Sorry for being so quiet this week, I was up in the mountains with family without internet or phone service as I mentioned would be likely last post. Got back a few days ago, but work and getting back into things sapped up a lot of my attention so I apologize for not answering questions and reports even after I got back.

The trip was fun. It was nice to be in some cool alpine weather with clean air and lots of nature. We hiked and fished, got sore legs, caught frogs, made campfires and cooked lots of food. It was good to catch up with my siblings and spend time in the woods with Lilly. So all and in all, I feel quiet refreshed, but I still feel like I need a vacation from the vacation. It was right back to work the same day we got back, so things were tight and driving back into smoggy LA to get back to the coast is always a depressing change from the scenic north east.

Anyways, while I was up there I still fiddled with Elysium from time to time and I worked more when I got back. So I do have an update for you all. There was a number of bugs and issues reported that I didn’t end up getting to in time, but I’ll try and sweep those up as soon as possible.

The highlights of the update are changes to how weight,stamina and muscle mechanics work. There’s still a lot of work to be done with muscle and I’ll be working to expand that soon, but this is a start. There’s also a big improvement to musculature on the model, some new effect and expansion to some parasites among other small things.

With that said, I have a busy week and lots on the Elysian addenda. I’m hoping to continue my expansion of the parasites and TFs, start my work on fugue state/sanity/immobility content and some more npc tests. Don’t know what order I’ll be doing thing or what we’ll actually get next patch, but eh, I’ll be heading down that road.

As per the usual, you can get the patch and change-log below and the Q&A form here. (the debug command list here) Thank you for your support, reports and feedback as always. It’s good to be back and to still be getting so many good bug reports and feedback.


Tainted Elysium Update [0.2.1C] Patch 2


From [0.2.1C] Patch 1 to [0.2.1C] Patch 2 (06/13/17)

  • [0.2.1C] Patch 2 (06/13/17)
  1. x Fixed an error with mobility calculations which could generate negative time passage which could cause NaN data to be thrown into other calculations resulting certain body parts to zero out or be lost

  2. x Fixed an error with lust messages that could sometime generate extra blank spaces between lines and extend the scroll bar with each refresh

  3. ^ Replaced the old mountain background with an updated version

  4. + Distance traveled now causes some stamina loss, this scales with endurance and mobility

  5. ^ Phased out older stat manipulations in the debug and other areas of the game and switched them over to the proper entity channels

  6. ^ Decreased the standard stamina recovery rate by half

  7. ^ Increased stamina recovery’s scaling with calories, stamina now recovers 4 times as fast with calories in one’s system

  8. ^ Modified and increased Lymphilaria related messages (fixed them now actually scaling with calories)

  9. ^ Lymphilaria reproduction now works at half speed without calories in the characters system and one fold every 1000 calories and caps at 4 times normal growth rate

  10. + Lymphilaria can now induce a new absorbency effect after reaching the first tier of critical mass (10000 worms)

  11. ^ Strength stats now scale slightly with muscle mass, but experience diminishing returns

  12. ^ Reduced the amount of effect muscle has on waist size

  13. ^ Adjusted muscle mass parts for the display model to increase its quality and maximum muscle size

  14. x Fixed display stats not showing the proper strength, dexterity, intelligence, constitution and seduction metrics

  15. + Added Debug command “protein” to manipulate the amount of protein in the character’s body

  16. + Acquired protein now automatically converts to muscle when activity levels are above 1.6 at a rate of 1 gram per 5 minutes

  17. + Acquired protein that goes unused will convert to calories at 4 calories per gram per 5 minutes

  18. ^ Stat change messages will now only display if the stat value is more than 1 unit in order to avoid spamming the player with “0.03 point change!” messages

  19. + Fullness tooltips now display protein values (both in grams and in calories)

  20. + Added commands “forcefat”, “forcemusc” and “forceall” to instantly convert all protein and or calories to muscle and or fat respectively

  21. + Material’s now apply protein separately from fat/carb derived calories (1000 cal from a material that’s 20% protein will give the character 50 grams of protein)

  22. + Added carb, fat and protein make up factors to all food items, currently, protein is the only factor that acts differently from the other calories as described on previous lines

  23. ^ Mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph metabolic types in character creation now adjust “calories to fat” and “protein to muscle” speeds

  24. ^ Updated the donor list in the credits. As usual if you would prefer your user name not be displayed or would like it to be displayed as a different name, please let me know

  25. + Added “Envoronmental moisture factors”

  26. + Added new “sponge effects” to out of control Lymphilaria infections

  27. ^ Expanded all poison/effect messages so that there’s more than just the single line repeated

  28. + Added a standard text colorization function to the TX data

  29. x Fixed an error with parabody calculation that caused belly fat dwelling parasites or toxins to not work, only standard belly deweling vectors were functional. This fixes an issue with honey glut venom stings not effecting the stomach

  30. x Fixed hair length not being properly displayed in some of the descriptions

  31. x Fixed hair length displaying imperial lengths when in metric mode

  32. x Fixed an issue where the wait slider was available for use when status events were qued up resulting in the event to roll and the wait slider not being removed

  33. x Fixed effect messages and entity string logs only displaying on main screen readouts, resulting in under filled secondary readouts and excessive message stacking on the standard readout

  34. + Added a few more effects to the mystery potion (item#25)


  1. Anonymous

    hey, do you think you can make hormones from the parago commands actually change the character? (I.E. grow breasts?) that’s something I’ve been dying to see

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Well, currently its just a blank placeholder, so hormones haven’t been setup yet, but I do plan on implementing hormones and body changes soon. Especially now that muscle and protein systems have been started up it’ll be a better time to start working on them. I’ll bump it up on the list, but no guarantees it’ll be ready right off but hopefully soon. We’ll see though.

  2. kneggis

    Oh man, i really love this update.
    It will keep me… occupied….. for quite some time.
    Which makes me very happy.

    But maybe (since it’s an extensive list allready) add a “Debug commands” section to the change log.
    So that we can see what can now be used to test this update and maybe keep more oversight on the commands yourself too.
    This will also make it easier to jump into testing it immediately.
    (i would really like to change those rates influenced by ecto and mesomorphism if there are commands for that)

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Well, its just a start and I hope to expand these thing soon because its still pretty light at the moment. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it though.
      As far as commands, I tend to actually list them in the change-log when they’re added, but do to how I see the back end (there’s a debugging read out building into the platform in which I build the game, something that isn’t available in the exported version) so I get to see a lot of the data I need to check on or manipulate without having to use commands, so I often don’t end up adding new commands all that often. But there are a number of new factors so I’ll be sure to add a bunch of new commands for the next patch.

      For now I added “P2M” and “C2F” commands in a ghost patch. Just re-download and you’ll be able to mess around with the protein to muscle and calories to fat rates. Just remember the capitals.

      • kneggis

        Thanks you for the ghost patch, i feel special now!

        • kneggis

          I have been able to Isolate the values used in the metabolising of muscle and fat.
          And i can confirm that values that are or are below zero do not stop you from gaining fat or muscle.
          Just wanted to check if this is intended.

          Getting food from the forest lowers your metabolism even without sugar sickness.
          You do recover but it takes quite a while even if you have 0 bloodsugar or calories in your system.
          Excersizing doesnt make it go up faster as far as i can determine.

          Still having alot of fun though.

  3. A fan

    Excellent update! Any chance of speeding up the stamina bar speed, though? It’s a bit irritating that I have to wait for it to catch up when I’m waiting or doing several exercises in a row.

    • Profile photo of firesoul10

      I think bars in general need to update faster. Especially since stats like Fullness can get really big over the course of gameplay, a character that gets lots of Fullness and Digest speed buffs would have some major UI lag in late-game scenarios, once Elysium has reached its later forms- plus any character who can reliably do same-size vore content regularly is naturally going to have the same kind of “bar lag” issues.

      (Never mind that people like me regularly use debug commands to make scenarios like that happen already)

      The animations are fine and good, but the update speed is too gradual. (Especially in cases where the model goes well above the maximum displayed, since it freezes until its bar gets below its max.)

      Just thoughts on this topic, of course. I’m gonna make a separate bug report in a second here.

      • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

        Sorry about the wait guys. I’ve been really busy. Whenever I get the next patch out though this will be one of the new features. I worked out a much better scaling system for how the speed works, the bars will now speed up proportionate to the difference between changes (larger being faster) and once it gets to a closer difference things will smoothly slow down and stop. So it should allow even massive changed to still fit smoothly alongside small changes.

  4. Atlya

    Do you think it’d be possible to have wider ranges for height/fat/muscle at character creation? :P
    What about using percentages for muscle/fat at creation?


    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I apologize for such a late reply. I’ve been away with many things as of late.

      I’m sorry to say the reason I won’t be increasing the starting sizes/heights/muscle/ etc is because the player character has to fit into the universe they’re coming from. As a manufactured clone/worker for the corporation, there are limits to the standard deviations they allow for their workers for efficiency sake. Excessive height, weight or mass is trimmed and kept out of their society, in all likelihood the character probably wouldn’t even be fat at all given how controlling their background is. But theres some starting leaway.

      Beyond that I feel having the journey to an ideal body part of the experience, but that’ll be more relevant when there’s more content to be enjoyed. However, percentage based changes are more along the line I’ve been meaning to do, so that it’ll scale with the given height, keep things with in a scalable range. But we’ll see.

  5. Anonymous

    Here are the saves I mentioned were not processing time-based content properly. TE_SAVE_1 & 2 do not progress ovikari infection stages at all, nor do they regenerate stats (like SP). TE_SAVE_3 is included as a known-working save.!kHYnyKJZ!f1nR_SZ_-EEHe_5pPbi3ueXM49rrJE_MrEVzyUvYhcE

    I also mentioned on the last post that I dug around and found some interesting NaNs here and there. Unfortunately, changing them all to 0 didn’t fix the save.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I’m so sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away and things have been hectic. I’ll be sure to have this sorted in the next update. Thank you so much for your report. Sending in saves is a huge help in these weird situations. There’s a lot more that I can see inside the core documents than someone with just the game, so having this kind of data is invaluable to fixing issue.

  6. capas

    I also noticed the Air Pump item is working again. I remember it was disabled for a while but I’m happy to see that it’s working.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Ah, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. There was a small but annoying bug with it and all of its scenes hadn’t been rewritten in the new format yet so it was locked off until my schedule cleared up to get back to it. It got put off far longer than I meant for it too. This same thing applies to clothing, which has bigger issues, but I hope to return to that shortly.

      Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it.

  7. Profile photo of firesoul10

    Hmm- I tried going whole-hog on the new Lympharia symptom, and it seems that after a point (9 gallons or so), retained water would not go up any farther, and was even shrinking despite downing entire lakes of water from Lake Myr and having multiple stacks of Absorbtion. I have a theory that pins multiple stacks of the status as one of the main factors in the bug, but it’s hard to be sure on playerside.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Sorry for the late reply.
      hmn, thank you for the report. I haven’t had a chance to look into this just yet do to my schedule as of late but I’ll be sure to check that out, effect stacking should be fine as functionally they’re all added together into a single effect if they use the same core effect. If they’re not blending, it might be a deeper issue.

  8. Ellis I K

    Bwater command broke.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I apologize. The command had a conflict with another name entry and I was too lazy to add an exception so I changed the name of the command. i must have forgot to add that to the change-log.
      The command will now be “bodywater”

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