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Positive Progression + A few Q&As

I’ve been a little “unplugged” as of late, but I’m finally back with some good progress on Elysium and plans for the next public release. Just as as back drop, Lilly and I took a small vacation to celebrate our anniversary together and unload some stress (which is why we didn’t post last week or …

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Lore Profile: Volupta Gula

♦      Lord Compendiary      ♦ Name: Volupta Gula, The Witch of the Grove Trope: Dionysus-esque hedonism god Region: The Glutted Grove Temple: Palace of Plenty Followers: The Grove Concord Allies: Frejya Enemies: Biss, Garamond, Chastia Fetishes/Themes: Weight gain, gluttony, addiction, intoxication, vore ♦   Brief Description Hidden in her magically concealed forest, Volupta Gula sits upon a …

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