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This page lists a collection of questions I have either been asked often or thought were pertinent to answer. If you find that none of these answer your question, please email me and I’ll try to rectify that.
Last Updated: 09/27/15



What is Tainted Elysium?

Tainted Elysium is a scifi-fantasy text-adventure game centered around sexual fetishism for the purposes of entertainment, artistic exploration and sexual expression. It is in its developmental infancy but is growing over time into a more complete game.

Is Tainted Elysium free?

Yes, Tainted Elysium is free and it should always stay that way. Tainted Elysium is supported by my own time, money and effort, and is supplemented by the generosity of the community. It does have a Patreon page, but this is merely to show altruistic appreciation for the project and does not limit or restrict access to any part of Elysium in any way.

How often does the game update?

With relative frequency the game gets both maintenance patches and content updates every one to two weeks. On occasions it may be longer, due to unforeseen or planned circumstances. In general the game will update within a Sunday. usually by noon (PDT). Sometimes it may be updated prior to, or following this day. Game breaking bugs or inconvenient issues may warrant hot fixes and patches within an already given update or post period. This will often be announced in red “hot fix” addendum’s at the bottom of an update post.

What is Tainted Elysium created with?

Tainted Elysium is scripted in AS3 and is built inside the Adobe Flash CS3 environment. All primary art assets are created or manipulated in Photoshop elements editor 8. The sound effects are created using this neat little program.

What will I need to play this game?

Any computer capable of running the latest version of adobe’s flash player should be able to play the game. If you can play CoC or other flash based games, Tainted Elysium should be compatible. Unfortunately at this time there isn’t any support for mobile based platforms (as far as I’m aware it may or may not work in some regard, I personally don’t know how to script for that platform, so support is a guessing game, so to speak).

How can I get in contact with you?

I am most easily reached through either the blog’s comment sections, the site’s Contact Page, the site’s forum, my twitter, or through my email, at Atticus.Arc@gmail.com. Less formally I may also be found around BBW-Chan, InflateChan, or 4chan’s /d/ board. You can also reach me at my DeviantArt account or much less conventionally, I may also be found playing various steam games under the name “Atticus.Arc”. (although, I don’t just add strangers) In any case I will be happy to answer questions, take complaints or bug reports, review submission or take suggestions. Anything you may need will generally be addressed within a 24-hour period.  (provided that things in my real life are in a stable and manageable state). If I haven’t replied within this time frame, don’t fret. I do my best to not leave anything open ended.

May I submit content for the game?

At this time, the official answer is no. The game is simply not ready for any advanced outside materials. If you have something in mind you’d like to work on, I have no issue with you using your free time to do as you wish, and If you’d like for me to review and help edit your work, feel free to contact me. However content submission does not guarantee inclusion, nor will anything be taken at this time. When the game is open for submission, I will make an announcement and post more information on how it’ll all work.

What kind of content is not allowed in Tainted Elysium?

I am going to try and be as inclusive as is reasonably possibly considering the breadth and contradictory nature of fetishism. Each is as subjectively bad as it is subjectively good based on each individual’s interpretation of the material and their own sexual connection to the subject. However as this is my own project, under my own interested and directions there will be certain content I won’t be supporting.
The unsupported content includes:
Direct Bestiality ( as in non-fiction animals without any form of anthropomorphism or personification)
Direct pedophilia ( as in sexual depictions of human children under the age of 18)
Direct Necrophilia ( I do not consider Vampires or other such “undead” as true necrophillia because they’re “alive” in a fantasy sense)
Hard core gore (violence and gore is fine, just no sexualization of open wounds or organs)
Hard core scat

How can I support Tainted Elysium?

– Playing the game
– Finding and reporting bugs, errors or problems
– Making suggestions and giving advice or criticisms
– Spreading the word about the game
– Participating in blog side polls and surveys
– Submitting content (when content submission is open)
– Make a donation if you’re feeling generous

In the game’s character creator, under the gender options, what is the difference between the trap, futa and hermaphrodite options.

In my game, a “trap” is a male with a high femininity level. So they still have testicles and a penis, but they’re just on the small side. They can also be a female who has a high masculinity level.

A “Futa” is a type of hermaphrodite, but not all herm are futa.
A “Herm” is just one with both genitals, (testicles, ovaries, breasts and femininity optional)
A futa is a feminine herm, almost always with breasts. But, testicles and other organs are optional.

The character creator is in a really basic state and I haven’t worked on it in forever. When I get back to it, these distinctions will be more clear, and instead of multiple genders to choose from, you’ll have male, female and intersex. From there one can select their organs and femininity/masculinity.

That way there will be less confusion.
Sorry about the lack of clarity, lol.

Will Tainted Elysium ever have X?

Depending on what it is, the answer may vary, but in a general sense a very large swath of content is planned for Elysium and you’ll find many of the mechanics and fetish selections of most other /d/ style games should be present at some point in time. If you’re unsure of where I’d work on a particular mechanic or fetish, feel free to ask or suggest it to me. There’s a pretty high chance that I’ll be open to discuss it’s inclusion.

I have explored the ship and forest, used various items and interacted with environmental objects, I can’t seem to leave the forest or find any objectives, is this all there is right now?

Unfortunately, the answer is essentially, yes. Because Elysium is in it’s early developmental stages (despite its age), I haven’t focused on content or game-play yet. The majority of my updates and code work have been expanding the engine and preparing for the content I want to bring. The majority of content in the game at this time is either test material or was put in place to test something.

I know this can be pretty disappointing, especially with all the hype and fluff I pump into this game. For the unfortunate souls who found this game and had high hopes, I apologize. You’re in for a long wait.

All I can do for now is rec commend that you either take long breaks between visits, or mess around with the debug system to extend what little play time there currently is. Thank you.


If you have any Questions that you’d like answered in the Frequently Asked Question section please feel free to leave a comment below or Email me. I don’t want to leave anyone in the dark.