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This page lists the on-going development of Tainted Elysium and its associated projects.

For a Semi-regulated checklist of Elysium’s progress, check the page here.


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From [0.1.7A] Patch 2 to [0.2.1A]  Patch 2 (03/12/17)


  • [0.2.1A] Patch 2 (03/12/17)
  1. x Fixed cock descriptions using the wrong description set

  2. x Fixed knownitems factor causing items to fail if they rely on that factor to change properties

  3. x Fixed inventory quick delete mode not functioning

  4. + Added narrative and pronoun-tense sensitivity to all the traits and character history sets as they were missing that data and defaulting to the standard second person narrative

  5. x Fixed more narrative and grammar issues thanks to the anon “Sorter”

  6. x Fixed blood color command “bldc”, the arm type command “armtype” and the tail command “tail” not functioning

  7. x Fixed arm, horn and tail descriptions using the old manual player armtype variables instead of the entity system variables causing description to not update properly

  8. x Fixed water retention not functioning

  9. x Fixed starvation not functioning

  10. x Fixed several factors not being disabled or enabled according to toggle settings

  11. x Fixed Entities not importing settings data so things like realism and fetish settings didn’t properly enable or disable content

  12. x Mobility factors were missing from the entity system, they have accordingly been restored

  13. x Fixed a scaling bug that caused the breast model to appear overly pointed and thinned out

  14. ^ reduced the amount that fat reduces firmness from the total and increased the amount of firmness fat takes away from hardness factors

  15. ^ Renovated some parts of the model, including re-sloping the breasts, realigning the nipple position, removing overlap for stomach parts where there shouldn’t be (should fix getting love-handles when the belly size is large but the fat content is low)

  16. + Added a factor that speeds up the transition speed on some status bar animations when they’re changing large quantities

  17. x Fixed Neck descriptions sticking with the old system and thus not updating with the entity

  18. + Restored the functionality of Honey-glut venom and its related mutation effects

  19. x Fixed a small error with rnd calculations that caused a huge problem with the random outcomes, particularly in that the maximum range was far less likely to appear than the lowest range

  20. x Fixed leveling up not working (still don’t have an official level up system, but some stats will naturally increase, xp cap and level will all once again increase upon leveling

  21. x Fixed effect end messages not playing and effect colors not applying to status bars

  22. x Fixed the item queue not queue excess items causing items to simply disappear when acquired with a full inventory

  23. x Restored Functionality to Ovikari larava (parasite #3)

  24. ^ Updated parasite messages to support narrative tense system

  25. x Fixed gluttony and sugar sickness traits not functioning and not removing or adding when needed

  26. x Fixed gluttony, sugar sickness and water-retention messages not playing

  27. x Fixed Diet solidity and liquidity not properly tracking

  28. x Fixed some tracking issues with the tooltip messages

[0.2.1A] Patch 1 (03/06/17)

  1. $x Fixed buttocks description sets not properly pulling synonym data

  2. $x Fixed some narrative tense sensitive words not properly swapping

  3. + Added more test sounds; certain growth factors and capacity increases will trigger stretching sounds

  4. x Fixed click sounds not playing for inventory buttons

  5. x Fixed Entities not saving or loading properly, causing havoc upon loading a character

  6. x Fixed many instances of dialog being flag as normal pronoun tense parts and exchanging parts causing confusing sentence structures where “you” was replaces with “she” or “I” etc.

  7. x Fixed several status messages on shrinking parts using a non possessive pronoun-tense

  8. x Fixed an error where some status events where using old description sets

  9. x Fixed some organ dependent scene parts using old description sets for genitalia

  10. x Fixed a large portion of the games GetSyn functions not drawing from the Entity Synonymy Library and defaulting to the old manual library

  11. x Fixed a large number of grammatical errors with the narrative tense sensitive portions of the game, thank to the generous help of an anon by the name of “Sorter”

  12. x Fixed Time & Day not passing correctly when time increases

  13. x Corrected pregnancy not factoring womb mass into belly size calculations, accuracy of calculations will be adjusted at a later point

  14. x Fixed Thigh description set accidentally pointing to breast factors causing confusing descriptions

  15. x Fixed Item names not updating upon learning their qualities

  16. x Fixed Eye color selections being out of order in character creation resulting in the wrong color being picked

  17. ^ Debug command to modify stomach capacity has been changed to “fullc” to avoid command conflicts

  18. x Fixed Max stomach capacity not effecting stomach burst threshold

  19. x Fixed game date data listing this version [0.2.1A] as having been release 12/15/16 for some reason

  20. + Added speechcolor override factors so that players can use custom speech text colors and NPCs can have keep their unique color formations when taken over by the player character

  21. + Added commands “Scoloroff” to disable a set color override, and “speechcolor: #” command to assign a custom speech color (Must be a hex format like #FF0040)


[0.2.1A] (03/02/17)

  1. + Entity system implemented

  2. + Rewrote all variables and functions into more readable formats

  3. + Setup all entity classes and all variables needed for entities

  4. + Setup various base internal functions for entities

  5. + Ported and rewrote original Player updating & Stats systems into entities

  6. + Ported and rewrote original Player shape & appearance systems into entities

  7. + Ported and rewrote original Player time processing systems into entities

  8. + Ported and rewrote original Player metabolic & Health processing systems into entities

  9. + Ported and rewrote original Player effects systems into entities

  10. + Ported and rewrote original Player parasite & pathogen system into entities

  11. + Added narrative modes, setting 0 is the standard format (“you feel warm in your body”), 1 will change it to a first-person narrative (“I feel warm in my body”), 2 will change it to a third-person narrative (“She feels warm in her body”)

  12. ^ Moved synonym libraries into a separate AS file to make it universally usable for both main game and inner entity working

  13. ^ Applied effects now stack time additively instead of the wonky way it used to

  14. ^ Applied effects now have names and descriptions that can be viewed in the statuses menu, including color coded effect symbols

  15. x Fixed parasites using wrong array set for weight references and reproductive data fixes a bunch of minorly miscalculated rates and oddness

  16. ^ Parasites with binary division base reproduction now display exponential population growth on a continuous scale over time instead of instant jumps in population size (to show that each individual divides on their own time, instead of them all dividing at the same point; resulting in sustained growth that equals population doubling within the original time frame)

  17. ^ Parasitic hydropsy (parasite #6) has been renamed to Lymphilaria to distinguish the parasite itself from the condition of parasitic hydropsy

  18. ^ Lymphilaria (parasite #6) now has had all its effects lessened for its given incubation periods and scales back up as their numbers increase

  19. ^ Lymphilaria now reproduces through binary division and has display messages for exponential population growth

  20. x Fixed Lymphilaria (parasite #6 ) not properly applying its lymphatic disruption

  21. ^ Lymphilaria (Parasite #6) now doubles its population every 6 hours

  22. x Fixed a gluttony trait level calculation error where it was running the wrong rng

  23. x Fixed blood sugar using the wrong variable to check its risk chance

  24. ^ Rewrote how base body weight is calculated to make more realistic under weight frames

  25. ^ Reworked waist size calculation to reflect smaller natural waists

  26. ^ Description determination systems been rewritten, condensed and greatly optimized for body size, stomach descriptions, buttocks descriptions, breast, chest, thigh and genital descriptions

  27. + Expanded description library for body size, stomach descriptions, buttocks descriptions, breast, chest, thigh and genital descriptions

  28. ^ Descriptions now are adjusted according to body height (scaling against average height = 1) so that shorter character are proportionally fatter and taller are proportionally thinner for the same mass. Actual size and size descriptions however are universal.

  29. ^ Bone and muscle density calculation now affect more body parts than previously

  30. + Added variables for physical and chronological age.

  31. ^ Youthfulness descriptors, skin texture and wrinkling are now present and are effected by physical age

  32. + Added numerous writing shortcuts and functions to improve, unify and speed up content creation

  33. x Fixed a small error in BMI calculations, added BMIprime and corpulence index factors among other related aspects for fun

  34. ^ Added proper size tracking and descriptions for testicles

  35. ^ Testicles now properly produce, store and grow according to cum outputs

  36. x Fixed a small error that had massive consequences for the base body mass distribution and determination system where it was using the wrong formulas to derive circumference from volume. Corrected all calculations and descriptions based on those incorrect original outputs.

  37. ^ Converted all weights and calculation bases to a uniform format to improve ease of calculation and future additions

  38. ^ Added a base body density for all spurious calculations

  39. ^ When one has testicles but no scrotum they will default inside the body. They will take up physical space inside the abdomen and take a minor 5% productivity penalty for the raised internal temperature.

  40. ^ Breast Tissue now works on a different scaling factor and starts to count as true breast tissue after reaching half an oz

  41. ^ Breast tissue, among other base tissues now factor into body weight calculations

  42. ^ Neck size is far more realistic now and relies on muscle mass, base mass and fat in reasonable proportions; Descriptions and representations of neck and face fat have been changed in turn

  43. ^ Adjusted “Bell” body shape standards to fit better with the new calculation methods, the other shapes will follow shortly

  44. + Added appropriate data for testicles and made them scale in size according to the new mass calculation methods and will swell in size with arousal and cum quantity

  45. ^Tooltips have been reworded and additional info has been added; Body composition now displays base body material and miscellaneous matter along side the original body fat and body muscle info

  46. ^ The Player model has been readjusted to fit the new core stats and additional adjustments and small details have been added (like hair of the same length appears longer on short models and shorter on tall targets proportionately, Massively expanded maximum breast size, etc.)

  47. + Added a new hair style (#6): “Woolly” for thick and curly hair

  48. + Characters can have specifically colored dialog on the game screen; These colors will be unique to specific npcs and uniform for particular groups but should otherwise be a soft way to both make dialog stand out against standard text and stand out between different speaking sources.

  49. + The new game introduction has been rewritten and has new options added to the beginning sequences that provide slight differences in starting conditions

  50. + Most intro scenes now have TL:DR summaries and the TL:DR system has been universalized

  51. + Added personality matrices with 16 different factors; these will primarily be of use to NPC and the PC when in fugue state, however there will be minor associated effects and all actions and choices will have some effect on how the player’s personality is developed as the game progresses; for now it’s cosmetic.

  52. + Player personality traits can be viewed under the star menu under the traits section

  53. x Fixed the standard button click sound playing too many times

  54. x Fixed unnecessary double (sometimes quadruple) updating in event sequences

  55. + Added simplified button triggers, removers and event assigning systems to clean up event systems and writing

  56. ^ Modified some small parts of the game backgrounds so as to reduce file size and improve export rate

  57. + expanded model masking so that parts no longer cut off when reaching the standard boundary in minimized size, the model parts are only cut off when in full zoom, allowing for larger assets to show their full size

  58. + Added a “preferred pronoun” selection to character creation to overwrite standard pronoun determination in 3rd person narrative or 3rd party referential states according to user preferences for their character

  59. x Fixed certain parts of the options menu losing their buttons

  60. + Narrative style can now be changed inside the options menu, first, second or third person narratives

  61. + Added status messages for changes to the maximum value on certain stats (maxhealth factors, etc)

  62. ^ Status messages now check for naming convention as well as the standard space usage for each cast

  63. + Added Entity “speech color” factors which determine the colors used to differentiate the text between different characters. For the player this changes the color of their name and any text they speak and is determined by their alignment instead of the standard NPC set. There are 25 colors for the different alignment positions.

  64. + Body description totals are now more varied and they are dependent on muscle/fat balances as well as height/bmi metrics

  65. ^ Sag dynamics adjusted for breasts and other areas to better fit with the new calculations

  66. ^ Breast Sag can now go into the negative, resulting in unnatural perkiness

  67. + Age system setup on the back-end, effects skin condition, fertility and general body sag. Use “ageP” and “ageC” to effect physical age and chronological age respectively.

  68. + Age customization has been added to the character creation screen, starting selection ranges between 18 and 63

  69. + Added “Smark” commands to manipulate stretch mark factors, “smarkB” for changing the base stretch mark level, “smarkR” to change the risk of obtaining stretch marks and “smarkS” for changing the severity of the stretch marks.

  70. x fixed countless grammatical errors and likely created many many more with the new pronoun-tense swap systems for narrative changes

  71. + Added more ticking sounds for buttons and added simple test swallowing sounds when consuming items, nausea and bursting events and other test sounds, these will be adjusted and more will be added later to other events and processes.

  72. ^ Updated nearly all in game text to support the new narrative styles (Trait descriptions and a few other sections still need to be updated)

  73. ^ Fixed many of the outdated debug commands, many may still not function as intended and this changes will be reviewed as time goes on

  74. + Added new debug commands, “Bwater” for bodily water retention manipulation and “testsoundson” and “teastsoundsoff” to disable the new sound effects if one finds them irritating.

  75. x modified sound settings to reduce doubled up or excessive clicking sounds

  76. ^ Updated Credits list to include all donators and contributors, if you’ve donated to Elysium and don’t see your name or if the name I used is not the one you want to be listed as, please let me know.

  77. ~ temporarily disabled weapons and equipment until their systems are updated, there’s a stubborn bug with weapons that stops the inventory menu buttons from working, so be warned




♦                Development History               ♦


 As of (03/12/17)


  • Creation began (Thursday, ‎May ‎30, ‎2013, ‏‎4:57:27 PM)
  •  Game moves out of simple code tests
  •  Simple backgrounds and art aspects for game created
  •  Game cycles through various versions (from Dev_0.0.0a to Dev_0.0.4f), Game is named, Game is given more art aspects, code deepens
  •  Tainted Elysium reaches version Dev-0.0.4g
  • Breast, Belly, Navel, Skin, Eyes, Mouth, Ears, Hair etc. Descriptions added (?/??/13)
  • Dev_0.0.5c (7/25/13)—-Menu system added
  • Dev_0.0.5d (8/01/13)—-Genital descriptions added
  • Dev_0.0.5e (8/05/13)—-Body fat and muscular descriptions as well as Fetish toggle functionality added
  • Things I don’t remember (I forgot to keep track)
  • Dev_0.0.6a (9/10/13)—-Complete renovation of game layout and design, inclusion of many new features and reworked descriptions.
  •  Dev_0.0.6b (9/25/13)—-Added more flavor to current belly and navel descriptions, adding on belly types and different firmnesses (rolled, pot, smooth, saggy etc.) and begun full abdominal description work.
  • Dev_0.0.6c(10/?/13-11/?/13)—-Various minor changes, including partial restructure to code layout—stagnant period due to midterms, increased work scheduled, leading to training for assistant manager position
  • >>>Continuation of Dev_0.0.6c–refinement of arm management systems—added full arm descriptions and various transformation varieties for each combination of muscle and fat—Entered Dev_0.0.6d (11/19/13) Too many additions, I forgot o_o
  • Entered Dev_0.0.7a (02/11/14)——-Began introduction scenes and character creation sequence. Added organ sets and deepened gender mechanics.
  •  ———————————————————————————————————-
  • Ended Developer phase on (05/25/14) and entered Pre-Alpha phase at the end of Dev_0.0.7c
  • PreAlpha 0.1.1A released (05/30/14) — First publicly playable version
  • 0.1.1A patch1 released–minor bug fixes (05/31/14)
  • 0.1.1A patch2 & Patch3 released–minor bug fixes (06/01/14)
  • 0.1.1A patch4 released–minor bug fixes (06/02/14)
  • 0.1.1B released–(06/07/14)–Small additions to descriptions and model
  • 0.1.1B patch1 released–(06/15/14)–Small additions and fixes
  • 0.1.1C released—Movement Update (/07/06/14)
  • 0.1.1C patch1 & patch2 released–(07/13/14)—Improved Movement and search system and grammatical fixes
  • 0.1.1D & Patch1 released–(07/27/14)—Testing for several systems and mechanics
  • 0.1.1D Patch2 released–(08/03/14)—More tests and generic masturbation added
  • 0.1.1E released–(08/16/14)—Fixes, inflation, stretching and resistance game.
  • 0.1.1E Patch1 released–(08/17/14)—Fixes the bridge to the forest not working
  • 0.1.1E Patch2 released–(08/18/14)—Fixed looping resist game and grammatical corrections
  • 0.1.1F released–(09/06/14)—Lots of mechanic changes and added transformations
  • 0.1.2A released–(9/15/14)–Added a prototype save system,inflation item and other good stuff
  • 0.1.2A Patch1&2 released–(9/16/14)–Fixed a bunch of bugs and added new commands
  • 0.1.2B released–(9/28/14)–various modifications and improvements to current systems
  • 0.1.2B Patch1 released–(9/28/14)–Improves saves slightly, and fixes bursting-inventory error.
  • 0.1.2C released–(10/12/14)–Major engine additions (event dispatch, global loot respawn management etc.) +Rosewood expansion
  • 0.1.2C Patch1 released–(10/13/14)–LordWilliam edits and corrections
  • 0.12D released–(10/18/14)–Lactation and item effect stacking
  • 0.1.2D Patch1 released–(10/19/14)–Fixed some errors with milk capacity and saving lactation
  • 0.1.2E released–(11/09/14)–Lactation expanded + Perk system implemented.
  • 0.1.2E Patch1 released–(11/11/14)–LordWilliam edits, fix for debug commands
  • 0.1.3A released–(11/15/14)—Inventory overhaul part 1 (drop-down list)
  • 0.1.3A Patch1 released–(11/17/14)—Reworked, added to and improved Shortkeys
  • 0.1.3A Patch2 released–(11/18/14)—Various minor fixes, added “left-handed” support
  • 0.1.3A Patch3 released–(11/19/14)—Enhanced functionality, and fixed infinite item exploit
  • 0.1.3B released–(12/14/14)—Inventory Overhaul Part2 (completed)
  • 0.1.3B Patch1 released–(12/16/14)—The old overlap status event bug finally fixed, + Keymaps
  • 0.1.4A released–(12/21/14)—Part1 of the clothing system update
  • 0.1.4A Patch1 released–(12/25/14)—Fixed a loading error and added base leg descriptions
  • The restoration of the blog–(02/01/15)
  • 0.1.4B released–(02/07/15)—Small functionality update, to warm back up and prepare for clothing update
  • 0.1.4C released–(03/16/15)—Long delay, real life issues—Update brings UI Overhaul
  • 0.1.4D released–(03/29/15)—A very small update, due to midterm delays. Additions to UI.
  • 0.1.4E released–(04/12/15)—Another small update. Additions to UI + Temperature/Weather partially implemented.
  • 0.1.4E Patch1 released–(04/20/15)—Overhaul of body shape distribution systems.
  • 0.1.5A released–(05/11/15)–Huge overhaul of body systems and volumetrics, just engine work
  • 0.1.5A Patch1 released–(05/17/15)—General bug fixes and debug improvements
  • 0.1.5B released–(06/06/15)—Bug fixes, model improvements and reworked menu systems and options
  • 0.1.5B Patch1 released–(06/20/15)—Delayed patch, further improvement to model + item additions
  • 0.1.5B Patch2 released–(07/05/15)—Added protocols to handle excess inventory items and other engine progress
  • 0.1.5C released–(07/25/15)—Improved item queue system with “use now” option and use sliders + code cleanup
  • 0.1.5C Patch1 released–(08/02/15)—Clothing mechanics added, stretching, sizing, managements and more
  • 0.1.5C Patch2 released–(08/16/15)—Back late from vacation, small bug fixing patch
  • 0.1.5D released–(08/23/15)—Minor fixes, clothing advancement and base work for immobility
  • 0.1.5D Patch1 released–(08/29/15)—Gave black background and introduced colors+symbols for status messages
  • 0.1.5D Patch2 released–(09/06/15)—improved nausea/hunger and added several advanced debug commands
  • 0.1.5E released–(09/13/15)—Lots of system and item adjustments, added parasite & pathogen system
  • 0.1.5E Patch 1 released–(09/20/15)—Parasite system improvements, added new scenes and lots of tweaks/fixes
  • 0.1.5E Patch 2 released–(09/21/15)—A handful of bug fixes, notably fixed Ovikari scene cut offs
  • 0.1.5E Patch 3 released–(09/26/15)—Fixed a number of bugs and reworks some art aspects
  • 0.1.5F released–(10/04/15)—Added Clothing bursting, parasite & lactation improvements plus tweaks/fixes/etc.
  • 0.1.5F Patch 1 released–(10/10/15)—Numerous bug fixes, restructure of status event call methods etc.
  • 0.1.6A released–(10/18/15)—New “beehive” event, new poison effect and stat tracking pages, plus fixes
  • 0.1.6A Patch 1 released–(10/25/15)—Numerous bug fixes, a few art additions & a new scene to the bee event
  • 0.1.6B released–(11/22/15)—After a long delay period: changes to gender/genital system and mutagens & debug
  • 0.1.6B Patch 1 released–(11/29/15)—Lots of bug fixes and tweaks, plus reworked mutagen system, new mutations
  • 0.1.6B Patch 2 released–(12/06/15)—Bug fixes, tweaks and some adjustments to lactation, breasts and mutations
  • 0.1.6C released–(12/20/15)—Lots of bug fixes, cosmetic & model changes and the start of fitness gain/loss system
  • 0.1.6C Patch 1 released–(12/27/15)—Minor bug fixes and rewrite of calorie system for fitness progress
  • 0.1.6D released–(02/07/16)—Big code rewrites & bug fixes plus sweating, a new trait system & new diseases
  • 0.1.6D Patch 1 released–(02/08/16)—Temporary band-aid bug fixes
  • 0.1.6D Patch 2 released–(02/21/16)—Bug fixes, new skin description system and water retention & Bloating
  • 0.1.6D Patch 3 released–(02/28/16)—Bug fixes + extensions to water retention, random names & a new parasite
  • 0.1.6E released–(03/13/16)—Bug fixes, Character creation alterations and other tweaks
  • 0.1.6E Patch 1 released–(04/10/16)—Return after bereavement related hiatus, introduces new creation options
  • 0.1.6E Patch 2 released–(05/01/16)—Code refactors and efficiency changes, new material system and a test event
  • 0.1.7A released–(05/17/16)—Lots of fixes, new status effect monitoring menu and the new slime sex scene
  • 0.1.7A Patch 1 released–(05/30/16)—Minor bug fixes, began work on OOP class setup for NPC/entity system
  • 0.1.7A Patch 2 released–(06/10/16)–Minor bug fixes and Entity work during mental health break (Family death)
  • PreAlpha ends, Entity system is developed, game reformatted and Alpha begins –(06/10/16) — (03/02/17)
  • 0.2.1A unstable released — (03/02/17) — See above line, large change-log, also see above
  • 0.2.1A Patch 1 released — (03/06/17) — Restored save system, fixed many bugs and grammatical issues
  • 0.2.1A Patch 2 released — (03/12/17) — Numerous bug fixes, plus inventory and parasite reworks
  • Development continues————————————–►