What can I say. I’ve really dropped the ball lately and I haven’t been here for the game or for my players. So first and foremost, I apologize that’s its been so long without even a post or a comment. I usually try to have at least a weekly post and still reply to all the wonderful feedback, bug reports and interest my project receives. It’s been so long the automated comment close out occurred (something I forgot I had setup to stop spam bots from hitting old posts); so I’m sorry if it closed you out when you still had stuff to say. I figured I just need to get back in here and make sure people don’t think I closed them out maliciously or that I’m abandoning my website.

There’s been a lot going on with work, moving in the roommate (our best friend) and moving in myself (I still lived with my parents intermittently, but now I’m completely moved in with lilly now), adapting to living around our friend and helping them settling in, doing things with them, etc. I’ve also been realizing that I’m becoming more independent, getting older but also less stable, so I’ve been working on better budgeting, figuring out how I’m going to afford rent, food, going back to college and getting a car, etc. Trying to commit more to this whole adult thing which I’m so bad at. When I’ve had free time off of work or other things there were things in my life that simply had more priority than my hobbies and projects, sometimes that came down to just finding time to “not do anything”. I dunno.

I’m trying to get back at it though, didn’t get much done at all these past couple weeks. Just tidbits of progress on various mechanics, nothing really to show, no content or fun stuff. But I feel I still owe something. If I didn’t put out an update, it’d just be another nothing post or another week without word. So, for those that just like having the latest version for no reason and or just really want to see some of the in progress stuff. You can pick up the update below.
The focal points of this update are as follows:

  • some changes to how the entities work which should reduce bugs (given you make a new character, characters created in older versions of the game, but saved into newer versions will likely still experience some of these, so I’ve added creation date tracking to entities now for easier bug fixing in the future)
  • Fixes to a lot of the game UI and slowing down small change animations and speeding up big change animations, etc
  • Completely reworked how skin color works, with shades, opacity, saturation and other factors onto of a base pigment (I’ll update the debugging guide soon on the new numbers associated with the different pigments.) and there will also be tanning and paling, but I haven’t gotten around to adding any items or environmental light factors that will influence skin color changes, so for now its a moot feature
  • And, ignoring the other small things, there’s also the beginnings of a hormone system and gender TFs. Currently hormones are effected only by genital sets and sizes, and outside of debug also don’t have any item or environmental factors to influence them. So again, kind of a moot feature. But if you want to see some of the TFs and changes you can play around with this buggy half done mess with debug commands. Also, I haven’t tested how it’ll be on a futa character yet since I don’t have the androgyn organ modifier setup, but if you don’t like hormones TFs you can turn them off in the options.

I’ll be trying to finish these features shortly and getting things in the game that actually influence them by the next update, after I get them stable and patch this junk. lol

Anyways. Things have been changing around in my life and I imagine that meaningful updates (as illusive as they’ve been) will occasionally become more rare. So I’m planning on trying to just do more small, unstable updates. Narrow my focus a bit and just get small things done when I have the time or desire to. Lilly has also gotten more free time as of late and she’s expressed interest in drawing lore art and writing content for the game after I teach her how to write around my code style. So, given we both get the time, there might be more to this, but no promises. For now, all I can do is do what I do, and thank you all for your endearing and unwavering support. The fact that you guys still hang around this old molasses train is an odd thing, but I love and appreciate it.



Tainted Elysium Update [0.2.1D] Unstable


From [0.2.1C] Patch 2 to [0.2.1D] (07/24/17)

  • [0.2.1D] (07/24/17)
  1. + Added commands “P2M” and “C2F” to manipulate protein to muscle and calories to fat rates respectively

  2. + Added more effects to item 25 (mystery potion) including all effects, poisons and toxins and height changes

  3. x Fixed the sanity bar not displaying proper entity information or scaling accordingly

  4. ^ All status bar animations have been given a scaling factor so that they speed up the greater the difference in the stat change to prevent long waits or stat bar lag

  5. ^ All stat bar animations have been trimmed of excessive updating and unnecessary data checks in each sweep to reduce lag on slower computers and in general smooth out stat bar animations

  6. + Added more test sounds, squirm and slosh

  7. ^ Overhauled how skin color is determined, skin colors now all have a base pigment with shade and saturation factors involved in determining the final color tone to allow for better transitions between shades and pigments

  8. + Added the ability to tan and pale skin color

  9. + Added commands “skinshade” and “skinsat” to manipulate skin shade and saturation respectively

  10. ^ Changed how blush, membrane and flesh colors are determined and added a more accurate variety

  11. x Fixed yellow tone skins not pairing with blood colors properly resulting in weird colors

  12. x Fixed gluttony not functioning properly and its acquisition being bugged

  13. ^ Changed how gluttony gain is calculated to make it both easier to acquire but at a more realistic speed

  14. ^ Overhauled gluttony messages to be less repetitive, have more variety and scale better with gluttony changes

  15. + Added creation date tracking to individual entities for better save compatibility tracking

  16. + Added commands “deactivateme” and “activateme” commands to disable or enable standard processes on the given controlled entity. This will allow the player to activate an entity that may have been created prior to the implementation of of active tracking (0.2.1C)

  17. x Fixed using stomach(the abdomen) synonyms in places where it should use stomach(the organ) synonyms

  18. + Added femininity level change messages

  19. + Added the beginning of a hormone system, Estrogen and Testosterone are currently functional and will be naturally produced based on what organs the entity has. Hormone levels can be checked on the mutagen tooltip

  20. + Having hormones opposed to your current sexual makeup will causes changes, such as gradual organ size/form changes, breast tissue growth/loss, metabolism changes and many others.

  21. + Added gender TFs, penises can be converted to clitoris, scrotum and testicles can be converted into a vulva and womb/ovary set, etc. This TF is gradual based on long term hormone exposure

  22. + Added commands “hormoneT” and “hormoneE” to manipulate testosterone and estrogen levels

  23. + Hormones and hormone influences transformations can be disabled in the options menu

  24. + Updated the donor list in the credits. As usual if you would prefer your user name not be displayed or would like it displayed as a different name, please let me know


  1. Duotes

    It is alright. It is good to hear from you and that you are doing okay. Given how last year was for you, it is good to hear that things, while difficult, are being set back on track for your personal life. As a idea for what you can do to avoid “nothing posts”, you could always do the Q&A posts you did in past. Gives us a blueprint of what you are pushing for. But don’t worry about us, none of us expect or want you to give up any aspect of your personal life so that we get a bit more progress. So long as you continue to enjoy making this game, we will be happy. Have a nice day and see you next week.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Thank you friend. I’d like to do more Q&As soon, lore posts and the like. Hopefully soon. But I don’t like to do big lore posts on the lords without art and Lilly and I haven’t been drawing lately because of time. Small lore posts are fine but its not really interesting to post about what an item does. haha.

      As for the Q&As people stopped filling those out so I didn’t have enough material to make a new Q&A post, but it was been a while so I’ll probably put one up again and see if people have new questions by now.

  2. xxxxxxxxxxx

    How do the hormone commands work exactly? I can’t seem to do anything with them.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Sorry about that. I realized it’s not anything to do with the commands (provided you were capitalizing the E or T) because there was an issue with the settings check where it was a >1 instead of a >=1 so it’d turn off hormone functions even when enabled. I’ve ghost patched the game so redownloading it should fix the issue.

      • xxxxxxxxxxx

        Hmm.. It still doesn’t seem to do anything…

        • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

          Well, it should be working now. Its a gradual process that scales with the amount of hormones. 130 for either hormone is about normal human levels. Some of the changes take a long time to do anything and the TFs are dependent on previous TFs. For example, to get the first step in male to female TFs (other than breast tissue development) depends on the scrotum being converted and testicles rising which takes a femlevel of at least 35 and for scrotum capacity to drop to 1.5 (estrogen lowers capacity, so it should reach that eventually). This will cause the vagianl TF, after that once the penis is small enough and a vagina is available it’ll convert it a clitoris and after that it can work on converting the internal testicles or ovaries, so the character can produce their own estrogen.

          Although, on that note I noticed something might be catching under some conditions, so go ahead and redownload it again for this ghost patch. Let me know if it works out. Sorry that its been funky. Like I said this was the unstable version after all. lol

  3. Mordona

    I’m glad you’re still around, but understand you need your time. Do what you need to for you.

  4. I tried to alter the hormonal levels in order to change my male into a female. No luck with that so far – but taking the existing system as a promise to use debug, I had lots and lots of fun with the game! lol.
    Perhaps an example of the correct way to do the thing would help?
    Seriously , hormones are something truly brilliant! Absolutely no need to be modest, good job altogether, I think. Some minor tweaks, perhaps, and it should do literally wonders.

    (Small bug/slightly odd feature/something: Shorter folks walk faster (‘walkspeed’ counts more trek to them) than taller ones. Found that while trying some extra short playchars and thought it a bit wonderful that even overweight midgets appeared to outdistance my 5… 6 ft. average PC:s. Well, I am NOT complaining, rather rejoicing about the agility and stamina of little people, but my Long Tall Sally is a bit upset. ;)

    • Apologies. Needs obviously to use larges doses/longer exposure times for hormones to have their effects – and make my tall chars to exercise a bit to beat the short guys. :) Thanks for the last fine update, btw.

      • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

        There were some bugs with the system anyways, so I don’t think its been working fully either way. So hopefully this time is should work more without user input. Thank you for the praise though, but these new systems and the game itself is still along way away from being worthy of all that. Getting there, but still a ways to go. haha.

        Cheers mate, the patch will be up in a just a moment and should smooth some of this out, although I’ll still need to check in on movement speed when its more relevant because that does seem a bit odd. lol

  5. Firesoul10

    Don’t worry about it, Atticus. We understand that real life can throw a monkey wrench into things. While I would personally appreciate at least a Twitter post if something like this happens again, I’m just happy to know you’re alright. =)

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I’ll try to keep up on things. I just get really withdrawn on the social side of things from time to time, so I apologize for that. It’s hard to explain, just sometimes I find it very difficult to have any sort of presence but its something I’m working on and I hope to eventually get my communication levels better than that of the valve/tf2 team, and if any of you know them, they’re pretty bad haha.

  6. Profile photo of firesoul10

    I think there might be a small issue with Gluttony this patch- here’s a screenshot of the results I got in maybe 20 minutes of Cream Tree hunting.

    It seems like it’s giving gluttony progress every tick just for being overstuffed, which results in hilarious amounts of gluttony very quickly if you go out of your way to stuff yourself silly.

    Another thing of note is that I’m still commonly seeing and getting infected by Ovikari despite having parasite toggled off.

    This is with a fresh character, Tech-Specialist/Iron Stomach/Gluttony start. Loving the update speed change by the way. In the old system capacities like these would take ages, but it updates reasonably fast now. Talk about a Stress Test of that change!

    • Profile photo of firesoul10

      Update to this- due to the aforementioned gluttony scaling- it got to the point that my character’s capacity read: 78282.37/14.91 lb… and she was still ravenously hungry. It took nearly ten minutes for the text on the bar to catch up to that, though. It seemed to have hit a ceiling for update speed at some stage. Maybe have it so that after a certain point it just instantly updates? Not that circumstances like these are normal gameplay (they shouldn’t be, for the sake of all that is holy, despite how much I LOVE it.) but maybe putting a failsafe in there in case of a bug that gets numbers absurdly gigantic couldn’t hurt.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I’ll have to apologize, I realize I didn’t actually get to this bug because I had it on the list but yet I went after things that I wrote after it for some reason and at this point I’m already updating, but I promise to get this sorted out real soon. Don’t know why this occurred so I apologize.

      Gluttony was recently messed with so there is likely plenty wrong with it just as there was before but merely in a different way. I’ll try to get it all swept up reasonably soon. Thank you for the report and sorry for the late reply.

      • firesoul10

        Hey, it’s no problem!

        tbh this bug has been really fun for me, since all I ever do is stuff them endlessly anyway… >.>

  7. Tyler

    I am currently incapable of being tactful in any way, but I must ask before I forget the question: Is there a vision for such advanced system or is it just perfectionism clawing at your gut, uh, so to speak?

    • Tyler

      Thank you for not responding. I feared that you would.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      lol, well thanks for the sass. I don’t always get around to answering comments in a timely manor. I usually respond shortly after an update and shortly before an update but become socially withdrawn between. Hard to explain why. Dunno.
      Anyways. To be truthful, there is no grand plan for Elysium, Elysium is my passion, project and hobby. But I only work on it when I’m able and have the energy to do so. But ultimately I just do what I want with it. It doesn’t always have meaning, purpose or a grand plan. The tanning and paling is a just a thing I wanted to do and sometimes thats what I do, I make weird mechanics for no reason. But on the other-hand, the hormone system will play a larger part in the transformation systems and other sub systems, so if you enjoy those things, it will have a greater roll. If not, its just another thing I’m working on because I feel like it. What can I say. Nothing organize or stable in this mind of mine. lol

  8. kneggis

    Hello Mr. Arc,

    Sorry to hear you haven’t a lot of time to spare for this project.
    But I’m glad you still took the time to let us know you are the following things:
    1. Alive.
    2. Still active.
    3. Not abandoning us.
    4. Settling in to a life that is probably a lot easier on your time and stress.

    And you even treated us on an update!
    That really makes me happy.
    Thanks for still giving us everything you can, appreciated.
    (also, can i make an accoun on this site? if so i can’t fint it anywhere :( )

    • kneggis

      after reading better let’s scrap number 4

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Thank you for the sentiment friend. And you certainly should be able to make an account. At least I think so. I’ll see if there might have been an issue with the recent website updates when I can, but I used to have membership updates. I may have disabled it a while back if it was some sort of problem but I honestly don’t remember. I will say I do appreciate you’re feedback and dedication, its good to see you on my twitter and around my site, so it’d be nice to give you some small identification factor. haha. I’ll look into it soon.

  9. bronn

    When it says “You are looking far more womanly than previously”, the commands all disappear and I couldn’t progress further.

    • Perro the traveler

      I had a similar problem the other way (going more manly I mean).

      • zxc

        dito Testosterone caused all the buttons to disappear

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Thank you for the reports friends. I believe I’ve fixed it in the patch I’ll be posting shortly, but please let me know if the bug is still around.

  10. lightningshifter

    I just thought of the oddball case. I know the hormones have both ends of the extreme but what about the hermaphrodites? They would somehow have to have both at the same time or maybe herms come with a 3rd type of hormone to preserve their herm state? Otherwise it seems like it would be difficult if not impossible to keep a herm as a herm if the other two swing too much with all the other transformation options that are going in.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I had plans for this (the androgyn system thats been in the character creator for a while now), but I didn’t have time to set it up for the unstable. I’ll be posting a patch soon that should enable these functions and help with the conflicts for the players that don’t want them. It might be unstable on old characters though, I’m not sure yet, so be weary.

  11. Firesoul10indisguise

    Was going to post about the somewhat ironic silence on Atticus’ part following this- but I just haaaaad to check the Twitter feed. =P

    Now I’m parts happy that Atticus isn’t dead and mildly disappointed I don’t get to play Forum Troll.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      haha, well, it still would have fit. I’m usually late and unsociable so it wouldn’t have been to far off. :P
      but eh, it works out lol

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