Sorry for skipping out last week. The holiday work week was insane and the time away from the madness took precedence. Anyways, I’m just dropping in to finally put up the lord Q&As as well as the results of the survey. Oh, and a general gripe and goodbye to a shitty year lol

So, Rant below, and the Q&A is below that (feel free to skip the new-years rant)

2017_sarahandersenSo, looking around it looks like this was an unusually shit year for everyone, either that or it was more publicly complained about than any recent year prior. Regardless, I know i didn’t have a good year, or to say the least I had a stressful one. I had a roommate bale on us risking our home, had more roommate problems with the new one, got a new job (that’s a good thing, but transitions are stressful),  I lost two family members within a few months of each other, I had a mental break down at one point and plenty of other thing I never even bothered to talk about and of course, heaps of first world problems. but eh, things were even worse for Elysium. For just about 6 months now there’s been basically no progress on the public front and I personally just haven’t had the mental fortitude to manage my real life in a way that leaves much time for my hobbies. Elysium has been stripped down and built back up behind closed doors in an act of inept insanity and I don’t know when it’ll ever see day light again. I’m trying, I’m just not good at this and even though I love this weird fantasy world I’ve been working on and I love sharing it, I feel I probably should have kept this quiet and gotten it more playable long before I ever brought it out into the light. Maybe save us all some of this mounting disappointment.

Anyways, this year is ending and it’s not like that actually means anything, but I’d like to join in on that sentiment that a “new year” hold potential and can be better. I don’t much believe in “new years resolutions” and all that, but I’m going to wish us all a better year and of course I wish myself more time and energy to work on and do the things I love and enjoy instead of it all being wasted on going to work, dealing with stresses and doing things to avoid or remedy my stresses. But, that’s enough griping. Time for the Q&A

So,  to get started I’ll go over the results of survey and then the Q&A

TaintedElysium_VoluptaGula_LargePixelObviously I pretty much already knew what the results would be given my community, but it was fun to see anyways, so, to the question “Of the nine lords which ones are you most interested in?” Volupta Gula seems to be the most popular lord, followed by Frejya at a close second. Given that, I’ll be working on an indepth lore post for Volupta and then I’ll move down the list from there. Of course that’s all when I have time or need to fill more gaps in the posts (as is often given the recent circumstances). Also, a note, I somehow forgot to put papilon on the list of lords when the survey began, so the other lords got a head start before I added them back. Anyways, the list goes as follows: [ #1: Volupta Gula | #2: Freyja | #3: The Architect | #4: Eros | #5: Papillon | #6: Válkos | #7: Biss | #8: Chastia | #9: Garamond ]

As far as changing the names for any of the lords, it seems like the majority of you are happy with them as they are. Meaning I guess I’ll just keep them as is. Although the picks between frejya and freya was far closer than the other lords and their names, so I might give that one more thought at another time.

Now, for the question “Should any of the lords be romancable characters? “ it was quiet a mix bag result but the majority fell into the “maybe” camp, which is where I am as well. So it’ll be something I’ll give thought.


Q: “All of the lords seem to fulfill dominant roles, will any of the lords be submissive?”

A: essentially, no. The role of lordship and being a leader in general isn’t exactly something that jives with being submissive. These are beings that have a lot of power and also have intense egos and personality flaws, essentially unable to resist their vices. Someone like that would have a difficult time maintaining power if they weren’t in some ways dominant. Some of the lords will be less dominant than others and some will even been somewhat submissive individuals in their personal lives, but as a lord they maintain order in their own forms of dominance. Chastia, Válkos and Biss all rule through strength and intimidation, Eros rules through mind control, Garamond rules through blackmail and economic manipulation, volupta rules through drugs, hypnosis and her followers dependency on her, Even frejya rules through a sort of manipulative maternalism. Papillon & the Architect would be the only lords that don’t rule in a traditional dominant sense, papillon has a religious following that they don’t directly influence (they prefer not to be tied down, have no permanent dwelling and are the mischievous wish granting type) and of course, the Architect is missing so their following is much the same as papillons.


Q: “Garamond being the lord of greed and Volupta being the lord of gluttony seem like their motifs overlap, perhaps they should be differentiated more?”

business-devilA: Well, from a traditional standpoint the vice of avarice and the vice of gluttony are actually quite different concepts, but yes, they are quite similar, after all there is a reason that Garamond and Volupta are siblings. Essentially as characters though, they are quite different (atleast in my head, maybe not necessarily in the old written up materials I’ve left around). Garamond is a “classy” businessman, a sharky con-man and your traditional “devil” character. He’s hold up in his tower of avarice, wearing his fancy clothes atop a pile of wealth and slaves using his people to manipulate the economy and bring all the wealth he can into his control, relishing in the misfortune of others as he and his people grow increasingly more powerful. Despite his debauchery and criminal lifestyle, he likes to think of himself as a reserved and refined individual.  Volupta on the other hand, despite being a gluttonous pleasure seeking black-hole of a being, she’s about giving rather than taking; She feeds primary on the distilled ecstasy and pleasure of those around her, so she manipulates people and her followers into giving into their vices (which her domain of plenty readily provide) so that she can feed upon them. Caring for their every need, loving them to excess and growing stronger from their dependency. A “generous vampire” of sorts? lol. I feel that they’ll become more differentiated by their personalities and how they interact with they player rather than just what they represent. But We’ll see how it turns out.


Q: “How accessible/approachable will the lords be, I imagine some of them are harder to get to. Additionally, how isolationist is Freyja, considering that she’s trying to avoid conflict with other lords?”

A: Each lord is a bit different with how willing they are to engage the “common rabble”, Frejya and Volupta are probably the most inviting and accepting of anyone who wanders into their territory. Válkos will only see those that can prove themselves in battle, have something to offer or otherwise “catch his eye”, Biss is much the same only seeing people she deems more interesting playthings. Chastia will hardly ever been seem outside of public speeches and meetings with her most trusted advisers and warriors. Papillon is certainly admissible, but she only appears to whoever she feels like, when she feels like, so shes less traditional as always. Garamond and Eros are obviously more difficult to reach because the stay locked away, manipulating things from a distance and communicating through thralls and lackeys.

As for Frejya and her alliances, she’s easily reached and keeps her people just beyond the edges of chastia’s territory. Despite appearances, her and chastia have a semi-alliance. They both have a common goal of breeding more humans (chastia wants them pure of course, but the steady supply of able bodies offered is hard to pass up) and so chastia leaves frejya and her people be, so long as they don’t interfere and offer men and women to chastia’s cause, most of this comes in the form of farm hands and the fertile crop yields frejya presence brings the lands. With all the benefits, chastia begrudgingly tolerates frejya’s less than pure lifestyle. Outside of this, the other lords have little interest in her because it would mean having to cross chastia to do so. Frejya also has a bond with Volupta for various reasons, but mostly they stand as “on again off again” friends and share a common interest in bountiful crops, reproduction, pleasure and plenty.


Q:”Will followers of the lords be found in various locations or will they only be found near the lords themselves”

A: It’ll depend on the lord, but in general the various followers are found wide spread around the island both as random npcs, some dedicated npcs and certain enemies. The cults surrounding the lords are more than just isolated groups, but are spread out religious followings of sorts; so you’ll likely meet others trying to “spread the message” of their lord, or fighting the enemies of their lord. For example, roaming parties of Válkosi warriors and Chastia’s Palisade can often been seen searching the island or fighting each other.


Q: “How exactly would serving Volupta Gula work, or papillon for that matter?”

1481454054861A: Since Volupta won the vote, I’ll be doing a more indepth lore post on her soon, but basically she has a couple of roles for her followers. The standard purpose of her people is to indulge, feast, fuck and pump their bodies as full of pleasure as possible so that she can feed on the soma their bodies produce when infused with her magic/drugs/etc. Her followers are not slaves and they’re free to leave anytime, provided they have the willpower to beat their vices, so serving in this role one could come in anytime to deliver “soma” to her and be paid in various forms. An alternative role would be to serve as a guardian, protecting the grove from unwanted invaders, pampering her glutted followers to maximize their soma yield. You may be given an individual to care for exclusively and in the extreme, or you may be tasked with spreading the pleasure around. As for papilion she has no standard role for her followers, she kind of does as she pleases but a cult has risen around her regardless. Serving her means to follow her teachings, carry the blessing/curses she may bestow and to bring or convince others to join the fold and leave their previous lives. I’m not 100% set on just what papillon represents just yet, but essientally I see her as being a sort of “freeing” spirit that goes around trying to unshackle people from their identity problems and body disphoria and all that, but that seems a little light compared to what the other lords carry, plus that’s not necessarily something that easy to carry on for others, its more of a personal obsession for herself. Don’t quite know yet, but I’m certainly open for suggestions with papillon, “she”‘s still a pretty blank template.


Q: “Given frejya’s powers of fertility, could she bestow the gift of pregnancy onto a male character?”

1450024553092A: I don’t mean this with any gruffness, but as I’ve mentioned with other male pregnancy related questions, it’s just not really something that happens in Elysium, at least not in the way its generally portrayed in that particular fetish niche. It’ll be in my game I guess but that’s only because of how lose the who gender/sex situation is. If you got the parts you can do it, but that’s not necessarily male. It’ll primarily play on parasitism and the intestinal system and that’s not really pregnancy. To birth a child or monster that requires real gestation, it’ll require a female genital setup, or at the very least an implanted womb and some crazy surgical work to get things working through the anus (or urethra?). I’ll see about it in general when we get there, I’ve gotten a vocal number of requests on the subject and while it really doesn’t interest me at all, the mechanics are almost already there. Away form that though, lore wise, frejya would not be the one to do that. She’s loving and maternal, but she has her biases and isn’t necessarily as sweet and perfect as she might appear. To her males are only to be used as work horses and cum farms, breeding studs essentially. Women are to be breeding sows, good mothers or at the least, fat fertile wombs with legs. Futa and the like are vexing to her to an extent, but if they have both systems working healthily, they can pull double duty in her kingdom. Those that don’t want to fulfill their gender role or otherwise physically can’t, have a harder time fitting into her realm and she’s more inclined to force people into a role if they refuse. Papillon is the one that focuses more on freeing others from the constraints of their biological purposes, rather than reinforcing it, so, one would probably have better luck there. This of course goes back to papillon being a sort of mixed bag character. So, in short, the answer is no, but I’ll think about it.


Q: “Will there be a way to become a lord or lady ourselves?”

A: I haven’t fully decided on that just yet, but there’s a couple of story line ideas where that might be involved. To put it one way though, all of the lords and other npcs in the game will be using the same systems as the player character, so in the end of things, it’s only a matter of deciding if the player has access to those same stats, perks, mutations, etc. Further more, if the player becomes a jynx, they could simply take over a lords body (mechanically, ignoring the lore of course) and they would be able to play the lord. So, mechanically, it’s all going to be there, but I’ll decide if that’s too much for the game or not when we get around to getting the lords and all their features implemented (basically I’ll say that it’s likely)


Q: “Are there any tidbits or random ideas you’d like to share with us about the lords?”

tumblr_luat7x1iei1qginzlo9_1280A: Well, I tend to prefer questions so that I can better organize my responses, but in general, yes, I have plenty of ideas I’d love to share eventually, but I think I’ll save the writing time for I write up each individual’s indpeth lore post. For now, here’s a bit for each lord. Chastia doesn’t eat, she’s solar powered, glowing strong and golden in the light and silver and weakened in the dark. Válkos drinks a complex brew of potions and materials that give his bodily fluids a unique explosive property, making him very dangerous to fight with sparking or flaming attacks, particularly if he’s sweating. Volupta, being partially slime-girl like, feasts upon soma until she grows into a massive blob to the point of bursting, where after shes births monsters of various sorts into the grove to protect it and procure more followers for her. Frejya can absorb the body of a dying, aging or sickly person and rebirth them as a frejyling with their consciousness intact to spend their second life in servitude to their new mother. Biss is a jynx and thus the body you meet her in isn’t her own, she will often change bodies and body parts to fulfill her wishes, even “borrowing” from her slaves as she sees fit. Garamond actually wears a metal laurel that helps to regulate his avaricious tendencies so that he can stay level headed; without it, he’s hardly more than a monster greedily pillaging anything his unrestricted form can get its claws around. Papillon is probably the most powerful spell cast of any of the lords, easily manipulating matter and materials around her into whatever she desires, sometimes she uses this ability to cause more mischief than good. Eros thinks of itself as doing good for the island, its mind being made up of all the pleasured beings entrapped inside its organic network, it feels that it can only bring peace by consuming the island. As far as the architect, I haven’t even really decided if they should be given an exact gender let alone, specific details; they are the lost god and it makes them more interesting to be mysterious, however their cult is much more scientific than any of the other cults and they know what is actually happening on the island, although they’re often ostracized for being “insane”.


Q: “So these lords seem to basically be gods, what kind of gods are we talking about here. More human, broken and flawed gods like the greeks or something else?”

A: Pretty much exactly like the greeks, maybe in some senses, even more human. The greek gods mad sense for the world they were imagined in, the world suck and didn’t make sense because the gods were basically humans but with incredible and fucked up powers, so naturally things didn’t always work out for the normal person. A god could ruin someone days, fall in love with them, turn them into a monster, spread bounty and fortune just because they felt like it, it was just down to what that god felt like doing with their power or because of the power of an opposing god. It was a mess, and it made sense why the world was harsh and crazy given that the ones running it were hardly better than us. The lords of Elysium as essentially just the same, but perhaps even more mortal. Effectively, they’re all just glorified war lords with mental problems and powers bordering on the magical. They’re unstable, emotional and illogical. They can hate, they can fall in love, they can sire children, they can create monsters, cause storms and destroy the world around them just as much as they can bring it to life. They’re ultimately humans on the inside and are liable to all the same follies.


Alright, there was plenty more, but I should wrap this up before the new year comes. If you have more, feel free to add more to the lord survey and I’ll see about writing up the lore post or something for Volupta soon (I was thinking about updating her image as well, so we’ll see). Got an average week ahead, I’m going to continue with my promise to just relax and get the things I want done, get more done in a way I enjoy and be generally more productive. I’ve learned to never promise anymore, but I’ll see about that unstable build soon, once I make sure enough of the transition is in place for the game to be as playable as it was before the last update, lol. Cheers mates. I hope you all had a great holiday season and I wish us all a wonderful and productive new year.



  1. Atlya

    I like your view of the gods of Elysium, gods are nothing else than that anyway, because they’re just an invention of mankind, they’re nowhere as perfect as current monotheistic religions want them to appear to be.

    Also, that’s a lot of lore you’ve gone through, and a lot of work. I still wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to increase the size of the team (gosh you could even try a Kickstarter with what you have already :P) depending of how ready you are to let a bit of your power over your project that you have to other people.
    But if not for that, I wonder if you have a buttload of documents such as game design documents, etc… which would help you keep focused on your project. I don’t know if I’ve already asked that, sorry if I did. But I think it’s important, even critical as you are alone on this project AND the project is “public” as you’ve put it.

    Can’t wait to meet up with Volupta’s people. ;)

    Have a not too sucky year 2017, all.

  2. Nightkey

    I really like your idea’s and how your game is developing and I can’t wait to see how it’s like in a year.

  3. Anonymous

    Papilion make me a bit think to Pan personality wise because he is also a trickster god. I checked a bit on wikipedia what I could find on Pan and it seem to have quite confuse origins. Historically wise it’s really confused but if you check his genealogy it’s even worst, no one seem to agree who are his parents. In some text you see that his father was Zeus, in other his father was Helios you can even find in some text that his father was Odysseus himself, who is not even a god. This was so confusing that you can read in some ancient texts that there was in fact no less than fifteen different Pan gods, with a part of them created by the fission of the original Pan and some other born from Hermes and Penelope.

    If I may give my opinion, I find this kind of origin really suiting for a free god. Because: knowledge = power, so having knowledge on someone = having power on someone = less freedom for someone. So ideally, to have the maximal freedom one of the thing you need is that no one know anything about you. And there is only two simple way to achieve this. Solution one: you live far away from anyone so you can avoid direct and indirect interaction with any scient being. The second solution is to let people learn about yourself but have those truths concealed in a ton of rumor, legend and fake information so that no one know anymore what is exact. So in fact if you ask to a random person in a random bar about Papilion, he will always have a lot of thing to tell you about her. But that will often be just a collection of stories that are not even coherent with each others.
    It sometime happen that a simple human think it’s a good idea to pretend to be Papilion. For example, it is really interesting for a thief to have the force of the law think you are the free goddess because they will tend to think it is impossible to catch you and so don’t try too hard and will rapidly stop the investigation. Same if you are the leader of a small activist group opposing a totalitarian government. It would be at least annoying for other lords to have simple humans pretending to be them but not for Papilion. Those impersonators serve her well as they increase the confusion about her personality and goals. There are saying of some impersonator of Papilion that ended up being the actual goddess hidden under a mundane human form. Her goal was to trick everyone in thinking that she was tricking them. Many people lost their sanity this day…

    The other lords are all a potential menace or an inconvenience for Papilion as they all tend to impose some trait on theirs domains and so reduce Papilion freedom. For example, when Papilion is in a foul mood she have to avoid the territory of Volupta Gula because they contain to much thing that could distract her from her anger. In this logic, Papilion will often oppose a lord if he seem to become more powerful than the others. She will try to create conflicts between the lord so that they cannot fully focus on shaping their territory as they wish. But as war can create regions where the only thing you can do is fighting for your life, she can sometime decide to work at reconciling two lords. It can even happen to Papilion to willingly put herself under the influence of an other lord. Because she doesn’t forbid herself anything, if today, she don’t feel like thinking at all she will let Eros absorb her, but in a way that she will be able to leave at the end of the day. That explain why there are so much rumors about one Papilion having been killed or being prisoner of an other lord.

    Finally there is a theory that is not that much popular in many place that said that Papilion doesn’t even exist. When you look seriously at the stories you have about the goddess it appear clearly that either they describe thing that never happened, or deform the fact to make Papilion fit in the story. If you look at the facts, it seem that it was always only an impersonators of Papilion and that they always getting caught by one of the lords. The ones that defend this theory explain that Papilion is just a myth created by some common humans. Facing the immense powers of the lords that were all imposing them their will, they imagined a Papilion, a pointless lords with no goal at all. They imagined an entity that wouldn’t be bound by any lords but would also be able to ridicule them with her tricks and unpredictable behavior. They just wanted a way to be able to laugh about their all mighty rulers. And then, by ideal or by opportunism some people started to pretend to be Papilion herself…
    This theory have the advantage to be validated by all the material evidences but it have two major inconvenient. First as all the lords, by word or by behavior, have proved to firmly think that Papilion exist, defending this theory is equivalent as saying that all the lords have been fooled by a little fable and are not even able to now their exact number. So it’s a dangerous theory. The second problem is that this theory is a bit to convenient for Papilion herself and that she would be totally in her ways to try to make people even doubt about her existence. After all, we know that she have already played the role of the Papilion impersonator more than once.
    So at the end and all thing considered Papilion is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an immense volume of answers. You cannot predict her. You cannot pin her on paper with word and explanation. You cannot bound her in your mind to a concept. She is free with no restriction.

    Well, I got a bit carried away.
    I’m really enthusiast with your work! And I’m not sure if I should say you this but I wouldn’t mortally grieve you to much if you would ever indefinitely pause your development. It’s interesting to see you constructing your game, answer your polls etc… So I’m happy you have chosen to do the things this way, whatever the outcome would be.

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