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This page lists the on-going development of Tainted Elysium and its associated projects.

For a Semi-regulated checklist of Elysium’s progress, check the page here.


♦                Change-log               ♦


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From [0.2.1E] P2 to [0.2.2A]P1 (12/17/17)

  • [0.2.2A] P1(12/17/17)

  1. x Fixed an issue where Erebus sleep events could cause button crashes because it lacked a event list. For now it’ll use lake lyr setup, until it has its own

  2. x Fixed an erroneous return button in Erebus’s depths

  3. x Fixed an error where sometimes the player would be randomly transported to a new region after encountering a region crossing screen and heading back to the original region

  4. x Fixed an error that caused all possible locomotive verbs to display at once in some areas

  5. x Fixed a problem that caused sugar sickness related messages to not display

  6. ^ Increased sugar sickness chance by a small bit

  7. + Added Debug zone in the forest for ease of access to Erebus for those that just want to see the new events

  8. x Fixed some fetish settings not properly applying to their appropriate events

  9. ^ Ovikari events now no longer show up when Oviposition is disabled due to the related egg laying

  • [0.2.2A] (12/07/17)

  1. x Fixed an issue where stress and sanity messages would sometimes not line break

  2. x Fixed an error that was causing stretch marks to hardly ever progress even when the character instantly changed waist size to a massive degree. Stretch-mark formation should actually work now (can be disabled in realism settings)

  3. ^ Pneumata fungal infections now lose population upon a GI bursting point to reduce the chance of the “forever bursting” state that occurs when gas production rates produce faster than capacity can recover. The amount of population lost scales with capacity

  4. ^ Pneumata infections now have a random chance to be removed completely during a bursting event under some conditions

  5. + Added message text to Pneumata related bursting and modified some of the existing text

  6. ^ Fluid reduction rate has been doubled to mirror very slightly more realistic fluid retention mechanics

  7. ^ Stretch-mark recovery speed as been adjusted and rebound time (how long it takes for skin to adjust to new sizes) has been drastically decreased (1 inch per 2160 minutes to 1 inch per 1080 plus a scaling factor). This should mean large aggressive changes will cause faster formation but over a shorter amount of time while small changes will cause slower formation over a longer time

  8. ^ fat gain, hormones and other factors now effect stretch-mark growth slightly more than before and fullness slightly less unless far over the normal size

  9. + Added regional map images to the fertile fields and lake lyr

  10. + Region map images now display randomized location during rng events instead of just showing static

  11. ^ Effect removal messages are now display effect symbols for ease of read

  12. + Added new effects 16 (calorie surge) adds calories over time

  13. + Added new effect #17 (caffeine) causes fatigue resistance, stamina recovery, fluid reduction and stress accumulation

  14. + Added new effect #26 (Pain) causes stamina drain, slowed stamina recovery, slowed movement speed and causes stress build up

  15. ^ Updated Mystery potion to include the new effects

  16. ^ Effect messages now have a color correlating to their effect type (injury, poison, buff, drug, etc)

  17. ^ Updated credits list with current donors and a few other adjustments

  18. + Added Event RWF_E10 (Risky Bridge). Randomized ravines and bridges will appear in the forest, the bridges will come in a variety of lengths and strengths and will react to the players weight. If the player is too heavy the bridge can break and drop the player into a new zone below

  19. + Added new region Erebus. A subterranean creepy cave like maze of ruined halls inside the ship’s interior. Can be reached by falling off the bridge in event RWF_E10 or by warping with debug command “goto 6.2.0”

  20. + Added Event ER_EX# (Light in the tunnels) a super simple event that allows the player to follow a mysterious light in the dark of erebus, usually leads to the outside but a few other outcomes are possible

  21. + Added Event ER_E1 (Mysterious case), in Erebus the player will be able to find a treasure chest full of random goods, some otherwise unobtainable, has the chance to be empty, full of money or trapped with a special surprise

  22. + Added effect #18 (mimic mucus) a gooey substance that saps the player of strength, slows them down and lessens their ability to stay mobile under their own body weight

  23. ^ RWF_E9 is now UNI_E9 as it’ll be a universal event that appears in a handful of locations. Currently it’ll appear in Rosewood and Erebus with slight differences between them

  24. ^ Greatly improved how weighted randomness works in the game, this should result in more naturalized outcomes in anything that utilized weighted randoms

  25. + Added locomotive variance. Most scenes that use the words walk,walks or walking will now have variable equivalent words. These will also change according to mobility and body forms (waddling, etc)

  26. + Added a new effect mechanic, effects that once removed reset the modified stats and scale down their effect as time passes. Some previously similar effects have now been adjust to avoid the “effect removed but stats are still recovering for some reason” thing

  27. x Fixed an issue with effect #6 (insatiable hunger) & effect #8 (nausea immunity), sometimes being permanent and its other effects not actually functioning under some conditions.

  28. ^ Effect #6 (insatiable hunger) now has a vastly increased digestion rate effect that scales with effect magnitude

  29. ^ Sugar sickness calculations have been reworked and should no longer be quite so impossible to obtain but should still be far less of a problem than it was in its earlier implementation

  30. x Fixed an issue with male characters being unable to complete the transition into female under hormones do to a vaginal requirement for certain change checks (it was mismarked and required an extra vagina, not a reformed one) and because the penis seemed to refuse to shrink under certain conditions

  31. ^ Added variance to scene descriptions of basic ship locations

  32. + Added in sun/moon statuses to certain area descriptions for better immersion

  33. + Added a new realism setting “Skin Realism”. This toggles skin aging, tanning, tan loss and stretch-mark formation. This was all previously under naturalism, which will now only effect water retention, bloating and gas




♦                Development History               ♦


 As of (12/17/17)


  • Creation began (Thursday, ‎May ‎30, ‎2013, ‏‎4:57:27 PM)
  •  Game moves out of simple code tests
  •  Simple backgrounds and art aspects for game created
  •  Game cycles through various versions (from Dev_0.0.0a to Dev_0.0.4f), Game is named, Game is given more art aspects, code deepens
  •  Tainted Elysium reaches version Dev-0.0.4g
  • Breast, Belly, Navel, Skin, Eyes, Mouth, Ears, Hair etc. Descriptions added (?/??/13)
  • Dev_0.0.5c (7/25/13)—-Menu system added
  • Dev_0.0.5d (8/01/13)—-Genital descriptions added
  • Dev_0.0.5e (8/05/13)—-Body fat and muscular descriptions as well as Fetish toggle functionality added
  • Things I don’t remember (I forgot to keep track)
  • Dev_0.0.6a (9/10/13)—-Complete renovation of game layout and design, inclusion of many new features and reworked descriptions.
  •  Dev_0.0.6b (9/25/13)—-Added more flavor to current belly and navel descriptions, adding on belly types and different firmnesses (rolled, pot, smooth, saggy etc.) and begun full abdominal description work.
  • Dev_0.0.6c(10/?/13-11/?/13)—-Various minor changes, including partial restructure to code layout—stagnant period due to midterms, increased work scheduled, leading to training for assistant manager position
  • >>>Continuation of Dev_0.0.6c–refinement of arm management systems—added full arm descriptions and various transformation varieties for each combination of muscle and fat—Entered Dev_0.0.6d (11/19/13) Too many additions, I forgot o_o
  • Entered Dev_0.0.7a (02/11/14)——-Began introduction scenes and character creation sequence. Added organ sets and deepened gender mechanics.
  •  ———————————————————————————————————-
  • Ended Developer phase on (05/25/14) and entered Pre-Alpha phase at the end of Dev_0.0.7c
  • PreAlpha 0.1.1A released (05/30/14) — First publicly playable version
  • 0.1.1A patch1 released–minor bug fixes (05/31/14)
  • 0.1.1A patch2 & Patch3 released–minor bug fixes (06/01/14)
  • 0.1.1A patch4 released–minor bug fixes (06/02/14)
  • 0.1.1B released–(06/07/14)–Small additions to descriptions and model
  • 0.1.1B patch1 released–(06/15/14)–Small additions and fixes
  • 0.1.1C released—Movement Update (/07/06/14)
  • 0.1.1C patch1 & patch2 released–(07/13/14)—Improved Movement and search system and grammatical fixes
  • 0.1.1D & Patch1 released–(07/27/14)—Testing for several systems and mechanics
  • 0.1.1D Patch2 released–(08/03/14)—More tests and generic masturbation added
  • 0.1.1E released–(08/16/14)—Fixes, inflation, stretching and resistance game.
  • 0.1.1E Patch1 released–(08/17/14)—Fixes the bridge to the forest not working
  • 0.1.1E Patch2 released–(08/18/14)—Fixed looping resist game and grammatical corrections
  • 0.1.1F released–(09/06/14)—Lots of mechanic changes and added transformations
  • 0.1.2A released–(9/15/14)–Added a prototype save system,inflation item and other good stuff
  • 0.1.2A Patch1&2 released–(9/16/14)–Fixed a bunch of bugs and added new commands
  • 0.1.2B released–(9/28/14)–various modifications and improvements to current systems
  • 0.1.2B Patch1 released–(9/28/14)–Improves saves slightly, and fixes bursting-inventory error.
  • 0.1.2C released–(10/12/14)–Major engine additions (event dispatch, global loot respawn management etc.) +Rosewood expansion
  • 0.1.2C Patch1 released–(10/13/14)–LordWilliam edits and corrections
  • 0.12D released–(10/18/14)–Lactation and item effect stacking
  • 0.1.2D Patch1 released–(10/19/14)–Fixed some errors with milk capacity and saving lactation
  • 0.1.2E released–(11/09/14)–Lactation expanded + Perk system implemented.
  • 0.1.2E Patch1 released–(11/11/14)–LordWilliam edits, fix for debug commands
  • 0.1.3A released–(11/15/14)—Inventory overhaul part 1 (drop-down list)
  • 0.1.3A Patch1 released–(11/17/14)—Reworked, added to and improved Shortkeys
  • 0.1.3A Patch2 released–(11/18/14)—Various minor fixes, added “left-handed” support
  • 0.1.3A Patch3 released–(11/19/14)—Enhanced functionality, and fixed infinite item exploit
  • 0.1.3B released–(12/14/14)—Inventory Overhaul Part2 (completed)
  • 0.1.3B Patch1 released–(12/16/14)—The old overlap status event bug finally fixed, + Keymaps
  • 0.1.4A released–(12/21/14)—Part1 of the clothing system update
  • 0.1.4A Patch1 released–(12/25/14)—Fixed a loading error and added base leg descriptions
  • The restoration of the blog–(02/01/15)
  • 0.1.4B released–(02/07/15)—Small functionality update, to warm back up and prepare for clothing update
  • 0.1.4C released–(03/16/15)—Long delay, real life issues—Update brings UI Overhaul
  • 0.1.4D released–(03/29/15)—A very small update, due to midterm delays. Additions to UI.
  • 0.1.4E released–(04/12/15)—Another small update. Additions to UI + Temperature/Weather partially implemented.
  • 0.1.4E Patch1 released–(04/20/15)—Overhaul of body shape distribution systems.
  • 0.1.5A released–(05/11/15)–Huge overhaul of body systems and volumetrics, just engine work
  • 0.1.5A Patch1 released–(05/17/15)—General bug fixes and debug improvements
  • 0.1.5B released–(06/06/15)—Bug fixes, model improvements and reworked menu systems and options
  • 0.1.5B Patch1 released–(06/20/15)—Delayed patch, further improvement to model + item additions
  • 0.1.5B Patch2 released–(07/05/15)—Added protocols to handle excess inventory items and other engine progress
  • 0.1.5C released–(07/25/15)—Improved item queue system with “use now” option and use sliders + code cleanup
  • 0.1.5C Patch1 released–(08/02/15)—Clothing mechanics added, stretching, sizing, managements and more
  • 0.1.5C Patch2 released–(08/16/15)—Back late from vacation, small bug fixing patch
  • 0.1.5D released–(08/23/15)—Minor fixes, clothing advancement and base work for immobility
  • 0.1.5D Patch1 released–(08/29/15)—Gave black background and introduced colors+symbols for status messages
  • 0.1.5D Patch2 released–(09/06/15)—improved nausea/hunger and added several advanced debug commands
  • 0.1.5E released–(09/13/15)—Lots of system and item adjustments, added parasite & pathogen system
  • 0.1.5E Patch 1 released–(09/20/15)—Parasite system improvements, added new scenes and lots of tweaks/fixes
  • 0.1.5E Patch 2 released–(09/21/15)—A handful of bug fixes, notably fixed Ovikari scene cut offs
  • 0.1.5E Patch 3 released–(09/26/15)—Fixed a number of bugs and reworks some art aspects
  • 0.1.5F released–(10/04/15)—Added Clothing bursting, parasite & lactation improvements plus tweaks/fixes/etc.
  • 0.1.5F Patch 1 released–(10/10/15)—Numerous bug fixes, restructure of status event call methods etc.
  • 0.1.6A released–(10/18/15)—New “beehive” event, new poison effect and stat tracking pages, plus fixes
  • 0.1.6A Patch 1 released–(10/25/15)—Numerous bug fixes, a few art additions & a new scene to the bee event
  • 0.1.6B released–(11/22/15)—After a long delay period: changes to gender/genital system and mutagens & debug
  • 0.1.6B Patch 1 released–(11/29/15)—Lots of bug fixes and tweaks, plus reworked mutagen system, new mutations
  • 0.1.6B Patch 2 released–(12/06/15)—Bug fixes, tweaks and some adjustments to lactation, breasts and mutations
  • 0.1.6C released–(12/20/15)—Lots of bug fixes, cosmetic & model changes and the start of fitness gain/loss system
  • 0.1.6C Patch 1 released–(12/27/15)—Minor bug fixes and rewrite of calorie system for fitness progress
  • 0.1.6D released–(02/07/16)—Big code rewrites & bug fixes plus sweating, a new trait system & new diseases
  • 0.1.6D Patch 1 released–(02/08/16)—Temporary band-aid bug fixes
  • 0.1.6D Patch 2 released–(02/21/16)—Bug fixes, new skin description system and water retention & Bloating
  • 0.1.6D Patch 3 released–(02/28/16)—Bug fixes + extensions to water retention, random names & a new parasite
  • 0.1.6E released–(03/13/16)—Bug fixes, Character creation alterations and other tweaks
  • 0.1.6E Patch 1 released–(04/10/16)—Return after bereavement related hiatus, introduces new creation options
  • 0.1.6E Patch 2 released–(05/01/16)—Code refactors and efficiency changes, new material system and a test event
  • 0.1.7A released–(05/17/16)—Lots of fixes, new status effect monitoring menu and the new slime sex scene
  • 0.1.7A Patch 1 released–(05/30/16)—Minor bug fixes, began work on OOP class setup for NPC/entity system
  • 0.1.7A Patch 2 released–(06/10/16)–Minor bug fixes and Entity work during mental health break (Family death)
  • PreAlpha ends, Entity system is developed, game reformatted and Alpha begins –(06/10/16) — (03/02/17)
  • 0.2.1A unstable released — (03/02/17) — See above line, large change-log, also see above
  • 0.2.1A Patch 1 released — (03/06/17) — Restored save system, fixed many bugs and grammatical issues
  • 0.2.1A Patch 2 released — (03/12/17) — Numerous bug fixes, plus inventory and parasite reworks
  • 0.2.1A Patch 3 released — (04/04/17) — Numerous bug fixes and model adjustments
  • 0.2.1A Patch 4 released — (04/09/17) — More bug fixes, continued work on new TF system
  • 0.2.1B released — (05/10/17) — Improved TF system, new TFs, new Event, Relationship and NPC system tests
  • 0.2.1B Patch 1 released — (05/15/17) — Bug fixes and expansions to the new ovikari event
  • 0.2.1B Patch 2 released — (05/22/17) — Bug fixes and completion of the new ovikari event, lots of delays
  • 0.2.1C released — (05/30/17) — Numerous bug fixes, parasite improvements and model additions
  • 0.2.1C Patch 1 released — (06/04/17) — Small bug fixing patch
  • 0.2.1C Patch 2 released — (06/13/17) — Muscle, mobility, water retention and parasite addition as well as bug fixes
  • 0.2.1D unstable released — (07/24/17) — Skin, UI, and entity core changes, plus hormone system and gender TFs
  • 0.2.1D Patch 1 released — (08/02/17) — Added environmental tanning/paling, improved hormones, bug fixes, etc.
  • 0.2.1D Patch 2 released — (08/06/17) — Bug fixes, hormone adjustments and some silly sleep additions
    0.2.1E released — (09/13/17) — Long delay due to life events, brings over night events, new effects and lots of fixes
  • 0.2.1E Patch 1 released — (09/17/17) — major bug fixes, plus pumpkins, start of a new event and some new effects
  • 0.2.1E Patch 2 released — (09/25/17) — Fixes for major bugs and lots of adjustments to effect code
  • 0.2.1F released — (10/23/17) — New event, new sleep events, effects, item and parasite as well as bug fixes
  • 0.2.1F Patch 1 released — (11/06/17) — Mostly bug fixes and minor additions
  • 0.2.2A released — (12/07/17) — Added new Region “Erebus” and a handful of new events, effects and additions
  • 0.2.2A Patch 1 released — (12/17/17) — Bug fixes
  • Development continues————————————–►