I ended up forgetting to turn it off anyways haha!

    • In that game version there really isn’t a way, but its doing its job in the background. In the next update I’m going to have things that make it far easier for the player to know (the stat listed in the lust tooltips as well as semen/testicle related messages among other things). This was an oversight.

    • I’m not quiet sure yet, it is an intended feature, especially with the hormone system being mostly in place, but its not high on the list just yet. “Eventually” is the best I can give at this time unfortunately.

  • Not quite what I had planned, but here’s a patch with some necessary bug fixes, minor additions and adjustments. I didn’t have much time for Elysium this week, as per usual, but this time a good portion of the […]

    • They will, things always turn around eventually. You just take it as it is.

    • Thank you friend. Hugs certainly are helpful in their own right and tomorrow is certainly a new day as they say, lol.

    • It’s only really a bandaid fix until I can figure out the root of the problem, but I’m glad its helping smooth things over for now.

    • Words from any source can hold as much strange of the listener allows. I have a lot of neat people in my community, so even the words of a stranger are nice to hear. Thank you for the sentiment my friend. Things will be better, life comes at you in waves, this was just a low point for me and those in my life it seems.

  • I meant to get this out earlier tonight, but forgotten house chores before bed ended up delaying things a tad, but the good news is we have a nice and healthy bug fixing patch with a few bonuses. It’s already 5am […]

    • Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Metabolism is supposed to rise back up naturally, but there’s a bug (that I thought I had fixed) that’s still causing a problem with it. I’m going to try and find the source of it as soon as I can.

      For now, its best to avoid the cream tree event (as that has a lot of metabolic effects) and you’re free to use the “met+#” commands to change metabolic levels. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  • ♦      Lord Compendiary      ♦

    Name: Biss, The torturous
    Trope: undead slaver queen
    Region: Els’Gazzar Desert
    Temple: The Nine-Tailed Sphinx
    Followers: Thorns of the Rose
    Allies: Valk […]

  • Its nothing new to say things have not been well, but well, things have not been well. haha. Either way I have a small patch ready to go. Enough to smooth some of the shit that broke and a few small tidbits, but […]

  • To put it simply, I’ve been away. Outside of work, most of my time has been sapped up by some on going family matters and spending what free time I had on other matters. Its resolved now and I just want to get […]

    • Woah, so sorry for the late reply. Comments completely slipped my mind with everything going on. I’m really glad that you’ve been enjoying the Q&A’s. They really help smooth time when I’m too busy for the update, but I was worried they might be too boring. Its good to heard that they work as intended.

    • Well, because I’m not interested is precisely why I haven’t done anything with it, plus as someone not into it, its harder for me to be sure exactly what I should do with it. But it might be on the table for later. I do at the very least plan on some gaseous events/effects. So its not a completely dead end that’s for sure.

      (terribly sorry about the late reply, things really got away from me)

    • haha, well, it was quite the journey and it will likely grow more in the future. She’s really changed a lot. but its been worth it every step of the way for me. I hope one day she’ll be as worth it to everyone else as well.

      ((always good to see that Elysium is loved regardless))

    • thank you friend. I appreciate that love. :)

    • yeah I do need to update the list, but as it turns out there was a hard to find bug that had been causing the water retention, not the settings or commands, Should be much better now in the newest version. So sorry about the long wait.

    • I did think about maybe doing that at some-point, but the issue then becomes filesize. A vector version of my backgrounds could become quite the mess, but I will be looking into it.

      Thank you friend.

    • I’m glad you found this, its actually a good help as it shows me more of where to look. Unfortunately I’ve still yet to actually get to the root of it. I can’t replicate it on my own just yet, even though its telling me the stuff I usually see, its still missing my personal tracers. If you ever run into the issue again, or find a way to replicate it, sending me one of your save files would be a huge help too.
      saves can be found under this route. USERNAMEAppDataRoamingMaacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects[letters&numbers]localhost
      Where user name is your computer user and the [letters&numbers] is a unique serial number.

      Thank you for the help friend.

    • I may get help one day for subjects I’m not as interested in, but I’m not 100% sure on it just yet. And as far as how gas works, its a lot more simple than that. It has volume and pressure and is naturally generated and released by the body overtime depending on digestion and the effects of certain materials, but there’s nothing in the system to describe it or anything. As it is, its just the mechanics and nothing else. A lot of the game content is currently mechanical only and has no descriptions or visible effects applied to it just yet.

      To make it all those things I’ll have to build a description set that just calls from the numbers already inside the mechanic set. But thats not a thing for just yet. It’s not completely off the table of anything yet, just not really under any pressure either.

  • Par for the course, had a busy week and the update isn’t too finished. For once I’ve got enough responses on the Q&A to put out a new session, so I’ll be doing that this time and then get back to it. I don’t know […]

    • >to the anon(s)
      While I find you comparing my little hobby to the ongoings of a triple A project humorous, I really don’t see what this issue is, I think I made my position in this matter clear. If people want to go elsewhere, they’re more than welcome too. If people aren’t interested in my game that’s perfectly reasonable. Its no skin off my back.
      I don’t care if I’m not supplying the demand or capitalizing on it, that’s not why I’m here. I’m not your supplier or dealer, I’m not making the game for you, I’m just some rube with a blog and a hobby. If there’s supply elsewhere then I’d encourage others to spread the support around because in this corner of the adult web its nice to share the love.

      Further, the fact that my personal projects are public really shouldn’t matter to you either. It gives me a sense of pace and there might be another person out there who gets a kick out of my buggy mess. There’s no harm and its my decision. If you aren’t one of those people or if its not to your tastes, then nothing should be keeping you here. If you’ve donated, its easy to get refunded, if you want a game tailored to you, you can make one, if you’ve lost time on this, that was your decision. There really isn’t much else to it.

      As far as the direction and ambition of my game being wrong to you, I frankly just don’t really care that much. Those mechanics and complexities are things that interest me and things I want to make. If that doesn’t interest people, that’s fine, they can look elsewhere for the things they actually do like. I can’t just flip a switch, drop everything I want to work on and magically turn around with a content update tomorrow just because people want it. No matter what, this all takes time, my time, time I choose to use on the things I want to use it on. Content takes far longer to produce than mechanics (its not just writing a nice story and dropping it in, there’s a lot of editing, writing it for code and versatility and then making it do all the things that are supposed to happen, its not just write and read) and the more content I have now, the more work it’ll be to implement those mechanics later and adjust all the content to fit it.

      >to “A fan”
      I appreciate your first comment, as it hit the nail on the head. As for your second, I totally understand where you’re coming from, but the bug fixes are things I’m always trying to find and fix and they will be eventually, the button wipes can come from any source that results in a disrupted tick and so they’re often hard to pin point. The alpha is buggy and will be for a long time, that’s the nature of building the base, as the base grows it has trouble. Growing pains. When the skeleton is complete, it’ll be easier to flesh out with less worry about bugs related to changing the base after adding content. The cream tree bug is actually something I tracked down recently, its fixed now in my current version, so that will at-least be in with next update, pregnancy still needs to be finished mechanically before it can really get any love, content for the fields will likely come after more lake material is added and the hidden tunnel was something I started for testing size mechanics for clothing but never finished or put into the official rotation and have long since abandoned. I might recycle it into something slightly different later, but for now, its just cut debug content.

    • I’m sorry to say, that I’m not a soup kitchen here. I’m not making food for the starving, I’m making myself sandwiches and sharing them some with people who are free to make their own should they need it. If they don’t like that the sandwich isn’t near being finished or the ingredients I’m using, they can eat elsewhere.
      And while I’d like to someday have people add content to the game, its not feasible right now. All that does is create more work for me, not less. It doesn’t matter if someone else is doing the writing, because once its in my hands, I have to edit it to fit the game/themes/etc and then make it into its code person. its not “You eat the burger” its “+TX.Caps(ENTs[T].Pronouns[0]) +” “+(NP==1?”eats”:ENTs[T].PluralSwap([“eats”,”eat”]))+” the “+Item[x].Name+””. After that, its making sure all the buttons are doing what they need to, that each part flows to the next and that the changes the scene does to the character are called. Its not so simple a solution. Not until things are finished and I have time to write guides on how to make content for the game and I do little more than bug fix, write content and occasionally expand old material.

    • Haha, well I actually hadn’t thought about that, but, while I appreciate the idea of “money where your mouth is” I don’t think I could bring myself to do that, it feels slimy and uncomfortable charging people money just to get something they want out of my game. Doubly so if its a subject I’d probably be adding eventually anyways. Getting money involved often taints the experience, I don’t personally want the baggage it carries and I don’t want people to feel ripped off or cheated. Its different when someone has actually invested something into the game and they’re disappointed compared to regular onlookers who just want more game out of this shell. I’ll keep it in my thoughts though as I live in a tight financial situation, but unless this method would be pulling in enough money to take less shifts at work and spent less time on my personal matters and entertainment, this all still doesn’t avoid whats currently happening, where the game’s base is incomplete and my time is spread thin between my needs in life, what I consider content and what others consider content, so its only transitory salve. When what I’m working on overlaps into what people want, we see these sentiments go quiet, when I’m not, these complaints return. This is kind of how this community has been from the beginning. I naturally fluctuate in my actions and just do what I want to do, sometimes people will be happy with that, other times they won’t.

    • Huh, hadn’t actually thought of it like that. It might be. I’ll see if there might have been something I over looked. Thank you.

    • Thank you friend, I will, although I find it hard not to reply, because they put the effort into writing all these posts and that at least deserves a reply.

    • Well, I actually was planning on some randomized and customization NPCs at some point or another. They’d never be able to be as indepth as a dedicated NPC or story driven character, but there could still be a lot done with them as the NPCs use the same systems the player does, so even with the complex NPCs anything that can happen to the player can happen to them as well, its just a matter of making sure those changes have meaning. Doesn’t matter if the player and the NPC can both be infected with a parasite if the player is the only one that reacts to it, you want the NPCs to adjust too, not just internally.
      So yes, it requires a level of complexity, but part of the complexity was the whole reason I built the entity system in the first place. So that NPCs aren’t just interactive story branches, but actual things in the world just like the player. Albeit, likely filtered and limited to some degree to make them manageable, but the same DNA is right in there.

      And yeah, sorry that male content doesn’t really get as much focus, just my female preferences and all, but again, falling to how the players and NPCs are built, they all have the same hardware underneath, the parts and hormones are really the only big differences and in the end, I hope that players that like having male characters are able to enjoy things just as much as those that enjoy female characters.

      Also, yes, I personally enjoy driders, taurs and other non humanoid body forms, so I’d hope to someday have a wider support for it. The mechanics are already inplace, its just a matter of finding the best way to make them properly simulate such bodies and then making it actually have an impact on how things play out.

      Thank you for your feedback and enthusiasm.

  • Usually when the previous update falls in the middle of a week I’ll skip that sunday, but there was some bugs and some small things I could squeeze in so why make it wait when its a nothing patch anyways. Plus, […]

    • Really digging what I’ve seen of the dreams so far! Reporting what I’ve found-

      -Dreams seem to devolve into nightmares after a point.
      -The Sleep debug command does not play a dream, and seems to be acting strangely otherwise.
      -There seems to be a point in gluttony where nausea overwhelms the resistance acquired. One successful nausea resist does seem to fix it. (Note- this happens at extreme sizes, and shouldn’t affect legitimate gameplay.)

      I’m going to have to go find Hunger dreams now. Good luck!

    • Oh- The Metabolism flatline is linked to the Cream Trees, by the looks of things.

  • Dropping in late because work and other things took precedence. But here’s a bug fixing patch to hopefully stabilize the unstable release. Sorry for the delay, I meant for this to drop Monday night but some shit […]

    • So- in my quest to stuff my characters to world-breaking effects, I’ve confirmed that your bar works well past what should ever be reasonably attained within legitimate gameplay. Good job- it only took 10 seconds or so changing between ~50,000lbs of fullness to over 1,000,000. It’s not going to get much wider a margin than that, especially since it devolves into overflow errors shortly after that. Don’t worry about those though- if numbers like 10,000,000lbs of stomach contents happen, then something else is very, very wrong.

      Something else I’ve noticed, though, is that while traversing Rosewood Forest, my characters’ metabolisms seem to flatline? I’m unsure if the area’s mutation is just applying with its mutagen levels or what, but imho it’s worth looking into, at least for the folks who might not be as interested in packing on the pounds like crazy as I do.

      I’ll keep trying my hardest to break your game, so we know how far it can go before all breaks down. =P

      • …and for the record- I’m saving this patch as “The Definitive Self-Indulgence Version”.

        …because these particular game-breaking bugs are super close to what I cheat for anyway. =P

      • I wasn’t able to track down the metabolic flatline just yet, because frankly this patch didn’t get a lot of time, but I’ll be looking into it. Thank you for the report. Glad to hear you’re liking the changes so far. :)

    • my, oh. :^)

    • Thanks for the report. Turned the growth factors were using 0.00001 instead of 0.0001 so it was so small the changes were often reverted by natural decay or another factor. but there were some features that were also just funky and needed work anyways. This all should be sorted out in the patch I’ll be posting soon. Keep an eye out for weirdness though, I still haven’t had much time to really give it all the attention it needs.

    • I found some bugs that were causing wipes, but I wasn’t able to find this one in particular oddly enough. I’ve patched the game, so let me know if it still occurs, and try it on a clean character as well, not from a save. I want to see if it might be a compatibility error or not which will help me narrow it down.
      Also, the balance of growth, shrinkage and what parts are still being ironed out, but yeah, sounds like good ideas. :)

    • Well bud, I’m not really concerned about the game’s popularity. I’m not making anyways stay here, take interest or donate, they can do as they like just as I am doing as I like. This is my game to do with as I please and at this point I’m more interested in getting more mechanics working, functional and less riddled with bugs. All the events and encounters in the game are only there to test new features and mechanics (the ovikari and bees to test the parasite/effect system, the slimes to test the material system, the oversized ovikari to test npc mechanics, etc.)
      So, the next enemy will be added to test another feature. Right now, things are getting content faster than things were in the pre-alpha, and when this alpha phase gets all the features I want it’ll move into the beta which will concentration more on content than mechanics and functionality.

      I may also add some sometimes because I feel like it, who knows. If you’re not into this drudging mechanical stage, (which is understandable) then you could probably check back in, in a few months. If that’s too long, then Elysium probably won’t be the game you’re looking for.

  • What can I say. I’ve really dropped the ball lately and I haven’t been here for the game or for my players. So first and foremost, I apologize that’s its been so long without even a post or a comment. I usually […]

    • Sorry about that. I realized it’s not anything to do with the commands (provided you were capitalizing the E or T) because there was an issue with the settings check where it was a >1 instead of a >=1 so it’d turn off hormone functions even when enabled. I’ve ghost patched the game so redownloading it should fix the issue.

    • Thank you friend. I’d like to do more Q&As soon, lore posts and the like. Hopefully soon. But I don’t like to do big lore posts on the lords without art and Lilly and I haven’t been drawing lately because of time. Small lore posts are fine but its not really interesting to post about what an item does. haha.

      As for the Q&As people stopped filling those out so I didn’t have enough material to make a new Q&A post, but it was been a while so I’ll probably put one up again and see if people have new questions by now.

    • I think there might be a small issue with Gluttony this patch- here’s a screenshot of the results I got in maybe 20 minutes of Cream Tree hunting.

      It seems like it’s giving gluttony progress every tick just for being overstuffed, which results in hilarious amounts of gluttony very quickly if you go out of your way to stuff yourself silly.

      Another thing of note is that I’m still commonly seeing and getting infected by Ovikari despite having parasite toggled off.

      This is with a fresh character, Tech-Specialist/Iron Stomach/Gluttony start. Loving the update speed change by the way. In the old system capacities like these would take ages, but it updates reasonably fast now. Talk about a Stress Test of that change!

      • Update to this- due to the aforementioned gluttony scaling- it got to the point that my character’s capacity read: 78282.37/14.91 lb… and she was still ravenously hungry. It took nearly ten minutes for the text on the bar to catch up to that, though. It seemed to have hit a ceiling for update speed at some stage. Maybe have it so that after a certain point it just instantly updates? Not that circumstances like these are normal gameplay (they shouldn’t be, for the sake of all that is holy, despite how much I LOVE it.) but maybe putting a failsafe in there in case of a bug that gets numbers absurdly gigantic couldn’t hurt.

      • I’ll have to apologize, I realize I didn’t actually get to this bug because I had it on the list but yet I went after things that I wrote after it for some reason and at this point I’m already updating, but I promise to get this sorted out real soon. Don’t know why this occurred so I apologize.

        Gluttony was recently messed with so there is likely plenty wrong with it just as there was before but merely in a different way. I’ll try to get it all swept up reasonably soon. Thank you for the report and sorry for the late reply.

    • Well, it should be working now. Its a gradual process that scales with the amount of hormones. 130 for either hormone is about normal human levels. Some of the changes take a long time to do anything and the TFs are dependent on previous TFs. For example, to get the first step in male to female TFs (other than breast tissue development) depends on the scrotum being converted and testicles rising which takes a femlevel of at least 35 and for scrotum capacity to drop to 1.5 (estrogen lowers capacity, so it should reach that eventually). This will cause the vagianl TF, after that once the penis is small enough and a vagina is available it’ll convert it a clitoris and after that it can work on converting the internal testicles or ovaries, so the character can produce their own estrogen.

      Although, on that note I noticed something might be catching under some conditions, so go ahead and redownload it again for this ghost patch. Let me know if it works out. Sorry that its been funky. Like I said this was the unstable version after all. lol

    • Thank you, I will

    • There were some bugs with the system anyways, so I don’t think its been working fully either way. So hopefully this time is should work more without user input. Thank you for the praise though, but these new systems and the game itself is still along way away from being worthy of all that. Getting there, but still a ways to go. haha.

      Cheers mate, the patch will be up in a just a moment and should smooth some of this out, although I’ll still need to check in on movement speed when its more relevant because that does seem a bit odd. lol

    • I’ll try to keep up on things. I just get really withdrawn on the social side of things from time to time, so I apologize for that. It’s hard to explain, just sometimes I find it very difficult to have any sort of presence but its something I’m working on and I hope to eventually get my communication levels better than that of the valve/tf2 team, and if any of you know them, they’re pretty bad haha.

    • lol, well thanks for the sass. I don’t always get around to answering comments in a timely manor. I usually respond shortly after an update and shortly before an update but become socially withdrawn between. Hard to explain why. Dunno.
      Anyways. To be truthful, there is no grand plan for Elysium, Elysium is my passion, project and hobby. But I only work on it when I’m able and have the energy to do so. But ultimately I just do what I want with it. It doesn’t always have meaning, purpose or a grand plan. The tanning and paling is a just a thing I wanted to do and sometimes thats what I do, I make weird mechanics for no reason. But on the other-hand, the hormone system will play a larger part in the transformation systems and other sub systems, so if you enjoy those things, it will have a greater roll. If not, its just another thing I’m working on because I feel like it. What can I say. Nothing organize or stable in this mind of mine. lol

    • Thank you for the sentiment friend. And you certainly should be able to make an account. At least I think so. I’ll see if there might have been an issue with the recent website updates when I can, but I used to have membership updates. I may have disabled it a while back if it was some sort of problem but I honestly don’t remember. I will say I do appreciate you’re feedback and dedication, its good to see you on my twitter and around my site, so it’d be nice to give you some small identification factor. haha. I’ll look into it soon.

    • Thank you for the reports friends. I believe I’ve fixed it in the patch I’ll be posting shortly, but please let me know if the bug is still around.

    • I had plans for this (the androgyn system thats been in the character creator for a while now), but I didn’t have time to set it up for the unstable. I’ll be posting a patch soon that should enable these functions and help with the conflicts for the players that don’t want them. It might be unstable on old characters though, I’m not sure yet, so be weary.

    • haha, well, it still would have fit. I’m usually late and unsociable so it wouldn’t have been to far off. :P
      but eh, it works out lol

  • I’ll keep this short and just say that the roommate is all moved in, we’ve got the apartment fixed up (mostly) and I should finally have some time to catch back up on work for the game. It won’t be a big update, […]

    • I’m just going to chime in with the thought that I don’t like involuntary TFs. Mostly because I’m really particular about what my character “is”. That’s to say that I’m going to be toggling transformations off in the menu until I find the ones I want. To that end, more sudden TFs are better, though I am a fan of slower processes in general. Hope this feedback is at least interesting!

  • No nice way to put it. I’ve been really busy and don’t have anything yet. There’s been a lot of family matters going on, we’re working on cleaning up and packing up the mess that is our apartment and working on […]

    • Hey, I had just left some praise up there tonight when it occured to me that there’s a bug in the current build I haven’t seen reported. My character seems able, through what I must assume to be sorcery, to eat the same package of Ration Paste over and over again. While this suits my agenda of stuffing them silly, it’s probably counterproductive for the goal of the Fullness and Hunger bars to mean anything. =P

    • Haha, thank you friend. Things will work out, they always do. And I’m impressed that Elysium can hold your attention as long as it has, but I am glad to know you enjoy it so much.

    • Thank you, I will

    • Thank you. I really appreciate that. I’ve been told by a number of people now that my game could really make some money. I do this for myself and for my girl and the enjoyment its bringing to those around me. If this ever does become big and its makes money, that’d be wonderful obviously, icing on my cake, but I’m never that optimistic. haha.
      Atleast until I start getting more interesting content out.

    • Well, when it comes to fantasy and erotisicm, I find that fetishes are enhanced by realism, not muted by it. So paying attention to the details and little things just makes it all better. Obviously it makes the more cartoony stuff more difficult to do, but with enough work anything can make sense and fit into the lore or game world of a project.
      Thats also why my project is so slow, sometimes I find the details more interesting to work on than the subjects themselves, so mechanics and silly things tend to get more put into them than actual playable content. But the meta shifts slowly and more content comes in waves.

    • Thank you, both of you, so much. I try to keep things balanced, I don’t always do it right, but I’m always happy to hear that my efforts matter to someone.

    • Haha, thank you. There’s always a fire somewhere, but things work out. They always do. It just takes time and a little stress. lol

    • Ah, this likely mostly has to do with fat and muscle density. Women tend to have less dense fat and muscles, so at the same mass they have more volume. Fluffy fat verses harder fat.
      Men tend to be more dense in general, so I’ll see if maybe I can have those values modify a little more based on hormones and gender. I don’t fiddle with the male model often, so I probably never noticed it being off. Then again it may be a body shape issue, the standard issue body shapes you can pick from in character creation tend to have more curvy exaggerated proportions than that of typical men. Males tend to have a more even body distribution, so there is probably a bit lost there as well.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  • Sorry for being so quiet this week, I was up in the mountains with family without internet or phone service as I mentioned would be likely last post. Got back a few days ago, but work and getting back into things […]

    • Well, its just a start and I hope to expand these thing soon because its still pretty light at the moment. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it though.
      As far as commands, I tend to actually list them in the change-log when they’re added, but do to how I see the back end (there’s a debugging read out building into the platform in which I build the game, something that isn’t available in the exported version) so I get to see a lot of the data I need to check on or manipulate without having to use commands, so I often don’t end up adding new commands all that often. But there are a number of new factors so I’ll be sure to add a bunch of new commands for the next patch.

      For now I added “P2M” and “C2F” commands in a ghost patch. Just re-download and you’ll be able to mess around with the protein to muscle and calories to fat rates. Just remember the capitals.

    • Well, currently its just a blank placeholder, so hormones haven’t been setup yet, but I do plan on implementing hormones and body changes soon. Especially now that muscle and protein systems have been started up it’ll be a better time to start working on them. I’ll bump it up on the list, but no guarantees it’ll be ready right off but hopefully soon. We’ll see though.

    • I think bars in general need to update faster. Especially since stats like Fullness can get really big over the course of gameplay, a character that gets lots of Fullness and Digest speed buffs would have some major UI lag in late-game scenarios, once Elysium has reached its later forms- plus any character who can reliably do same-size vore content regularly is naturally going to have the same kind of “bar lag” issues.

      (Never mind that people like me regularly use debug commands to make scenarios like that happen already)

      The animations are fine and good, but the update speed is too gradual. (Especially in cases where the model goes well above the maximum displayed, since it freezes until its bar gets below its max.)

      Just thoughts on this topic, of course. I’m gonna make a separate bug report in a second here.

      • Sorry about the wait guys. I’ve been really busy. Whenever I get the next patch out though this will be one of the new features. I worked out a much better scaling system for how the speed works, the bars will now speed up proportionate to the difference between changes (larger being faster) and once it gets to a closer difference things will smoothly slow down and stop. So it should allow even massive changed to still fit smoothly alongside small changes.

    • Hmm- I tried going whole-hog on the new Lympharia symptom, and it seems that after a point (9 gallons or so), retained water would not go up any farther, and was even shrinking despite downing entire lakes of water from Lake Myr and having multiple stacks of Absorbtion. I have a theory that pins multiple stacks of the status as one of the main factors in the bug, but it’s hard to be sure on playerside.

      • Sorry for the late reply.
        hmn, thank you for the report. I haven’t had a chance to look into this just yet do to my schedule as of late but I’ll be sure to check that out, effect stacking should be fine as functionally they’re all added together into a single effect if they use the same core effect. If they’re not blending, it might be a deeper issue.

    • I apologize. The command had a conflict with another name entry and I was too lazy to add an exception so I changed the name of the command. i must have forgot to add that to the change-log.
      The command will now be “bodywater”

    • Ah, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. There was a small but annoying bug with it and all of its scenes hadn’t been rewritten in the new format yet so it was locked off until my schedule cleared up to get back to it. It got put off far longer than I meant for it too. This same thing applies to clothing, which has bigger issues, but I hope to return to that shortly.

      Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it.

    • I’m so sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away and things have been hectic. I’ll be sure to have this sorted in the next update. Thank you so much for your report. Sending in saves is a huge help in these weird situations. There’s a lot more that I can see inside the core documents than someone with just the game, so having this kind of data is invaluable to fixing issue.

    • I apologize for such a late reply. I’ve been away with many things as of late.

      I’m sorry to say the reason I won’t be increasing the starting sizes/heights/muscle/ etc is because the player character has to fit into the universe they’re coming from. As a manufactured clone/worker for the corporation, there are limits to the standard deviations they allow for their workers for efficiency sake. Excessive height, weight or mass is trimmed and kept out of their society, in all likelihood the character probably wouldn’t even be fat at all given how controlling their background is. But theres some starting leaway.

      Beyond that I feel having the journey to an ideal body part of the experience, but that’ll be more relevant when there’s more content to be enjoyed. However, percentage based changes are more along the line I’ve been meaning to do, so that it’ll scale with the given height, keep things with in a scalable range. But we’ll see.

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