I’ve been working up the courage to write this, but I figured that if I don’t write it now, I’ll fade into obscurity without a word and that wouldn’t be fair to following and history I’ve created here. I took time away to try to improve my mental condition with the hope that it’d be a quick and easy fix and that I could then return to working on Elysium like normal. However, the longer I work at this the more I’ve realized that might not be a possibility. The process of try to rehabilitate the embedded anxieties and degenerated neurosis I’ve struggled with since childhood is a long and grueling tangle to undo and while stepping away from Elysium has made noticeable difference in my health and my progress towards this goal, it is a long ways off before I could consider myself “better”, if that’s even a possibility in the long run.

I’ve come to the sad conclusion that I do not know when I’ll be returning to Elysium, if at all, and I need to make that clear. I need to step away from Atticus, I have to be me again. I’m 25 years old now, I’m engaged, due to be married this year and Lilly and I want to start moving towards our goal of life and family. Things need to change. I need to move forward. I need to do more in my real life for myself and mine.

To the people I’d consider my friends, here online, I am so sorry to burn these bridges. To the people that poured their time and interest and material support into this project, I am so sorry that I need to leave. I’m going to be ending my patreon shortly and I haven’t taken any funds out of it over the past few months so for anyone who is unhappy with this outcome please feel free to refund your donation. I’ve already paid the hosting on this website for another year and I won’t be doing anything with the discord server, so both will still be here in the time being. But things are what they are.

This has been an important chapter of my life and a great learning experience, one I may be able to move into new projects in the future, even if this all was just a stop gap between my emotional issues. With the death of flash on the near horizon and the pipe-dream scale of what I had wanted out of this, it all was inevitable that things wouldn’t last, but I think it was important for me to have gone through what I did with you all. I’m sad to be yet another dev on the massive pile of dead and gone, but I hope my time here has left others inspired or at the very least, extended people’s faith in the creations of weird independent fetish nerds for a short time. haha.


Thank you.

~Atticus Arc


  1. Anonymous

    Good for you; the health and happiness of yourself and your loved ones should always come first. Good luck to you for all of your future endeavors.

  2. Duote

    You have no reason to apologize. I am proud of you for having the courage to step away. It is hard but necessary step forward for you in life. I hope you and Lilly have a wonderful life and future together. And I pray you get better. Goodbye, Atticus.

  3. kneggis

    Hello mr.Arc,

    Thanks for everything but special thanks for letting us know so we can all put it to rest.
    I wish you and your family unit all the best and the ride was fun for as long as it lasted!
    Maybe, sometime, I’ll gather the courage you did and start a similar project of myself.

    More power to you.
    And Goodbye!

  4. Profile photo of firesoul10

    I’m sorry it’s come to this, man. Thanks, though, for all of YOUR time and effort. All of your love for this project. Thanks for all the transparency, and involvement with the community- It’s been a really good ride. I hope you find your way out there. It was great being part of this, and I have no regrets.


  5. Anon


  6. C

    Apologies for the situation, but I commend your courage to inform us of your standpoints. Few things are worse than a creator who simply vanishes without a word, and this way at least we have some closure. While I can’t say I am happy that you are leaving, I enjoyed the path while it lasted.
    Thank you.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey my dude. Been a fan of yours for a long time on various chans and the like. I have immense respect for you and your work and I hope to see you still kicking around the internet once you find yourself a good spot. Not as a game dev, but as a fellow anon.

    Take care, man.

  8. Anonymous

    Good for you mate, I’m glad you’re taking the right steps toward getting yourself where you want to be mentally. You’ll be missed, but it’s not a sad goodbye. Thanks for everything and best wishes to your future.

  9. AnonWolf

    Self should come above work (or play in this case?), you are making the right choice.

    Given the community investment in this, do you have any thoughts of releasing your source code so that we can continue it? I’m sure that whoever takes responsibility as maintainer will welcome you back when/if you decide to return

  10. Kerenga

    First of all, that was a Masterpiece of an Anouncement. Realy your choise of Words are awesome. Good Job.

    I think you are doing the right thing there and wish you the best of luck for everything you are doing.
    Live a fullfilling and happy live and if you feel like comming back to Elysium, then by all means, do it. What you created here is something realy cool and refreshing and i would love to see awesome progress, if you feel fine with that again.

    To do something right, we sometimes have to get some distance to it, to see it in new light. And if we consider to dump this or that for something more importand, like Live and Family, that is absolutly ok.

    Be fine dude. You deserve that.

  11. nattes

    It’s your life dude, you can do whatever you want with it. Thank you for all this time, and I hope you will have a great life. Good luck on your path :p

  12. Tyler

    Told ya. You folks were cursed. Just like DADA instructors.

  13. Anonynn

    Hey, Apocamorphosis Dev here. If you would like to use my Discord as a free way to keep in touch with everyone I’d be happy to host you, or if you’d just like to hang out with us whenever you have a minute and shoot the breeze, we’d love to keep in contact. I hope all the best for you and Lilly! If you’re interested stop on by and say hello! ^_^ https://discord.gg/y3V4hbN Hope to hear from you one way or the other. If not, then I wish you all the best and want to thank you for putting your heart into your game. It’s very inspiring!

  14. Mustang Flex

    Eh, this is pretty much why I don’t get invested in any project till something sizeable is on the table. I ain’t even upset, no game project is worth your own mental health. Hope you get to where you want in life. See ya my dude.

  15. Danget

    I hope life works out for you. Thanks for what you have given us and know that no one blames you for choosing your health and family over this.

  16. LittleGaruga

    Most definitely take of yourself, I hope you do continue wish Elysium because it’s a really good game so far but if you can’t then don’t force yourself. I can only thank you for the amazing concept you have so far

  17. fish

    It’s all good, man. Best of luck in life. Will you ever put up a source code of the game (assuming you want others to continue building upon your work)?

  18. Flex

    Remember the koan, “Who is the one wiser than all the Buddhas and sages?”
    For the actions you take in your own life, you are.

    The thought and work you put into TE is astounding, but if you feel it’s the right time to move on then it is the right time.
    I know everyone here will be interested to see what you do next, and we all wish both you and Lilly the best of luck.

    I’m open to correspondence if you desire, as are I’m sure most of your friends here, but will feel no slight if you don’t desire to make any contact.

  19. Anno Derp Lurker

    100% understandable Atticus. If you need to spread your wings and fly for a better life, go ahead and do it.
    No hard feelings.
    We will all miss you. Wish you the best in life!

    Only wish if its would be a link to source code onto the site.
    Even if is rough.
    Only ask because it was just overhauled and don’t want such a good game to go to waste.
    So that the torch would be passed on to us Annos/fans, so we could continue on the dream of Elysium.

    …..Having said that, if you star trek 3’ed all your files/nuked them from orbit just to be sure all your files for your mental sanity, that’s fine too.

  20. Anonymous

    Hey man, I appreciate the things you are struggling with, but its a shame to see another interesting game go down the drain. Eh, ce la ve. I hope things go better for you in the future, and maybe you can impart the game to someone else in the future keep the game alive. Either way, good luck to you, and have a happy life.

  21. Anonymous

    Thanks for all the time you’ve invested on this project, and thanks for the send-off. You’ve made the wisest choice.

  22. Anonymous


  23. Anonymous

    Its a bummer it had to end, but thanks for getting this far and making this much! Have a good rest of your life, and good luck to you!

  24. Anonymous

    Frankly, I’m fucking pissed that yet another game catering to almost all my rare fetishes died in the ass.

    • Anonymous

      same tbh. Everything really promising has been dying recently. First Turris Puesco suddenly died and now this is dead too. At least this is still playable unlike turris though. Hope this goes open source so something might come of it.

  25. Anonnee Moose

    All things must come to ass

  26. Hey, this is Kilif from weightgaming.com. Obviously, saddened to hear that such a promising project has come to an end, and wish you well in your recovery. If you want, I can host an archived version of your game on the forum. Of course, I’d never do it if you weren’t ok with this, but figured I’d offer. No sense in your hard work not being remembered and enjoyed.

  27. Anonymous

    Have you considered releasing the game as open source? You’ve started a good thing here and it’d be nice to see others continue it.

  28. some random dude

    in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

  29. Opinionated Fool

    See you later space cowboy…

  30. atlya

    Good luck to you and all your future endaevours! Be happy! Live long and propser! Blahblahblah!


  31. Anonymous


    • kora

      lol. considering he dedicated about 5 years of his life to a passion project i have to say that’s quite admirable. don’t listen to this debby downer

  32. Anon

    Tbh I would have bet this. The crazy project about a metabolism that was just a huge work and however it would still have not been a little realistic, because it’s all science fiction and even the scientists don’t have a metabolism simulator. I mean, ovikary influence over human metabolism? You can not be serious.
    That said, I wish you all the best for the rest of your life. Hope your woman will second our fetishes to you…
    Maybe a good idea could be release the game so that someone else could complete it, possibly without craziness.

  33. Falaal

    Hey, work as long as you need on your life, even if that’s for the next 80 years. Just tip your hat our way if you ever decide to return.

  34. Ano

    Don’t worry about the state of the game, brother.
    You’ve done more than most, and you inspired countless others. Never let the haters get to you, for we on the development side understand your struggle, and the great effort you put into making this project come to life. While working in it you’ve been an example of transparency, dedication and understanding in this community(even while dealing with your personal problems) and we are finally seeing more games pop up than ever before. You were their example.

    Move on without regrets, and be certain that we will still be here in case you ever want to come back.


  35. Anonymous

    You and your work will be missed, but think of yourself first. Best of luck to you

  36. kora

    cya around man.

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