♦          Welcome to Tainted Elysium          ♦


Tainted Elysium is an in-development adult text-game where one must survive in a high-tech medieval world that is filled with weight-gain and transformation themed fetish material. It currently features a collection of realistic body process simulations, basic RPG elements, an array of content customization options and a shape-changing silhouetted character-avatar. At this time Elysium is little more than a tech-demo with sparse content. Please enjoy at your own discretion.

It is usually updated every weekend but is subject to delays.


The story

( Note:  Preliminary story, subject to change )

In the distant future, humanity survives the end of the world by spreading out into the stars. Growing up in these colonies you have long been told of a paradise world out there, settled by an early colony that was lost to the depths of space and time. While working on a mining vessel in uncharted space, you discover coordinates to this long lost Elysium and embark on a journey to find it. Unknown to you, this ancient paradise was corrupted by the vices of humanity long ago, as it fell victim to a strange, alien pathogen. Landing on Elysium, you’ll discover the remnants of a once advanced human society, twisted into a medieval world of war, lust and monsters.


♦          Content Warning          ♦

The content of this game (and the content it will eventually contain) could be offensive for some users due to its adult and sexual nature, so please if you know that content ranging in the extremes of sexuality and fetishism might offend you, don’t play.

If one need details, refer to the list below. These are some of the major sexualized themes expressed in this game environment. If you are uncomfortable with any of this content, be fore warned. (do note that while all of these themes will be present the player can adjust what content does and does not show in their game through the options menu)

Know that any content that one may find offensive was not designed to be so. No matter how outlandish or brash something in this game may seem, it is designed not for shock, but rather for artistic expression and the pleasure of its intended audience. Please do what you can to understand this and respect Tainted Elysium and its process. Thank you.

Major fetish themes

Transformation & Body Horror Pregnancy & Lactation Weight Gain & Muscle Growth Parasitism & Tentacles Monsters & “Xenophilla”
Gender Changing & Mixing Corruption & Mind-break BDSM Fantasy-Rape Inflation & Expansion
Force-feeding Vore & Digestion Bursting Ovipositon And Other Extreme Paraphilla



 For further information please refer to our FAQ section, Development page, The Codex or browse our Forum. If you have further questions or would simply like to get in contact, send us an email at Atticus.Arc@gmail.com