Par for the course, had a busy week and the update isn’t too finished. For once I’ve got enough responses on the Q&A to put out a new session, so I’ll be doing that this time and then get back to it. I don’t know how things will go next week obviously, but the schedule looks a little better than this week, so I expect to get some more work done and might have the update ready for next Sunday or at the very least another in-progress build. Some of these questions have been sitting around for months because it was just the tiny handful of them for a while and there wasn’t enough questions total to make a new Q&A post until now. So if you happen to be one of those poor folk waiting on your question, I apologize.


Anyways, as these things go, the Q&A is answered in no particular order and if your question isn’t answered it’s nothing personal, it just didn’t match the right criteria, was already asked before or I simply didn’t have time to answer it just yet. If you missed out on previous Q&A rounds or just have further questions, feel free to leave them here. Thank you.


Q: “Will there be moral dilemma’s (promiscuous actions, murder, innocence, etc) in the game? I noticed the corruption system, but I’m unsure if it is there purely for the sake of adding another fetish, or if it will tie into your character’s personality and actions when shaping the world around them and dealing with NPCs.”

A: Oh yes. I want there to be a number of interesting choices and moral questions to be in the game. The alignment system and personality systems I’ve got into the games back in are all part of that. These will effect how NPCs react to you, how your character reacts (when not under the players control) and some choices may even have a more “world impacting” outcome, depending on how complex this game ends up in the end. A lot of Elysium is kind of a lawless wasteland, so sometimes even something like murder or rape or the destruction of a characters story line, might not be all that impact full, but I do plan on having more interconnected and regulated areas (towns, cities, etc) so the impact of choices will also vary not only on who they’re made with, but where.


Q:”I noticed you’ve added firmness for various body parts. Might that ever reflect in the full descriptions?”

A: Yes, at least eventually. Currently firmness is only really reflected in belly type and breast sag, but eventually I want the descriptions to reflect changes in arms, buttocks and thighs (thick and dense vs fluffy and quaggy) etc. I’m just not sure when I’ll get around to that, its not hard to implement, it just not high on the list at this time.


Q:”Do you have plans to include quadrupedal or tauric character models in the future?”

A: I certainly do want to. I’m just not sure when or how I’ll be approaching that just yet. Mechanically its not all that different than whats already in the system, but for the visual part of the model its a bit more complex. So we’ll likely see it implemented in the back-end and reflected through descriptions before it’ll be properly show model wise, but eventually I want to have alternative bodies which are just as dynamic. Something with the lower body of another body makes things a bit complicated when it comes to figuring out where the mass should go, but my game isn’t a strange to unnecessary complexity.


Q:”Will the equipment and clothing be coming back?”

A: Yes it will and hopefully soon. I haven’t touched the system since the initial entity overhaul because it needs a lot of fixing even in its old state. So it was scrapped for a time, but I’m still going to be using those scraps to eventually rewrite the system in hopefully a more sane and manageable way because I really really enjoy clothing bursting and that sort of content so I do want that to be common feature in the game. Its been such a long while now, I’m not actually sure how much work it’ll actually need to get functional again, it may actually be less than I fear, but I’m not sure yet. I have a couple more systems I want to finish intermittently and then I plan to get a clothing system up and running again shortly there in. Especially before I get too far into the NPC system and before I start the combat systems.


Q: “Ovikari larva’s full size is 11 pound? If someone can carry the full size of the larvae, the larvae will only be born and will not burst?”

A: This is correct and is (should be) functional in game. The larva maximum size varies a tad and depends on how many are being carried, but if the player’s GI tract can carry the volume of the creatures even at max, then they won’t burst from players body and will be birthed anally instead.


Q: “Are you planning on including any sort of transformation that comes about as a result of an infection.”

A: To put it simply, yes. I started fiddling with this with the Ovikari parasite, but that still needs a lot of work. Eventually there will be a variety of TFs that can be triggered by various parasites, poisons and other infections. They’re largely be avoidable, reversible or limited due to the nature of gradual TFs, but that will be part of it.


Q:”Will companions/lovers/NPCs in general be tailored towards certain fetishist (pregnancy, ass play, domination, etc.) or will they incorporate multiple fantasies?”

A: yes and no. I think have some specific NPCs that are dedicated to very specific fetishes has its advantages and disadvantages. By having it focused, people who only like that fetish can safely enjoy the character without having to worry about interference from a related but possibly unliked other fetish. The issue though is if that character isn’t to their liking, then their fetish is trapped behind an unlikable npc, something spreading things around avoids. So there are trade offs. I do feel like some fetish will get more attention in general (fat, pregnancy, parasites, TF, etc) so a lot of characters will have the flexibility to entertain more than one thing but will also have an anchor of sorts. For example, maybe we have a dominant amazon girl, her anchor would be femdom and muscle girl fetishes, but that doesn’t prevent her from falling under the players influence she were she could gain weight, or be mind controlled or be otherwise pushed into another fetish aspect and thus branching out from the anchor. I’d say that things may start off with simple “fetish of the day” characters as the testing goes on, but eventually they’ll become more fleshed out in their applicable regions.


Q: “I’d like to hear more about slavery in Elysium. I’ve been very interested in the world-building so far.”

A: lol, well thank you, I’m always glad to hear it. I believe I’ll go more indepth into Elysium’s slave trade when I get my next lore post out (whenever that’ll be), but I can give you a basic run down. On Elysium slavery is officially banned in the east ( Chastia’s domain) but do to the lack of control over the regions and the queen immortum’s relatively small claim, the laws are largely ignored and completely inapplicable in other regions. Bands of brigands and Urko tribes largely make a living capturing slaves and selling them in bulk to the lord Garamond and his Kings of Commerce. Garamond then filters the slaves, sale the weak, sick, less attractive and/or feeble to labor camps under Valkos’ control or to low end bidders, the able bodied are often inducted into valkos’s army or mutated into monsters for other militant causes, the strong of will are sold to lord Biss to be broken and resold and the attractive are given to her for her hunt for perfect parts (her body is made up of her victims, she collects pets and parts). The truly exceptional are kept by Garamond for his personal collection or are sold to specific clients. Pure blooded humans are a high selling commodity because they are more malleable and authentic in the eyes of the buyer and unlike mutants are more easily mutated into the buyers preferred form. Chastia is very much against the slave trade (despite partially enslaving the melimyr race) due to its impact on the pure bloods, and then papillon, being a mischievous freedom spirit also tries to interfere with that system, but largely, the slave trade is unregulated and ignored.


Q: “Will you add more encounters, and if so when? any ideas so far?”

A: Of course. I don’t add encounters all that often because a lot of the core parts of the game change around a lot or are unfinished. But as we approach finishing the back-end, more front end content will be worked on. In general, the content currently found in the game and going forward is all largely just to test mechanics or ideas. So, whenever I need to test or present something, there will sometimes be content wrapped around it. After the alpha is wrapped up, content will be less testing and more just for the hell of it. lol. That said, I am actually in the middle of improving old events (expanding them) and adding some new ones. Because I’m currently working on sleep and sanity, there will events that will tie into fugue states, over night encounters and immobility encounters because they could be exchangeable. So, just a number of simple encounters (I have a new insect attack planned, a new parasite, that sort of thing). Eventually I’ll be getting back onto NPCs which will entail a lot more test encounters.


Q: “I feel it might have been asked before, but will it be possible to buy a house and kinda settle down in the game?”

A: Well, maybe. I do want there to be a place or places to settle down, but I haven’t decided just how complex I want that to be. For at least a while, the starting ship will be the main settlement as far as the testing will go. I do plan on expanding the interactive zones and applications of the ship itself so it’ll be more homely (notably opening up the cabin area, etc), but there might be dwelling with similar presence at some point or another.


Q: “Do any of the Lords have a second in command? If so, what role do you plan on them having in the game?”

A: Each of the lords have followers and close allies. How complex they actually end up being will depend on how things go when we get there, but in general most of the lords are rather independent in their ruling structure, however chastia and valkos (both being more classical governing bodies, god king and god queens rather than just gods) do have important character along side them. Each has four, a military leader, a spymaster, a financier and a scientist. In Valkos’s case however garamond is his financier, do to extending the war being economically beneficial to garamond. I do have characters in mind for each role, but I don’t know if we’ll get there and the lords come first, so we’ll see. In general though, if they end up in the game, they’ll act both as possible mates as well as quest givers or enemies depending on choices made and as a barrier/ranking thing to get closer to the lords.

And one last thing because I need to get some sleep and it’d take too long/be repetitive if were to reply to every one, so I’ll just take it all under a Q&A. If you don’t care to read a big rambling mess, consider the post over and I’ll catch you next time. lol. Anyways, there were a lot of people telling me what they thought was the best way for me to develop, or how they’d like me to, or just expressing their disappointment/boredom. There were also some expressing the opposite, but I felt it deserved to be addressed, I’ll just lump a bunch of inconsistent quotes together, if you need to see the full context, you can find these comments on the previous post.

Q: “Focus on adding actual game play, monsters, encounters. new areas FIRST so people don’t get bored playing it”, “there’s nothing to DO in the game other then dick around in debug mode”, “I believe you’re doing this for an audience, right? Your audience is getting bored.”, “I don’t care about realistic biological functions”, “I don’t know if it’s worth waiting three or four years for it when something almost as good could be done in half the time.”, “I think that more people would donate to the patreon if the knew they were going to get regular content updates”, etc.

A: So, first off, I don’t want to step on any toes by addressing this because I really do appreciate the variety of opinions and feedback my game receives, especially when its from my less than satisfied viewers, but I think I need to clear up some things. As much my viewers have been a priceless help in finding bugs, getting ideas and feedback, I don’t make this game for the audience or the views. As much as my donators support me with their amazing and unnecessary donations, I don’t make this game for the money. As much as having a platform and captive community helps my mental health and encourages me, I don’t do this for the attention. I started this project because there weren’t games out there doing what I wanted, so I started making my own game, I have and still do, make this game for myself. So, as shallow as it sounds, if everyone instantly abandoned me, while I’d miss the help, the love, the support, my game would suffer but I’d ultimately still be working on this project for my own sake.
I’m not saying these complains are unreasonable or ungrounded. In fact, I know where its coming from, this is the exact dissatisfaction I had in other games that lead me to make my own things that I enjoy. But, I need people to know that my hobby project is never going to completely fill that “no games for x fetish” hole for people, it’ll tease it at times as it always has but the game may never be fully actualized. The end point isn’t nearly as important to me as the journey, this is for me and mine.

With that said though, that isn’t to say I don’t want content in the game or that I don’t care that my players are unsatisfied, I just want people to know that I only work on this occasionally as a hobby in my spare time between work and life with my fiance, so there will ultimately only be so much I can do. I work on mechanics because its satisfying to build things and make them work, any content that makes it into the game is usually just to make sure things are working or what I’ve created is ultimately applicable. I know it looks like the game will never go anywhere, maybe thats true, but I do have a plan, and in this alpha phase I’m not all that concerned with impressing anybody. I just want to go down my list, get it wrapped up with the occasional content addition and then move onto the beta, once the grounds are finished I can focus on content and fleshing out the skeleton I built. I know what my game is and that’s why I don’t go around shilling it or selling it, I just hang around my own circles, expressing my own personal passions for it. If you’ve got swept up in those passions, I’m sorry. If you don’t think the wait will be worth it, I won’t be keeping you here, but I am sorry that I gave the wrong idea.
Now, with all that melodrama out of the way, I want to clear up something else. On my list, there are only a few major systems left before I can finish up the alpha phase. Right now, working on hormones is part of advancing the TF system, working on sleep and sanity all ties into over night encounters, sanity induced fugue states and immobility encounters. During this update I’m working on, some new, smaller test encounters of this variety are going to be added. So it all has a purpose in my plan and this phase is getting closer to being finished.  Maybe if I was more open about my plans people would feel better. I don’t know. I don’t like doing that because when I reveal plans they become public promises and then when it takes too long or doesn’t stack up to the hype, its just more disappointment as usual. There really is no great solution except getting people more content, which is just something that takes time. So, I apologize for content hell. haha.

Anyways, that’s enough rambling from me. I hope it wasn’t too pretentious. I’m just doing what I want to do when I have time, and there’s little that can change that at this time. I hope someday this game will be more enjoyable for everyone, not just myself, but for now, try to keep it off your mind, take care and return later with low expectations and maybe one day it can be surprise instead. haha




  1. Perro the traveler

    So the Ovikari lock ups are because I was supposed to explode but something wasn’t letting it happen?

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Huh, hadn’t actually thought of it like that. It might be. I’ll see if there might have been something I over looked. Thank you.

      • Perro the traveler

        Oh and was anyone else having the problem where met gets stuck at a perpetual .5?

  2. Anonymous

    So another HL3 Situation then… Yeah expect most of your fans to have completely forgotten about your game once you’ve made it good enough for you to start adding content, not mechanisms.

    Demand and supply, my friend. If you cannot supply. The demands will scatter. And it will fade into limbo. Hobbies are personal. If this is your hobby. Why is it public.

    • Perro the traveler

      Are you even the audience for this game?

    • A fan

      I wish it got updated more often, too! Everybody does, including Atticus, but it’s a one-man amateur project by a guy who’s doing it in his spare time, and those of us who are still reading the updates and posting here just deal with it. The reason it’s public is that Atticus wants it to be and pays for it to be hosted, simple as that. If you’re not happy with it, you should move on to something you do like. Elysium doesn’t impose on anybody, nobody is reliant on it, nobody’s paid money for it, he doesn’t buy ads on other sites—it’s a passion project for one individual and the audience that enjoys it, despite the long development. If the wait is too much for you, there’s other WG/TF game content at sites like,, or that you can enjoy.

      • Anonymous

        Oh no I’m not complaining that he’s updating it slowly. I’m complaining that he’s updating it in the wrong direction. He’s not focusing on things that the people (Most, not all. And they are silent. Trust me. There’s more people that want more content then mechanics then you’d think) want. Which is more enemies. More interactions with the world. More encounters. He’s trying to implement crazy complex things like hormone systems and body heat modifications dictating how much you sweat and stuff. Stuff that the game doesn’t NEED to be a proper sex game. Yes, it is nice that he is doing it. But he can do it later, not now.

        • A fan

          Oh! Well, that’s a lot more constructive, and I’m glad you explained. I’m loath to say it, but I agree that the depth of the project is overly-ambitious for a spare time project for a single coder. I’m amazed by the quality Atticus has achieved (especially the character viewer, that just blows my mind), but it can be frustrating when the updates concentrate on niche mechanics and features that add new bugs that have to be fixed so the next mechanic can be added and bugfixed and so on, while not incorporating them into events or items. It can be a bit like watching a race car revving at the starting line for hours without moving.

          It’s uncomfortable to make suggestions on somebody else’s labor of love, but the updates I’m really checking for are bugfixes to wipe out the button kills, and content for the Hidden Lab Tunnel and the Fertile Fields. Pregnancy works well in debug mode, but I’d really love to see something done with it. I’m also hoping to see some kind of willpower check with the Glutton trait, since I’m sort of roleplaying it at the moment, i.e., my character can resist one Cream Tree encounter at a time, but not another one too soon.

          I remain a supportive fan and a follower, but I share your preference for content expansion over new mechanics.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      >to the anon(s)
      While I find you comparing my little hobby to the ongoings of a triple A project humorous, I really don’t see what this issue is, I think I made my position in this matter clear. If people want to go elsewhere, they’re more than welcome too. If people aren’t interested in my game that’s perfectly reasonable. Its no skin off my back.
      I don’t care if I’m not supplying the demand or capitalizing on it, that’s not why I’m here. I’m not your supplier or dealer, I’m not making the game for you, I’m just some rube with a blog and a hobby. If there’s supply elsewhere then I’d encourage others to spread the support around because in this corner of the adult web its nice to share the love.

      Further, the fact that my personal projects are public really shouldn’t matter to you either. It gives me a sense of pace and there might be another person out there who gets a kick out of my buggy mess. There’s no harm and its my decision. If you aren’t one of those people or if its not to your tastes, then nothing should be keeping you here. If you’ve donated, its easy to get refunded, if you want a game tailored to you, you can make one, if you’ve lost time on this, that was your decision. There really isn’t much else to it.

      As far as the direction and ambition of my game being wrong to you, I frankly just don’t really care that much. Those mechanics and complexities are things that interest me and things I want to make. If that doesn’t interest people, that’s fine, they can look elsewhere for the things they actually do like. I can’t just flip a switch, drop everything I want to work on and magically turn around with a content update tomorrow just because people want it. No matter what, this all takes time, my time, time I choose to use on the things I want to use it on. Content takes far longer to produce than mechanics (its not just writing a nice story and dropping it in, there’s a lot of editing, writing it for code and versatility and then making it do all the things that are supposed to happen, its not just write and read) and the more content I have now, the more work it’ll be to implement those mechanics later and adjust all the content to fit it.

      >to “A fan”
      I appreciate your first comment, as it hit the nail on the head. As for your second, I totally understand where you’re coming from, but the bug fixes are things I’m always trying to find and fix and they will be eventually, the button wipes can come from any source that results in a disrupted tick and so they’re often hard to pin point. The alpha is buggy and will be for a long time, that’s the nature of building the base, as the base grows it has trouble. Growing pains. When the skeleton is complete, it’ll be easier to flesh out with less worry about bugs related to changing the base after adding content. The cream tree bug is actually something I tracked down recently, its fixed now in my current version, so that will at-least be in with next update, pregnancy still needs to be finished mechanically before it can really get any love, content for the fields will likely come after more lake material is added and the hidden tunnel was something I started for testing size mechanics for clothing but never finished or put into the official rotation and have long since abandoned. I might recycle it into something slightly different later, but for now, its just cut debug content.

      • A fan

        Thanks for addressing my comments! It’s always encouraging to hear from you, since you always make it clear that you’re motivated by yourself and that you’re not reliant on fawning attaboys and praise, and that criticism won’t derail Elysium, constructive or not. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know enough about coding (or your proficiency) to evaluate what’s feasible or helpful, so it’s nice to be reminded that we don’t have to tiptoe around you and not speak our minds or point out errors or the things we look forward to most. I look forward to when the project reaches a stage where the rest of us can contribute and check properly-formatted material, but your attitude makes it clear that you’re always moving forward and that it’ll get there.

      • Perro the traveler

        I come here and play your game because you got real substance going on instead of laying some boneless narrative around a cliché RPG with their dice way too big for anything meaningful. Could do without the bugs though.

        I’ll forget a story with nothing to back it up long before I forget something that at least tries to respect mechanics.

        I’m still waiting for some of my other elaborate fetishes to be added but bugs first I think.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m one of the naysaye-er … CONCERNED CITIZENS from the last post.

    I think most of us nag you for content because it’s on a clear course for “That really cool game that never got made because the dev drowned in mechanics”. It’s cool that this is cathartic for you and it’s downright admirable that even without a single supporting soul you’d still make this game. Personally, it comes from the heart. It’s like watching a Lego castle get built but one brick per week, and each time it looks like the castle might get done, another section starts getting built. For us, the audience, this is equivalent to Duke Nukem taking 10 years to make, or like the ever-friendly anon downstairs said, it’s like Half-Life 3. It’s hell. Every update there’s “only a few major systems to put into place” but each major system seems to take months of building thousands of mini systems that frankly, I don’t think are getting proper testing without… content.

    I understand that you’re busy, it’s a hobby, and you have one of the most eventful lives I’ve ever witness one single creature ever have, but I stand by my previous suggestion that you could have others write simple content. Even if it’s only a new scene that doesn’t make it into the final product, once every one or two months, that’s still 1000% more content than we’ve seen in the last year. Even though you’d make the game without us, it’s clear you value our opinion and thoughts on the matter. There’s lore posts. There’s polls on how to approach mechanics. There’s updates about why there’s no updates.

    I don’t want to sound mean, or make you feel bad, but you’re telling us dinner will be ready in an hour and letting us starve in the meantime.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I’m sorry to say, that I’m not a soup kitchen here. I’m not making food for the starving, I’m making myself sandwiches and sharing them some with people who are free to make their own should they need it. If they don’t like that the sandwich isn’t near being finished or the ingredients I’m using, they can eat elsewhere.
      And while I’d like to someday have people add content to the game, its not feasible right now. All that does is create more work for me, not less. It doesn’t matter if someone else is doing the writing, because once its in my hands, I have to edit it to fit the game/themes/etc and then make it into its code person. its not “You eat the burger” its “+TX.Caps(ENTs[T].Pronouns[0]) +” “+(NP==1?”eats”:ENTs[T].PluralSwap([“eats”,”eat”]))+” the “+Item[x].Name+””. After that, its making sure all the buttons are doing what they need to, that each part flows to the next and that the changes the scene does to the character are called. Its not so simple a solution. Not until things are finished and I have time to write guides on how to make content for the game and I do little more than bug fix, write content and occasionally expand old material.

  4. Vordo

    Definitely agree on the bit about the risk of content being trapped behind a character that the player might not be interested in. Custom written content that’s specific to a unique character is always cool, but I feel like it’s easy to run into that problem unless you go all in on generating a really huge set of custom content of different permutations of sex, gender, personality, preferences, appearance and so on. That would be really cool, but I’d understand if it wasn’t feasible.

    To help with that, maybe after the engine features and main content are in place, would it be possible to provide some kind of template, either in-game or out of game that would allow players to use the system to customize their own NPCs?

    I personally really appreciate that your game allows playing as a male character, and I would be really thrilled to see more male content in the future. Quadruped body shapes sound amazing too, would be cool to stomp around as a big beefy dragon :)


    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Well, I actually was planning on some randomized and customization NPCs at some point or another. They’d never be able to be as indepth as a dedicated NPC or story driven character, but there could still be a lot done with them as the NPCs use the same systems the player does, so even with the complex NPCs anything that can happen to the player can happen to them as well, its just a matter of making sure those changes have meaning. Doesn’t matter if the player and the NPC can both be infected with a parasite if the player is the only one that reacts to it, you want the NPCs to adjust too, not just internally.
      So yes, it requires a level of complexity, but part of the complexity was the whole reason I built the entity system in the first place. So that NPCs aren’t just interactive story branches, but actual things in the world just like the player. Albeit, likely filtered and limited to some degree to make them manageable, but the same DNA is right in there.

      And yeah, sorry that male content doesn’t really get as much focus, just my female preferences and all, but again, falling to how the players and NPCs are built, they all have the same hardware underneath, the parts and hormones are really the only big differences and in the end, I hope that players that like having male characters are able to enjoy things just as much as those that enjoy female characters.

      Also, yes, I personally enjoy driders, taurs and other non humanoid body forms, so I’d hope to someday have a wider support for it. The mechanics are already inplace, its just a matter of finding the best way to make them properly simulate such bodies and then making it actually have an impact on how things play out.

      Thank you for your feedback and enthusiasm.

  5. Shr

    Have you considered the option of people commissioning encounters or NPC’s in the game? Obviously there’d be rules and restriction about what gets out into the game, but I think it would be both a good way for fans to help flesh out this amazing game and for the critics to have a chance to put their money where their mouth is.

    • “Naysaye-ers” consist of one anon – along my count. Shouting from bushes seldom goes for constructive criticism and continuing it after reasonable and painstaking explanation doesn’t give much merit either. First sticky case of trolling, I suppose, while I for instance have expected dozens.
      A.A., please continue precisely like you have been planning to. I have enjoyed and thrived with your alpha already much better and longer times than with many full games.

      • Paradox Edge

        I don’t know if you noticed the last patch? There was at least 3 other people agreeing with me. And since you probably think I’m a ”Bushman” coward. Fuck it. I’ll start putting a name for people to refer me to.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Haha, well I actually hadn’t thought about that, but, while I appreciate the idea of “money where your mouth is” I don’t think I could bring myself to do that, it feels slimy and uncomfortable charging people money just to get something they want out of my game. Doubly so if its a subject I’d probably be adding eventually anyways. Getting money involved often taints the experience, I don’t personally want the baggage it carries and I don’t want people to feel ripped off or cheated. Its different when someone has actually invested something into the game and they’re disappointed compared to regular onlookers who just want more game out of this shell. I’ll keep it in my thoughts though as I live in a tight financial situation, but unless this method would be pulling in enough money to take less shifts at work and spent less time on my personal matters and entertainment, this all still doesn’t avoid whats currently happening, where the game’s base is incomplete and my time is spread thin between my needs in life, what I consider content and what others consider content, so its only transitory salve. When what I’m working on overlaps into what people want, we see these sentiments go quiet, when I’m not, these complaints return. This is kind of how this community has been from the beginning. I naturally fluctuate in my actions and just do what I want to do, sometimes people will be happy with that, other times they won’t.

  6. Mordona

    Screw the complaints. You do you and I’ll still be here playing and testing.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Thank you friend, I will, although I find it hard not to reply, because they put the effort into writing all these posts and that at least deserves a reply.

      • Mordona

        And that is a good thing. Remember, even if you finish it or not. There will always be a portion of people that will not like it. In sexuality you cannot appeal to everyone. Someone will not like some of the content you have. Make something you like and be damn proud of it. If someone else enjoys it, then you helped someone else in the world enjoy themselves for a bit.

        • kneggis

          I concurr with the 3 statements above.
          also, thanks for what you’ve done so far.
          I already like it so very very much.

  7. Anonymous

    I just got to say, I think it’s awesome that my moral dilemma question was the first one answered! Also, thanks for taking the time to answer questions, even with all the crap you have to put up with in your life. It’s nice to see a developer who actually follows through with Q&As.

  8. Gonkulous

    I’m mostly just commenting so that others can’t claim to speak for me. I like what you’re doing, and you should keep on working on it at the pace that is comfortable for you.

  9. Araya

    As with most people here, I’ve exhausted the small bit of content there is as well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good start. Have you considered having other people help you with coding the content you’re planning to add. It might be able to scratch both itches if you get what I mean.

  10. Anonymous

    For some reason, arms are still getting absolutely massive at small sizes. They’re relative small on the model, and I DID use a custom body shape, but the arms were within a reasonable range, but I’m still getting maxed out arm descriptions.

    • firesoul10

      I’ve been getting this too. I don’t think it’s Water Retention, because I almost universally turn that off. Heck, I usually even set Arm Fat to 0 on my characters. Yet, for some reason, their arms still end up maxed-out bloated.

      As for the overarching discussion here, since I don’t really want to double-post if I don’t have to-

      I’m perfectly happy with the present state of the game, and while I of course want new content, I also want a rock-solid game once it’s “done”. In the state it is now, we do need to lay the groundwork for future development, no matter how painful it is. It’s why almost all professional developers don’t post builds of their games this early in development. This is the part of the development cycle the end consumer finds boring and tedious. But like laying the foundation for a building, it’s totally necessary.

      Plus- it’s not like he’s asking for money or support. Hell, Atticus has consistently said that it’s just been a welcome side-effect. He’s not beholden to us, he owes us nothing. I’ll stay here because I like his game and him as a person. He really puts his best foot forward when talking here on the ‘net and I can seriously respect how level-headed he’s been.

      tl;dr – It’s not about us, and I’m satisfied regardless. Rock on, Atticus.

  11. Duotes

    You are doing good work. Don’t worry about the people who say that all these systems you are making, just show them what we know you are capable of. And, as I have said before, I am sure that as soon as this game starts adding content, both the community and the game will grow exponentially. I am sure there are plenty of people out there, like the ones for TiTS and CoC, who are eaget for something new. Hope to hear from you next week. Have a nice day.

    • Duotes

      Darn it. *making are pointless for an adult game. Why does my grammar and vocabulary fail me when ever I try to say something nice?

  12. Paradox Edge

    I have seemed to have done my part. Planted the seed. Now it’s a matter of leading the front charge of.. Well. Trying to help with development. Some people may think I’m just doing this for the attention (which is party true, but in the way that I get attention for a good cause. not for a selfish cause). Or that I’m doing this because I’m angry. Which is not true. I am stirring this storm because I want this game to succeed. I see the potential and I want in on it. Not many people are passionate about sex games (text RPG style) and are able to code properly. I want this game to flourish like a rose on a summer’s day. If this is brought in the right direction. People will come swarming in checking out the ”Hip new erotic text RPG”. Which in turn will lead to more exposure. Which in turn will lead to MORE people finding out about this. And the more people like this and want to support this. The more money you can extract from them. And hell. Maybe, if you get enough people to support you financially. You can stop working on other things and work more on this game. hire more coders, directors. Writers. (I’d sure be up for that last position. I’m good at constructing situations and ambiance in text form)

    TL:DR I want this game to become something great. And I want to plant that seed early to set the stage for greatness.

    • Anonymous

      That seems very… “He hits me because he loves me.”

    • Carolyn

      Dude. Get it through your head. That is not what he wants.

  13. Rucks

    Hey there! Enjoying the game so far. Have done so since alpha.

    I feel like I’ve seen this around and I apologise if it’s been answered, but is there an opportunity for others to help code or write scenarios for you? I’m afraid I’m not much in the way of code, but I’d love to help any way I can with writing or even images if need be. Elysium has been a fun little thing for me and I’d love to give back.

  14. Carolyn

    You, sir, do very good, very fun things. I’m sorry that some people aren’t content to just ride along on your hobby. Please don’t let them influence you or drive you to stressful places that you don’t want to go. Just keep having fun with it, and share what you can when you feel it’s worthwhile.

  15. Shin Majin

    Infection-based tf? Immobility encounters? Yeeeeeeeee! <3

  16. Nekomundo

    I for one am glad that you have a public output for your thoughts and ideas. It makes sense to sound out your ideas and have almost instant feedback on whether others think it will work or not.

    Personally I find your fortitude admirable and it makes me want to make my own game, if I can ever find the time or teach myself the coding required.

    I hope you continue to do what you want to do, and know that at least I check here often to find out What Atticus Has Been Up To This Week.

  17. Aern

    With all the shit life seems to through at you, here you are, making a game. STILL. its ridiculous how durable you are (battered…but durable) and you’ve proven that you do not care about negative shit. that’s why i’m waiting still, because i know no matter how whiny or negative all the comments get, you’ve been through so much worse shit that’s its just whatev’s, man. ABout the “mechanics vs content” debate (if theres one going i just went to the bottom.) my opinion is this: A house wil crumble without a solid foundation. Yeah all these little building block pieces are boring and not sexy…yet. but once their implemented that should make all the later stuff you add work better or be easier to implement. It’s like grinding in games, the more effort you put into the early game the easier the late game becomes. Keep on doing…codes or…math…or however games are made.

    You’ve totally got this

  18. A fan

    In case anybody’s having trouble with opening Elysium from a saved file in Firefox, I’ve got a solution. If all you’re getting is a white screen and no options, Firefox is refusing to run plugins (e.g., Flash) unless they’re running from http or https. To allow plugins to run straight from your computer, do the following:

    1. type “about:config” in the address bar, then click “I accept the risk!” if you’re willing to change browser settings.
    2. Type “plugins.http_https_only” into the search bar in the page.
    3. You should see a single entry that says “plugins.http_https_only | modified | boolean |true”
    4. Double click anywhere on that row, and it should be bolded and “true” should become “false”
    5. Try opening a locally-saved swf again, and it should work!

    Be aware, this is overriding a security feature, so don’t do this if you don’t understand the risk or why that setting exists.

  19. Perro the traveler

    Any news on why this site keeps going down or is there something just getting in the way of my connection?

    • firesoul10

      I haven’t been having any issues loading this site.

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