Who’s behind Tainted Elysium?




Creator and Developer

he is a twenty something year old college student who’s passionate about game design, story writing and human sexuality. He’s a self taught programmer (read: bad and novice), an avid “world builder” (read: makes lots of details but has tons of unfinished projects) and is as dedicated of a people-person as an antisocial internet dweeb can be. Taking inspiration from the works of Vilified, Noone and Fenoxo, Atticus began experimenting with simple coding techniques and learned enough to start building the basis that would become Elysium.




Editor and Supporter

While she doesn’t necessarily have any direct involvement in Elysium, she has no doubt been a key figure in its development. As a student of the arts and the fiance of Atticus.Arc, her moral support and sexual deviancy has been a heavy driver behind Elysium’s continued progress and design plans. She does what she can to help with the project and eagerly awaits its content. When Atticus is feeling low or disimpassioned it is her metaphorical whip (and love) that gets him back on track and re-invigorated.





He played an important part in fixing Elysium’s grammar and writing issues (Atticus’s sloppiness) for quite a while now. While plenty of the text in game currently is either outdated, unedited or stands as a placeholder, there are just as many areas that have complete and readable text; that readability is partially due to this industrious volunteer. He help eagerly and never asked for anything in return. He’s currently been shipped out for military service, but his position as editor will be warm and waiting if he ever feels like dealing with this game’s writing again.



The Community

While this certainly is not an individual, the community is still considering a welcome member of this development “team”. From the beginning we have had plenty of help from the community with all facets of the game’s development. Through bug reports, grammar edits, poll voting, content suggestions, lore input, design/game play critiques and in many more ways, the community has influenced this process in both big and small ways and hopefully will continue to do so.  Without the continued feedback from the outside world this project probably wouldn’t be half as far as it is now.

Thank you, Everyone