♦      Our Character and The Available Genders      ♦

(As a foreword, the genetic information here is far from representative and hopefully isn’t too much of a big laugh for all you STEM majors out there.)

As a part of the colonies of the IES Asgard, our character, and the line of people they come from, were born to serve the will of their corporate overlords. While freedom was given “as needed”, much of one’s life was spent fulfilling whatever it was you were bred for. Your job, your appearance, your abilities and your genes were all hand selected to function as another efficient cog in their grand scheme. Putting aside our character disobedience in seeking out Elysium, most who lived under the presence of the FarStar corporation spent their entire lives running along their designated tract. If your genetic material was needed, you were mandated to give it, regardless of one’s individual gender role or misgivings. From a social standpoint, gender was moot. If a boy wanted to be a girl, or vise-versa an anything in-between, no one blinked an eye. All humans were the same meat for the machine, so long as your identity and personal beliefs did not interfere with one’s given prerogative, they were allowed to function however they wished.

1000px-A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain3Many of the asgardian colonist were not even born of natural process, but instead where developed from the appropriate donated materials within advanced incubators. However do to the costly nature of these more “fine tuned” breeds, most of the cheaper, on the edges colonies had to make due with the standard, messier breeding methods. If you had a functional womb, or had semen to give, then you still had to do your duty when called upon.

As time went on, FarStar looked into all sorts of ways to manipulate the bodies and genes of their subjects to maximize both survivability and fertility. Pregnancies were sped up, were more viable and were more easily altered when needed. However, their prime creation in genetic alteration and fertility was the creation of a third sex. After countless generations of failed attempts they ended up forging this new group by creating a genetic mosaic. Induced by specially concocted chemicals, they fused opposite sex gametes in the womb to form a fully hybridized hermaphrodite.

These individuals were literally both male and female being made up of two beings fused together on a cellular level, each cell having a matching opposite cell, reflecting their (46,XX/XY) chromosomal pattern. These, inter-sexed beings had functional sets of both reproductive systems and were both able to be pregnant and impregnate others. While plenty of variably in individual femininity and masculinity (as well as part size and placement) was common, this futanari form was a popular addition to budding colonies and given that this chemical was easily transmuting down to the futanari’s offspring, they became their own naturally forming third gender.

Through the formation of the inter-sexed and it’s gradual intermixing with the normal gene pool, human sex and birth began to change. Through selective means, it was eventually narrowed down to a reliability and those impregnated by a futa, had a 60% chance to yield a male or female, they gain a 30% chance to produce another intersex, depending on how well the chemical passed through. There was though, an unfortunate side effect, there was a 10% chance that the being born would be born as a less stable mix of genders, some even being born without any reproductive systems at all.

While it still was nearly impossible for regular male and females to yield a futanari on their own without the presence of one some where down their blood line, things did mellow out at the cost of an increased output of twins.


♦      The Sexes of Elysium      ♦

Gender and sex became even more of a complexity for those aboard the IES Elysium. While gender and sex held a similar place as old world earth had, upon facing the dangers and isolating of early Elysium’s environment, much of our traditional understanding of things had to be put to the test, in the name of continuing the species. The inital problems were easily overcame with a ship full of earths brightest minds, fertility increases and genetic scrambles for population variance. Outside of the general discomfort of “breeding for the species”, things went rather smoothly for a time. However, after the fall of amoria and the rise of the infected, things took a turn for the unusual. As with much of the science done in the post-fall days, splinter groups began experimenting unethically with whatever means they wished.

tumblr_m1mn6nprXQ1r9dkxvo1_500While plenty had the continuation of the species in mind, a lot of these experiments lead to less than justifiable circumstances. Run away cloning machines, viruses that change people’s genders and hormones, twisted experiments that turned some poor victims’ bodies into bloated, living birth sacs, designed to distill stronger and stronger version of fertile human creatures. Others turned into ravenously sexual predators, forced by mutated hormone glands to searching and fucking whatever they could. Many more fell victim to the changes brought about by the rampant demon infections and so much more. With misguided science, the loss of all law and the spread of the other worldly microbes, gender identity and sex took quite the toll. In of it’s own, the third gender began appearing and many more interesting combinations took place.

Now, just as one’s identity could change, so too could one’s genes. At the drop of a hat one could twist into another sex, or become some combination between. It took sometime, but just as those outside of Elysium experience a shift in the breeding and gender structure of the former human race, so too did Elysium adapt to its. While some places still hold onto to old world ideas and shun those that no longer fit into a single sex out of fear that they’ll spread their infected seed, most others have adopted it as the way things are.


♦      Closing      ♦

So, in conclusion, this is just a convoluted way to explain that gender and sex is going to be a pretty flexible thing in game, for both the player and NPCs. You can be male, female, intersex, sexless or whatever combination there in and of course one can even play as a gender that doesn’t match their sex. After all, given that one has the looks, without checking down one’s pants, how would an outsider instantly know one’s sex? It’ll be something I’ll explore anyways. Currently the game doesn’t truly reflect this complexity, but hopefully down the line I can help you all have a little more fun in that regard if that’s your thing.





  1. Geekingout

    Read the “living birthsack” thing and got an idea, a little bit like how darkspawn reproduce in Dragon Age. This is probs based on insect queens. http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Broodmother

    An idea for a race. Basically most of the population of the race don’t get pregnant, but the ones that can, if they’re not careful, turn into massively obese birthing machines and are rendered immobile, quickly birthing out new babies and relying on partners to tend to their needs. Those who aren’t part of the minority that can give birth naturally can be dosed with hormones from one that can to induce the ability to bear offspring, which means that a “bad end” (if you are going to include them) a player can run into would be captured by these guys and used as a “queen” for their race.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Certainly a good idea. I tossed it around for a while about making the Huldra Imps exactly like that, but then the whole “super fertile” thing CoC had going on with their goblins won me over. There will likely be a race with just such an effect at some point though as its certainly nails a few kinks of mine. ha ha.

      Also, kind of funny how if that broodmother’s wiki entry almost reads like fetish material. I know it’s supposed to be disgusting and horror stuff, but for those with body horror kinks or the like the whole “forced cannibalism turning one into a giant breeding machine incapable of controlling their urges” just rings some bells.

      Oh, and bad ends are indeed an intend device. At least at some point, but the game will have a respawn system to get the player out of it and avoid “game-over when you really weren’t done” kind of scenarios. Could result in weird shit like finding your body or old self. I dunno. Might be a bit complex to implement but I’m sure there’s some that would like it.

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