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 Tainted Elysium: Current Version

 [0.2.2A] Patch 1

 [0.1.7A] P2 (Old but stable version)

Debug Command Guide


Old Change-log

 To download and play locally, simply right click the link and select “save link as”. Note, Chrome browsers have ended open support for flash application and so the game won’t work right away. If you have this trouble go to settings>show advanced settings>privacy>content settings>flash and set it to “allow sites to run flash
If you are having further trouble playing in browser (as nearly all browser now are experiencing problems as flash applications are being phased out) you can download the standalone flash projector to play the game from the desktop from this site. If anything is down with the Adobe site, you can also download the .exe here.

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  • Early Build: Tainted Elysium is an early pre-alpha game, going through its experimental phases. Most of the work being done at this time is engine and core progress or simple test of such engine or core components. The majority of content the game contains will be either incomplete, simple, or a placeholder for future content. The quality of the content within the game will also vary widely, but as the game develops the appropriate themes and quality will be more appropriately maintained. EXPECT bugs, glitches and errors to be abundant and present, but know that this is not a reflection of the final quality of the game and only represents the growing pains associated with early game development. Thank you for understanding.

  • Content Warning: Tainted Elysium contains a wide swath of adult situations and concepts, some of which may make the user uncomfortable. Content is categorized by “fetish tags” and based on what tag they are stored under, can then be toggled on or off in the “preferences” settings in the game options. However, if you know that there is certain sexual content you are simply too uncomfortable to face, please review our planned content chart and decide for yourself whether Elysium is the adult game for you.