Every year I get crazy delays around this time, and every year I think it’ll be different lol. Well, I’ve been swamped with finals, work and other crap and then this Christmas week I’m working nearly 60 hours. Great for the wallet, but hell for anything else. So, that’s it. I don’t really expect I’ll be getting anything meaningful done soon, so I’m just going to take a deep breathe, do what I can when I can and not worry about it. I don’t expect to have the update done until after news years at least. 2016 has just been an unbelievably bad year for me both in life and in game productivity I’m sorry to say. I really hope things can turn around next year, as I’m sure we’re all hoping. I love the holidays, but fuck them man, something about the air is depressing. And its not the cold rainy weather because I love that shit. haha.


godsAnyways. instead of leaving this off with a single paragraph I figured I’d drop off another survey I had prepared earlier. It’s been a long time since I last talked about the lords of Elysium, so it seems appropriate that maybe I should run a Q&A on them since a lot has changed in my head for them after all this time (provided the guide as well as the old original lore post are still reasonably accurate to the core of what I’m shooting for, its just that some of the detail is outdated).

So feel free to send your lord related questions and suggestions here, and if you have time help me decide on some name changes and other junk.

Thanks a million guys. Hang in there, have a good holiday what ever you celebrate and if you have to go into a retail store during this next week, try to be as swift and polite as possible, its shit soup out there and everyone is ready to dish it out. haha!

(PS, I am aware that there was already a lord q&A before, but this was a while ago. I’m sure I have new visitors as well as new ideas by now, or have forgot things I knew back then. haha)


  1. Duotes

    I want to apologize for the length of my suggestions. I feel that I may of overstepped my boundaries a bit and may have been a little over-zealous in my ideas. In hindsight, I probably should have just stuck with a paragraph.

    • Duotes

      Would resubmitting overwrite the old one, because I did it again for Papillon.
      If so, I will try to summarize here.

      Would increasing your standings improve your relationship with them (i.e. follower -》friend -》lover)? Would there be a difference in how they interact with us (Freyja begins to offer us to breed with her and Chastia starts to grow closer to us)? Would there be boons to growing within the cults (Eros eventually offering a parasitic suit that is an extension of herself and V.G. offering some of her “secret stash”)?

      If this seems long, I assure you, I cut out a lot. I went overboard on the suggestions and presented ideas for each Lord (2 possible progressions of relationships, 3 ways to improve standings, and 3 possible gifts/boons). I feel that I may have overstepped my boundaries there by having it be so long and apologize for it. I don’t want to end up pressuring or scaring Atticus in any way and simply want to emphasize that these are simply ideas and suggestions that he has every right to ignore.

  2. Heppi

    Ah, sorry to hear that! 2016 has thrown a lot of curveballs. It’s been a very, very tough year for a lot of us. But I’m a little less under stress now. Passing finals is a monumental task and I can rest easy over the break under another year of school begins. Sorry to hear it’s so rough on your end. I hope it gets better! Just fight through it is all I can say. Here’s to a better next year.

  3. F*Word

    Is there a chance to get a new version update before the year ends?

    • F*Word

      Oops sorry, I missed that he mentioned the update won’t be until new year.

  4. Disillusioned Elysium fan

    It’s only been 29 weeks without an update man. Whats to say we can’t wait another 29-30 weeks ?It’s not like It’s been so long I actually forget this existed let alone to check for an update the past 2 weeks. right? *dies alittle more inside*. Sorry for being an entitled prick Atticus. :[

  5. Disillusioned Elysium fan


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