Been a messy month so far. Holiday season is starting to pick up at work and been busy at home, but did find time here and there to sloppily throw together a new update. As I tend to do I jumped from subject to subject to often and ended up not having anything complete or functional enough to put out at the usual update times, and time really started to run away. So I said fuck it, dropped some of the stuff I was working on to just stuff in another update and get something out for once. So, know that there will be more on the way soon, but I’m sure by now everyone knows how inconsistent and unproductive my life lean towards haha.

Anyways, the main points for this update are a good number of fixes (particularly for that major visual bug), splitting “sanity” into two mechanics (stress and euphoria related sanity), a handful of new but basic effects, a new fatty parasite, a new but simple collection challenge event, a handful of new sleep related events and other junk. You can find the full change-log and the download below the rest of this mess.

I’ll be working to fix bugs and anything that got fucked up, so keep an eye out for any trouble and let me know either her or on our discord. Other than the bugs and usual mess clean up, the main goals for the next patch is to get in there and finish at least one of the planned events, fiddle with another parasite that got started but didn’t make it into this update and try to get back to old events and status events and make them react more to the players body mass as well as just add in more general variety. Especially so to the status events given that they were written and mostly untouched since they were first implemented forever ago and are long over due for some much needed polish.


Tainted Elysium Update [0.2.1F]


Debug Command List (a little bit outdated)

From [0.2.1E] Patch 2 to [0.2.1F] (10/23/17)

  • [0.2.1F] (10/23/17)
  1. + Added item#38 (Ponderous Pumpkin Seeds), they’re a high fat, energy restoring food item that also has more powerful fertility enhancements than item#37 (Ponderous Pumpkins)

  2. ^ When eaten, item#37 now gives out item#38 (Ponderous Pumpkin Seeds)

  3. + Added effect#13 “refractory period”, an innate lust resistance acquired after orgasm, length of refractory time depends on fertility levels, hormones and genital sets. Pure males have the longest (30-40 minutes), while pure females have the shortest (3-8 minutes).

  4. x Removed a debugging number set from item#37’s effect messages

  5. ^ Hormone levels now modify tanning rates, testosterone causes faster tanning, while estrogen slows It down

  6. x Fixed the “hgrr” command not modifying hunger rate as it should

  7. x Fixed fetish flags not loading properly under some conditions resulting in flags becoming re-enabled

  8. ^ Raised item37 (Ponderous Pumpkins) chance to apply effect#13 up to 62%

  9. ^ Item 33(Milk thistle) now applies low levels of estrogen

  10. ^ Item 32(Red Weed) now remove excess hormones.

  11. x Fixed various grammatical and spelling errors

  12. + Separated Sanity out into two factors, sanity (mental clarity) and stress (mental strain)

  13. + The sanity display bar now changes color over time in scaling with stress levels, high stress makes the bar more red

  14. + Sanity bar tooltip now displays data on sanity, stress and other factors in more detail

  15. + Added “stress” command and changes “san” command to “sanity” for the sake of clarity

  16. ^ All previously sanity effected parts of events has now been moved over to effect stress instead

  17. x Fixed an issue with negative sanity causing the sanity bar to fall outside of its zone

  18. ^ Resisting fatigue events now adds to maximum fatigue limit slightly

  19. + Added light-brown, dark grey, grey and silver hairs to character creation as those count as natural colors too obviously and should have been included

  20. ^ effect#3 has been changed from lust poison to “aicubus venom” on account of its mutagen properties, effect#14 (lust poison) has been added in its stead, with slightly different effects and no more mutagen

  21. x Metric settings now transfer into entity internals

  22. x Fixed an issue that should help stop all the pixel crunch experienced by players viewing the game at sizes larger than standard, all in all, things should look smoother and less janky at high resolutions

  23. ^ GI gasses and masses now remove at a scaled rate, the larger the volume the faster it removes itself.

  24. + Added parasite#1 (grubblings), its a worm that produces calories inside the hosts gut periodically as it grows until the point that it can be birthed. Having more than one will cause them to sexually reproduce.

  25. ^ Grubblings can now be acquired from drinking dirty water

  26. ^ added variety to more effect messages and added effect symbols to the front of effect messages to make similarly colored message types more distinct from each-other at a glance

  27. ^ Changed preg commands and added “pregg”, “pregs”,”pregx” and “pregr” to start a pregnancy, stop a pregnancy, terminate a pregnancy and increase pregnancy speed. Keep in mind pregnancy itself is incomplete

  28. ^ Change milk commands, “milk”, “milkon”, “milkx”,”milkt”, “milkc” and “milkr” are used to adjust current milk quantity, activate lactation, deactivate lactation, change milk type, adjust milk capacity and adjust milk production rate

  29. + Added command “rndfx” to apply random effects with random magnitudes and time limits

  30. ^ Adjusted visuals of some effects including stat up and down arrows and some bar animations

  31. ^ Changed effect#10 (sanity poison) to stress poison to better fit the changes made to the sanity/stress split

  32. + Added effect#15 (sanity poison), causes confusion, euphoria, loss of willpower and inhibition

  33. ^ reworked a major part of effect calculations to fix an issue where waiting a long period on a diminishing effect will apply the effect over the course of the waited time at the starting amount of effect power instead of diminishing the effect on average over the course of the time passed

  34. ^ Item#18 (Twisted Blossom) now adds estrogen to the consumer

  35. x Fixed an issue with fatigue stats and messages syncing to the wrong scale resulting in messages being called before they should be at the given fatigue level

  36. x Fixed a maximum fatigue related message issue that could trigger unrelated messages to be spammed under some conditions

  37. x Overnight events are now working in lake lyr and fertile field as originally intended

  38. ^ Fatigue events in unsafe zones can now trigger sleep events just as sleeping in unsafe zones does

  39. + Added Event RWF_E9 (Mushroom Mound) a simple item collection encounter, allows you to collect randomized mushrooms at the risk of catching fatigue spores in the event and passing out.

  40. + Added overnight waking event ONW_E5 (grubbling infection), ONW_E6 (Mystery potion delivery) and ONW_E7(Lust poisoning) and changed all RWFONW events into universal ONW events

  41. ^ Updated item#25 (mystery potion) to include all of the newly added effects


  1. bronn

    I love you!

  2. Nekomundo

    Can’t wait to try the new update!

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I’m glad to hear it.

  3. Anonymous

    Isn’t the average male refractory period 30 minutes with 15 being more prevalent in younger men?

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      There is a wide range, but its something I’m fiddling with. In its current state it doesn’t actually prevent another orgasm, it just adds a soft lust resistance during the duration. In later game play having it longer might be helpful for lust based fights.
      If its too effective though, it might be nerfed, lol

  4. Attack Helicopter

    Hey uh maybe we could get a super simple hotdog food item? That picture with the post makes me want that to be a thing good sir.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Well, didn’t have time to draw one up or anything, but having a hotdog at some-point would be no problem lol. But yeah, that picture is pretty..interesting

  5. Vordo

    Thanks for the update!

    Is the grubbling parasite supposed to always leave after just a couple hours? I like the idea behind it, but they always seem to vanish before they get much of a chance to do anything.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Yeah, once it reaches an adult weight, its supposed to hang around for two hours. I’ve since extended its life span as this was more or less a test and I would like it to have more time and chances to breed and such. I was thinking I might make the amount of time it stays scale with the amount of other worms present. A lonely worm will stay a long time, breeding and paired worms will be more likely to leave after having offspring. Just something I’ll be fiddling with.

      • Vordo

        Awesome, thanks!

  6. Atlya

    Sometimes button will just dissapear from the interface and we get stuck. :/

    • Anonymous

      Had this happen several times! Even trying forced moves with keyboard actions fails to alleviate this problem.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Yeah, this is the infamous “button wipe” bug. It can be triggered by many different bugs, but all of them have been rounded up and fixed so far. The bug has been far less prevalent as of late and I myself have not seen it for a long while. Unfortunately if I’m not finding it, it makes it very difficult to discover the source. So far none of my regular reporters have mentioned this happening to me, so it looks like I’ll have to rely on you all for the moment.

      If you run into the bug again, any details about what your character was doing at the time or how you were playing the game, etc. Would be a huge help to tracking this bugs down and ending them.

      Thank you for the report though, thought we were done with this bug, but this report will have me looking for it again, so thats good.

  7. bronn

    My pc’s genderbending tf just stopped halfway through. Is this a bug? or is it not finished yet?

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      It isn’t fully functional, but it should be functional enough to turn a male to female or a female to male for the most part. Depending on where its stopping in the progress, it may or may not be a bug.

  8. Anonymous

    The ‘pregg’ command doesn’t seem to do anything. Pregx and pregr both work though.

    • A fan

      “prego” does the trick for me

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