♦      Species Compendiary      ♦

Jynx concept crop

  • Name: Jynx   (“j – inks”)
  • Trope: Cyber-punk Undead
  • Mutagen: Daelia Infection
  • Form: Flesh armatures piloted by transcribed human consciousnesses
  • Region: Wide Spread / +Erebus
  • Lord: None

♦   Brief Description

The Jynx are an especially unusual race of beings as they technically do not exist as a traditional unified species or race, but rather as a category for a wide variety of forms. An individual Jynx is not the physical form that one sees but rather a transcribed human consciousness stored in a nervous system linked processing device that’s been implanted into the brain of an organic system or networked machine. Because of this the once human mind can inhabit any structure, ranging from living organisms (humanoid or otherwise) or complex machine (from rooted computers to fully mobile androids) to something in between (Jynx improvised forms made of flesh and metal). Transference into a Jynx core grants a being near immortality as the core only needs power to survive, but due to the loss of sensation and existential disconnect it can create, many Jynx suffer from a slow degradation of both mental faculties and moral human understanding. While this sanity loss is not universal, the more dangerous and deranged Jynx have given the race its place as the most feared and despised group on the island.

♦   Physical Appearance

Due to their ability to inhabit any body their core can be injected into, they have an extremely varied amount of possible appearances; however, due to their human minds, those who desire to preserve their sanity as much as possible will seek out more human forms. Some have acquired or persevered perfectly ordinary human bodies and thus (depending on the quality of the body and whether its alive or not) the only way to tell them apart is the glowing core lodged some where along the central nervous-system; Due to the stigma associated with their way of life and sociopaths tendencies, these areas are often well hidden in non-feral individuals. When disloged from a physical form, a core is a shape similar to a virus or a screen with legs, capable of simple transport and self injection into a new host.

♦   Abilities

While their strengths and weakness are highly dependent on the body they inhabit, a Jynx’s core is very hard to destroy and so long as the core systems are maintained they can use even barely functional bodies. They feel very little pain or pleasure and in general are numbed to nearly all bodily needs as their core concerns falls under three categories: obtaining parts, securing energy and maintaining sanity. Due to this disconnect from their bodies and full control over their forms, Jynx often display super-human abilities as they can push their systems past normal human restrictions. When dislodged from a physical form a core can’t really defend itself but can flee if it needs to However, power loss or damage to the core can render the consciousness within vulnerable.

♦   Culture

The culture of Jynx are nearly as varied as the forms they inhabit as each individual displays varying degrees of mental health; however there are some core archetypes and societies that have formed. There are those that have adapted perfectly to their unusual existence and live in heartless self-efficiency doing whatever it takes to survive, blending in with human society when they can and hiding as a vampire among them, feeding on their scrap as well as their bodies. There are those that have completely lost their minds and have turned into the roaming scavenging beasts that the people of Elysium fear. There are other more radical forms such as those who have fully relinquished their fleshed forms and taken on the mantle of true machines and AIs, living within android forms or within the computer systems of the island itself or those that believe transcription into a Jynx form is the truest path for man kind, forceabley converting the poor souls they capture. Outside of these less than human types there are also simply the unfortunate Jynx that are new to their displaced realities, struggling to mentally cope as well as survive.

♦   Origin

The Jynx cores were first created as an attempt to preserver human consciousness in the digital world, granting immortality but still allowing them a presence in the real world. However the creators did not count on the effects it would have on the human mind. Most Jynx around have been in existence for decades, but there are still new individuals that have either been converted by a cultist or have less conventionally willing joined the kindred by the behest of a sect or a benefactor.

Jynx concept

[Author’s note 04/22/15]: I’ve had this race in mind for a while now but I never quite settled on all the details, drew up some junky sketches a last week; wasn’t really satisfied but I decided to throw some basic effects and shading to it today and just pop up a lore profile. If you haven’t guess their inspiration is somewhere between warframe’s greneeir and the mocking-jays of Soma. They fill a niche and a variety of fetishes (undead, assets theft, machine, corruption, hypnosis, body horror, etc.) can be met by them but they just in general allow for me to fill in a lot of the “super natural” gaps in my lore. A jynx can be like a high-class vampire, or a low flesh eating zombie, they can be ghosts (“projected hard-light holograms”), litch like body snatchers as well as machine races or wareframe like “humanoid robot space ninja things”. They’re flexible and kind of gross and angsty but I feel like they could be a good asset for Elysium., Cheers ~

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  1. Milkman

    This race is pretty damn cool. I find myself torn between it and the aicubi as what i most look forward to mutating into in this game so far. Although perhaps the best of both worlds would be possible? If the player can become a Jynx would it then be further possible to aquire a living Aicubi body to serve as a host/chassis?

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Jynx are different from the other races as they are more a state of being rather than an actual physical race. So yes, I intend for one to be able to play “as a jynx” and be able to assume the body of aicubus. Essentially, the base came is exactly the same, so the bodies and mutations of other races act no different, but if “player is jynx” gets tagged, it just changes “you’re in pain” to “your body is in pain”, and the game play is essentially the same just of a different flavor. The body become a secondary perspective.

      It does add some gameplay changes, such as health not naturally healing, having to repair bodies, sanity and health becoming the only bars that have any real use, etc.

      It actually shouldn’t be to hard to put in the game, just a simple tag unlike the other race forms. But yes, you can be a Jynxed Aicubus.

  2. Tyler

    Technology, no matter how advanced it is, can always be improved.
    Add a little bit of remote control and you got yourself a dreadful technolich, with its core as a phylactery, commanding hordes of undead through Nanomachines, Son.
    I wonder if multiple cores can be linked and synchronized as backups for a demilich.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Exactly this.
      Was actually think of something just like this as a good side quest kind of deal. Some jynx with an eye for technology can indeed become powerful “technolichs” and one can backup their consciousness as many times as they’d like to/or can. Although, each consciousness becomes its own version of the person, so provided they don’t exactly get along with themselves, more than one can be an issue.

      Multiple cores can be linked and can even inhabit the same form, (the head core controlling the rest) in a unison of the minds kind of deal. Creates greater awareness of body and can extract even more power more efficiently from the form. Think Parasyte if you’ve ever watched it.

  3. FluffRat

    An interesting “race” to play around with. Not what I would normally expect to find in a work of erotic fiction, but interesting none the less.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Yeah, I tend to get caught up in “world building” so sometimes the “erotic world building” gets a bit blurry lol. However, even if a Jynx is a “cold logical” type, they aren’t without their vices. The human desire for contact and sex is still present in some of them, but being so numb to their body makes them even more desperate for their addiction. There are others who’ve taken to stealing parts and “attractive assets” from others to make themselves more interesting and “sexy” to varying degrees of success.

      • Jess

        Well with Cyberpunk comes existential questions, ennui and mortal angst. Jynx can become obsessed with the idea of pleasure to such a point where they are constantly searching for increasingly extreme forms of debauchery. Others might become envious of others and try to remove their ability to feel pleasure.

        • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

          Precisely. Some actively try to divorce themselves from the faults of humanity, while others cling to these “flaws” harder than most humans and desperately seek out anything to get just a taste of something outside the numbness; and indeed there will be those that actively try to repress these things in others out of envy. It’s much in the ways of a being who can easily become addicted, but also has the fail-safe of simply cutting off physiology/psychological needs, as long as their willing to risk their humanity.

          While the jynx as a creation of mine, stands more of as an excuse to wrap together a bunch of possibilities, from a psychological, story or gameplay side they certainly are more than a simple hodge-podge.

  4. liger

    While much of the characteristics of the race aren’t exactly my cup of tea, I do love the concept. A race that’s deadly powerful and incredibly hardy, but the source of those traits also dooms them to slowly lose their mind.
    I do have a question I can’t find in the lore post though, if the core of a Jinx runs out of power is the consciousness destroyed?

    • liger

      No, I’m pretty sure I wrote Jynx. Thanks, computer, for not even telling me you auto-corrected.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Yeah, I wasn’t completely sure if they really fit into the erotic aspects of Elysium, but I did feel they can play an important part for the world itself, so its a coin toss there. I’m sure though, as the internet is a diverse place, they’ll appeal to someone.

      Power loss in a Jynx core essentially is just like blacking out in real life. Moments of your life disappear and then when power is restored you wake up, as if little more than a blink has passed. A dormant core can hold a consciousness for decades and then be re-awoken. However if power is lost at an ill time it can cause mental corruption and memory loss and in very bad states it could cause complete deletion, just depends on how well maintained the core it. If the core is heavily damaged in combat these same data losses can occur.

      So there is some risk to making one’s mind digital, but those risks aren’t too different from the memory loss and brain damage that can occur in organic minds as well.

  5. Owl

    Jynx, Urko, and the Oom are my three favorite races so far. I love that you have more unusual/Sexy-Gross races in your game.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Ha, thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying that fact! Sexy-Gross is my bag for some reason but it allows for more interesting TF possibilities. I mean obviously there will be plenty of “traditionally attractive” beings as well, but I believe its good to try and take those risks in a “fantasy/scifi” settings instead of just “green colored” people and the like.

  6. Anonymous

    this sounds like a fun way to say “oops i broke my body time to get a new one”

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Yup, that’s essentially the idea. lol.
      A Jynx will use their body much more like a tool or vehicle than an actual extension of themselves, so when it gets too broken down or damaged, they usual feel little hesitation switching to a new “armature”.

  7. Anonymous

    Will this game be available as a mobile game?

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Official? Probably not, sorry. This is a game built in flash and mobile is actively trying to kill off all flash based stuff and I don’t really know of any methods to port a flash game onto a mobile platform. But there may be a method in the future, but my lack of experience and skill will likely prevent such transitions.

      However, not all hope is lost I suppose, as there’s an anon out there working on converting my game to HTML5 and while its a modification he plans to keep all the original content and design choices intact. It might look a bit different but it should work when he’s finished with it. He’s calling the project “Venture”, but I don’t know if he has a regular place to post information yet. So I guess just keep your eyes peeled.

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