♦      Lord Compendiary      ♦

  • Name: Biss, The torturous
  • Trope: undead slaver queen
  • Region: Els’Gazzar Desert
  • Temple: The Nine-Tailed Sphinx
  • Followers: Thorns of the Rose
  • Allies: Valkos, Garamond
  • Enemies: All other lords
  • Fetishes/Themes: BDMS, slavery, surgery, futa, body part swapping, undead, femdom

♦   Brief Description

In the scorching sands of the Els’Gazzar Desert, Biss builds her empire of slaves, sitting within the halls of a Nine-serpent-tailed Sphinx, she rules atop a throne of thorns as the queen of bondage, pain and blistering sex. She builds her army by capturing or purchasing slaves and breaking them, savoring every minute of their torturous transformation into her willing subjects. Those that don’t fall in line have their minds forcefully taken away from them as they stripped into less than human “guard dogs”. She seeks to enrapture and break the other lords and place herself as the mistress of the island, enacting her power and will on all of Elysium. While her tortures may be sadistic and self-interested she is not uncaring, she may even have an odd soft spot for a degree of teasing emotional attachment to some of her favorite slaves and will certainly protect them from other monsters and deaths out there, after all they are her playthings to torture, fuck and kill as she pleases and nothing has the right to take that from her.

♦   Physical Appearance

Unlike the other lord’s she no longer owns her original body, having left it long ago to become an immortal jynx. Her form is constantly changing as she steals and modifies the bodies and body parts of her slaves for her personal flesh wardrobe, keep many limbs, genitals and various bits in stasis so she can exchange them out anytime the occasion calls for it. She wears flesh and forms like most people wear different outfits. Second only to ruling Elysium, her greatest desire is to collect the most beautiful body parts so that she may create the most perfect body. For a large portion of her time, she tends to recreate similar shapes, namely an athletic and tan skinned woman with two ivory horns, dark braided hair, golden eyes and a midnight colored serpentine body (sometimes exchanged for human legs, a spider body or scorpion form).

♦   Abilities

With skin as smooth as marble and just as strong as stone, she can take any amount of punishment without breaking, every bit of pain makes her feel ecstasy and only makes her stronger. The collars she adorns her slaves with drain them of life and will with everything she feels transmitted directly into their nervous systems. The more slaves she has, the more power she can reciprocate from them. She’s fierce in battle and knows very little limits to the tortures she’ll bring to her enemies.

♦   Personality

Cold, devious and controlling, she gets her way and that’s final. While teasingly caring and maternal at times, she’s almost always in a mood to bring pain or suffering to someone, regardless of whether they enjoy it or not. She’ll degrade them, push them to their limits and stop only when she wants. These are the people she “cares” for, her enemies have far more to fear from this vicious femme fatale. A large part of her person revolves around herself and her vanity, but some would mistake these flaws for a lack of intelligence, something she is not without. She’s a stout strategist and a powerful leader, she could send her armies of thralls into battle at anytime, the only thing stopping her is she’s more interested in finding the perfect body to wear.

♦   Cult

The thorns of the rose are the devout followers of Biss. Twisted beings who have fully given themselves to the will and desire of their lord. These slaves proudly wear their lifeforce draining collars and scars as a badges of honor, willing giving their body parts, health and their minds to Biss. The most trusted and devout are often given tasks to leave the Sphinx and travel the island in search of more slaves to bring home to their master. Those that have betrayed biss or gotten especially on her bad side also end up as part of the thorns, however as monsters rather than men. Their minds stolen and forced into jynx form and reprogrammed, biss takes everything form them and puts them into the bodies of beasts and strange creations to act as warriors and guards.

♦   Origin

The origins of the lords have long been lost to time and even their own memories on the matter have long since been buried by the beings they’ve become. This information may never make a canon appearance in the game, but the lords were all humans once and those have relatively normal origins. In her human days, Biss was originally assigned as chief psychological officer aboard the ship, her insight into the human mind was deemed a necessary asset in early Elysium politics. However, despite all the help she often brought, deep down there was a need in her to explore the dark part of human despair, degradation and need. The thought always excited her, despite her attempts to keep it out of her work. After the Fall of Amoria and her infection with the daelia, those inhibitions melted away and she soon found herself craving to enact her desires on others. Escaping to the north west of Elysium she began experimenting with slaves and dominance, quickly gaining power and the desire for more. After becoming a jynx, and slowly losing her ability to feel pain and pleasure, she began seeking greater and greater extremes, finally resorting to stealing new bodies in order to feel again, until the spiral of need and destruction consumed whatever was left of the person she once was.

(Art by my fiance this time, Lilliume Sweet. )

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