143231499723Sorry that it’s been so long since I last posted anything. The vacation I mentioned in the previous post ended up lasting a little longer due to our car breaking down and getting stuck at Lilly’s uncle’s house while we waited for repairs. I’ve been without the time and privacy to get any work done on Elysium and the only time I had access to the internet was through my phone (not great for posting) or playing some games with her uncle.

Long story short, I’ve only gotten back recently and I’ll be getting back at things soon. I’m currently working on the lore stuff I promised and should have that posted later today and I should be able to get back to work on Elysium sometime this week (once Lilly’s mother is leaves). Obviously this means that I probably won’t have any sort of update this Sunday either. But I’m sure I can get down to some more lore business.

In that regard, it would seem I only really got small handful of questions asked in the survey for the lore stuff, so instead, I’ll just answer a few of those here, and then put out a lore post on a more uniform subject.

As a foreword, Just today I got around to fixing up some issues on the website (the long withstanding captcha problem that caused it to float off center, and the issue with the content warning being not that readable and generally ugly, amongst other small things like better spam control). and I want to let the individuals who posted some bug reports on the forums know that I did indeed read them and I’ll see if I can get these things sorted out when I get back to Elysium.

So, here’s a couple of Q & A’s before I return to the other work at hand.


Q: What region do you plan on the character starting in once the game is finalized? Furthermore what diety owns the forest we start off in?

A: I’m not 100% set on where exactly we’ll start, but in general Rosewood is a likely contender lore wise. It’s actually not owned by any of the lords and has very few controlling or influencing parties. It’s a familiar and most ordinary environment, reminiscent of what we earth goers know. So naturally it makes a good starting zone to show the player what’s normal to them and then as they proceed into the increasing stranger and more twisted environments, they have a good mental comparison. Because it isn’t really themed or catering to a specific fetish, it doesn’t force the player to fit into it and it makes it a good place to allow the player their own, small influence, with their camp.


Q: How does pregnancy fit in lore wise and game-play wise. Will there be chances for multiple births, and how will these things be shown in the viewer?

143764345160A: Pregnancy is going to mirror a lot of what can be found in real life, just sped up a lot. This is both partially lore wise and just because a game would be ridiculous if you had to wait 9 in game months. Instead an unaltered human pregnancy takes a handful of in-game weeks instead. The size, speed and number of fetuses within a given pregnancy is all dependent on the character’s stats, chance, modifications, curses/magic/etc. and what type of creature has impregnated them. Some creatures cause fast, small pregnancies while others might cause slow, but heavy pregnancies. Lore wise, it’s the tainted atmosphere and the mutations the player and other denizens of the island under go that yield the sped up fertility system.

As to the viewer, other than simply seeing the character swell up and the other noticeable hormonal and physical changes the character may remark on, there isn’t much else that can be shown with a silhouette in regards to the number of fetuses or type of pregnancy. However, there will be ways to check these things and given the ingenuity, I’ll probably try to have an “organ viewing” system, where one can get upgrades for their Omni-Brace that’ll allow for xray views into one’s womb or other such things. we’ll see.


Q: Now that the basics of clothing have been established, I’d like to know how clothing fits into Elysian life. How does the manner of dress vary in the different regions.

A: Clothing is a complex issue, it’s both useless and needed depending on the region and people involved. Certain regions are more civilized and industrialized, leading to more expensive, expressionate clothing but also a stronger need for modesty. So nudity might actually be shunned in such areas. However, on the other side of the coin, other regions may not have the means to create reliable clothing or the environment doesn’t necessarily warrant it’s use, so nudity is quite fine there. For example, battle ridge is often a hot, dirty place and while it has it’s roman-esque army and demon cities, clothing is often optional or minimal. Some build their own out of junk like apocalyptic raiders while others will simply wear their military forms all the time. Over in the cool but temperature environment of Gula’s grove, many wear very light clothing, like silks and simple robes, while nudity is still relished in from time to time. In contrast of course, those from sun’s harbor are all but mandated by Chastia’s militant priests to where thick dress even in the heat. It’ll be something I’ll explore as I develop the lore around the cultures of Elysium.