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Back from the trip, plus [0.2.1C] Patch 2

Sorry for being so quiet this week, I was up in the mountains with family without internet or phone service as I mentioned would be likely last post. Got back a few days ago, but work and getting back into things sapped up a lot of my attention so I apologize for not answering questions …

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A lot going on, plus update [0.2.1C]

This isn’t a real update, but it is a huge bug fixing patch. Lots of issues sorted and things changed, ranging from simple grammatical errors to sorting out big issues with parasite code and other junk. Plus I’ve made adjustments to the model to improve thinner frames, inbetweens and maximum sizes as well a bunch …

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[0.2.1B] Patch 1

Just dropping off a small content patch. Was busy as usual and given that I updated in the middle of the week I didn’t give myself much time anyways (admittedly I did take the time to just relax, had a long week, needed some games and tv time with the girl). lol. The patch fixes …

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