♦      Species Compendiary      ♦

  • Name: Oom   (“rhymes with womb”)
  • Trope: Debauchers
  • Mutagen: Daelia Infection
  • Form: Fungal humanoid
  • Region: Wide Spread / +Eldritch Hallows
  • Lord: None / Various / Eros

♦   Brief Description

The Oom are a race of strange, gregarious and predatory demons with unusual anatomies, uncontrollable appetites and an affinity for all things hedonistic. Wherever they go they bring with them havoc and debauchery; eating everything they can stuff into their bodies, intoxicating any creature they can inject their eggs, fluid or other chemicals into, and generally setting the standard for chaotic Elysian pillage parties. Due to their extremely high metabolisms and drug like bodily fluids they have a very difficult time controlling their urges but live in a state of perpetual euphoria filled with feasts and blood-shed. Those who do master their urges however have been known to be impressive gourmands, chemists, warriors and scientists, making them a force to be reckoned with, whether they’re lucid or not.

♦   Physical Appearance

The Oom have a primarily human appearance but are often fatter, more muscular and taller than humans and are objectively more monstrous. Their skin is a mix of off hued patches and they have a soft, rubbery texture owing to their fungal like bodies and systems. These spongy bits are balanced out by sets of dense dermal armor that decorate their thick thighs and over-sized claw hands. A top their heads are usually a collection of tentacle like flanges or mushroom like caps, both reminiscent off and nothing like human hair. Their faces however are unusually doll like and placid, in contrast with their extreme body. On closer inspection one will find large fissures that run from the corners of their mouths to their ears, marking the place through which their jaw can unhinge like a snake. Just like their faces, their abdomens and breasts are marked by tightly clamped fissures through which sticky bluish fluids dew and drip, hinting at their ability to spring open like the humanoid-flytraps they are.


♦   Abilities

The Oom boast the ability to absorb and consume almost any material at almost any quantity with little penalty to their bodies. Their rapid digestive processes and extreme metabolism make short work of whatever falls into their bottomless stomachs, however, their appetites and intoxication often won’t let them escape obesity. They also possess the ability to open their entire abdominal cavity, like a squishy, hallucinogenic-goo filled starfish, allowing them to force food and prey directly into their trap like bodies, digesting things they can’t have otherwise swallowed. Beyond their digestive system they also are capable of asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction and parasitic reproduction owing to their diverse set of organs, egg types, ovipositors and the ability to control their hormones.

♦   Culture

The Oom have little sense of government and thus live nomadic, hedonistic lives, moving from place to place based on food sources and reproductive opportunity. Those individuals that break out of their nature tend to be surprisingly intelligent, many of whom go on to be leaders, scientists, shop owners and doctors. However, in most civilized areas of the island, Oom are all but banned and many are hunted and killed by would-be heroes and dare-devils alike. The paranoia surrounding the chemical lunacy induced by them or the veracious attacks they cause has changed many laws and some cities won’t even open their gates to anyone whose had recent contact with one, especially if they’re suspected of having been impregnated. Thus many have to stick to the outskirts of acceptable society, teetering on the edge of sobriety. If tipped over in a public setting, disaster can result. Even in these less savory places Oom often have troubled lives, many enterprising criminals are quick to enslave or kill an Oom for their expensive and illegal hallucinogenic milk and fluids, where they will be harvested from or farmed.

♦   Origin

The Oom have been one of the most recent races to appear on the island. Their origins are unknown but there are rumors that they’re derived from some infectious form found in the depths of the eldritch hallows.




[Author’s note 12/15/15]: I Went way overboard on this one. Started out doodling some concept, and got carried away with them. I Wanted a race to fit into the more “monster” side of race tropes and be a big vagrant special snowflake OC, so I think that goal was accomplished. It’s a gross sexy mix of a bunch of the weirder things I’m into, so I guess it was inevitable, but at the same-time I also see the interesting things I can do with it from the game’s stand point. And yes, it’s been blatantly ripped off of one of Mode7’s designs, because I love his awesome stuff and he’s admittedly way better at making gross things sexy than I am. Ha ha, anyways, Don’t worry if you’re not into all these things though, I plan on this race being one of the less common one’s and encounters will often be behind the different fetish gates in the options when they do get implemented. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last posted any lore, and I know these “lore profile” things are pretty short when it comes to lore content, but I hope you enjoy it anyways. I’ll also be going back over the old lore posts to add in some of these “author’s notes” things that I should have been putting in all along for context. Anyways, with that out of the way, I should probably get back to actually making the game instead of dream about the junk I’m going to ham into it (Well, after I get some sleep, it’s 4am here, lol). Cheers ~


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  1. Anonymous

    Are slimes going to make an appearance? If so, will they be the average slime or will they have special lore qualities like everything else in Elysium?

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      There will indeed be slimes, however they probably won’t be too particularly unique. I do plan on a ton of varieties though as I really enjoy slimes. So there will be acidic ones, fattening ones, drugging ones etc. and there will be non-sentient blob slimes as well as sentient humanoid slimes.

      The goo-girls of Elysium are merely the symbiotic form of a human consciousness that’s retained it’s integrity after being consumed by certain species of slimes or fusing with too many parasitic slimes. They retain the properties and abilities of their respective slime creator.

      The slimes themselves aren’t the general “massive single celled organism” either, they’re simply a network of microscopic protists mutated by the Daelia scourge. Some slimes may even be the reverse, a human that lost corporeality as their flesh dissolved or mutated into a blob. There’s a lot of options but I haven’t quite figured out what their “Elysium brand” uniqueness will be just yet.

  2. Atlya

    Wow, that’s quite detailed and impressive. That’s spooky but I wonder how they’ll be implemented in the final product.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Well thank you. I hope to one day get as much detail into each race of creature on the island, even if it means a smaller cast, it’ll mean there’s more depth and more to do with that cast.

      The Oom will probably make it into the game bit by bit as simple transformation or effect tests. I still have to write in the intoxication system and give sanity a more prevalent response in the game, but from there a lot of their abilities will be socked away under a “powers” menu or something of the such so one can choose to use some of their stuff or in combat one could lunge at their enemy while open to attempt an instant capture but risk high damage. The egg injecting and intoxicant factors could also be used on enemies or NPCs.

      From an enemy standpoint I want them to provide some changes to combat as they don’t really rely on pure physical force to win battles, instead, it’s endurance. They’ll have high defenses and basically just wait out the fight, taking hits while they try to intoxicant the player into submission or grapple the player till they tire and can be consumed. If captured in their body the player can then try to struggle out and that sort of thing.

      I plan on the player being able to respawn through a rematerialization process, kind of like borderlands, where you just pay units or give up XP or something to respawn, so it’s not like the game will end there if one get’s eaten. Plus if the player has vore or vore death toggled off I can just give them a different ability. Like, if they capture the player inside of them, instead of hurting them or consuming them upon defeat, they’ll just drain energy and fat out of their bodies. Stealing their flesh but leaving them basically unharmed. Or they might use their organs to fondle the player and sex them up internally. That non-leathal outcomes would be common in general depending on the individual Oom’s mannerisms, so it’s not reliant on the player toggling stuff off or anything. Not all of them are blood thirsty.

      And of course, if they win sexually, they’ll often have their way with the player, consuming them, absorbing them or probably just impregnating them with their parasitic eggs and leaving the player in an intoxicated daze as they grow.

      They certainly won’t be the most common enemy type, but I think there are a lot of interesting outcomes I could take with them.

      • Geekingout

        oh! With the respawn, maybe make it a built in feature of your initial ship. Later on in the game you can get the option to get it (either the ship or the respawner) dragged over to a new place, so that you can “change” respawn points. Or even getting access to a respawner besides your ship through gaining favor with a lord.

        • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

          I’m not sure exactly where or what the respawner will be, but I do plan on the player being able to choose spawn points and such, so “unlocking” them through challenges or lords would be a nice way to get the “this is my region” kind of thing going. I eventually plan on the player being able to setup other houses and camps once the game gets much more fleshed out. That way they aren’t always stuck at the starting area. We’ll see how it all plays out though.

  3. Anon

    “(…) some cities won’t even open their gates to anyone (…) suspected of having been impregnated.”

    So, does it mean there won’t be any way, or will there be some way to smuggle some ? I definitely enjoy that kind of challenge, especially if it leads to massive corruption/moral degeneration in the town after you give birth to your batch of wonderfully little drug fountains and let them prey on the bigots.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Oh there will certainly be alternative ways into stuck up cities and such. The player more than likely won’t be the only mutation or victim turned away so they’ll have plenty of support trying to get into safe zones. After all, most of these conservative zones turn away people with otherwise harmless mutation simply out of fear and their wish to preserve the remnants of humanity as a superior clean race, untouched by demons. However, the player can indeed change that.

      I know it’s big leap to say my game will have a large dynamic world that the players actions can influence, but it is what I want to do, if I can. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a long while though.

      But for now, one can always dream and talk about the stuff we’d want to do and maybe one day do it. I want the player’s actions to have consequences (mostly fun ones) and one can see things change, even if it’s small things like “city B’s random NPCs now have mutants and demons mixed into the humans you’ll find” or new items, NPCs and shops showing up in an area, or maybe something more advanced like an entire political shift, the gates are open and the monasteries pillaged, it’s now a partying demon city with a completely different atmosphere. The place is trashed and the player can revel in knowing they caused this.

      Again, big dreams, but we’ll see.

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