vader_s_calm_reaction_to_the_snow_by_danmizelle-d74aqzq_smallRight above this should be the next lore post, but I figured a basic post should be dropped off as well. It’s a new year and as is the weird coincidental tradition, this first week was a time to celebrate my birthday, my fathers birthday and my grandfather’s birthday. Haha. It was a good week, hung out with friends and family, work wasn’t too bad and then of course I went out for some Korean BBQ, which is always great for both the food and for being able to watch Lilly stuff incredible quantities of delicious meat into her short little body. lol.

Anyways, outside of work and family celebrations there wasn’t exactly a lot of “free time”, but I made some okay progress with Elysium and I’ve got some new lore and art of Volupta Gula for you all in the post above this one. When I have more free time I’ll be working down the list the polls provided (lord popularity) and Frejya will be next. As always I can’t say when I’ll have an unstable build out again, but I imagine it shouldn’t be all that much longer provided things go a little more steady than the last few months (looking at past years, things usually get better after January anyway). So, if you’ve got more questions or suggestions you’d like me to discuss during the lull times, feel free to leave them in the Q&A survey as usual.

Also of note, next week I got a few days off and Lilly and I will be heading up into the mountains for a bit to enjoy the snow celebrate our engagement anniversary. Obviously that’s a lot of “us time” but it’s going to give us plenty of time for the project as well. Just a heads up if we’re out of the loop for a short while anyway.

So, that’s that for this briefing. I’ll be getting back to Elysium shortly and see what I can get done, I’ll whip up some frejya material in the future and so on and so forth. There’s also a number of comments I’ve been too distracted to answer just yet, so I’ll get around to those as well soon.

Thanks for your time and interest everyone, see you around.


  1. Anon

    Three generations’ birthday on new year’s week, apples don’t fall far from the tree around your parts, eh ?

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      yeah, it’s always been pretty strange in that regard.

      I was actually almost born on my fathers birthday, but there was an issue with the birth (I was being strangled by my umbilical-cord and my heart ended up stopping so they had to preform an emergency C-section, etc. Either way, I survived but was a tad early and didn’t end up on my dad’s birthday, lol)

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