♦      Lord Compendiary      ♦


  • Name: Volupta Gula, The Witch of the Grove
  • Trope: Dionysus-esque hedonism god
  • Region: The Glutted Grove
  • Temple: Palace of Plenty
  • Followers: The Grove Concord
  • Allies: Frejya
  • Enemies: Biss, Garamond, Chastia
  • Fetishes/Themes: Weight gain, gluttony, addiction, intoxication, vore

♦   Brief Description

Hidden in her magically concealed forest, Volupta Gula sits upon a decadent throne engorging herself and her followers with the pleasures of life. She feasts not only on the material, but also upon the physical manifestation of pleasure and euphoria that she distills inside the bodies of her followers, known as soma. Her followers, in their euphoric state, willingly offer up their bodies as vessels to be networked into the palace of plenty’s organic pipe-works and distillery, to be filled, fucked, pampered, drugged and fattened for their lord’s pleasure, before she drains them and starts again. With an insatiable gluttony for these hedonistic processes she tries to seduce as many willing participants as she can, even if they aren’t always initially willing. She feeds until her gelatinous form nearly swallows her whole, ready to burst, before she finally transmutes her mass and births yet more oily black monsters to guard her lands and bring her more participants. Her goal for Elysium is to bring peace through pleasure and bliss, enrapturing as many as she can with her cause so that she can spread the plenty she provides and feeds upon it as a generous vampiric queen.

♦   Physical Appearance

While her body is technically amorphous, being made mostly of some strange pitch-black gel, she often takes the shape of a heavy-set human female. Patches of ivory white adorned her body contrasting against the oily black ,making her face, upper limbs and ponderous stomach more prominent. Her face is decorated in a stark pattern similar to sugar skull face paint that make her green glowing eyes hypnotically stark, and although seemingly grim, it makes the pleasured devious smiles of her chubby face no less soft. Atop her head lies a tangled ocean of curly hair, glowing a soft purple-pink hue generated from all the soma she consumes. She cycles through levels of obesity at a rapid pace; by gorging herself on the pleasures of others, her semi-transparent girth swells into gelatinous extremes. Having acquired enough mass, she then uses it to birth/create strange creatures, servile beings or even useful substances, rapidly shrinking to a more manageable size so she may repeat her gorging rituals. Due to her rapidly changing body, she rarely wares anything beyond loose fitting silk robes and decorate jewelry.

♦   Abilities

She isn’t a fighter but her seductive magic and powerful spells are probably some of the strongest out of any of the lords. Instilling addiction in anyone but the strongest of wills, she feeds upon their need and pleasure, literally as they swell with strange meta-physical substances. Using her girth to fuel her dark magic, she harvests them and feasts (often leaving them unharmed) growing her reservoirs. Using this she can create all manner of monsters, objects and other strange things. She can also use these powers to generate fertility and growth in the flora and fauna around her temple, increasing the available food and pleasure sources near her. Further, with her body being amorphous she can shift her mass at will. This allows her to change the form or the purpose of her mass so that she may becomes physically strong or hard, spiked, elastic or whatever she desires. Another ability boasted by her strange flesh is that she can painlessly pull piece of herself off; those who have been granted the right to consume her flesh or fluids can gain a taste of her power.

♦   Personality

Aloof, playful and hungry she is a hedonist in every sense of the word, despite the overt nature of her pleasure seeking she is also a very generous and caring creature; always looking after the pleasure and health of others even if her kindness ultimately has a selfish motivation. This nurturing of others she does sometimes crosses the line between loving care and obsessive overbearingness as her desperate need to feed over takes her. Other days she’s hardly caring at all, her sweetness buried under a bout of uncontrollable bingeing and desire. While she cares for her people, at times she can hardly control her own body. To avoid losing control she’s adopted a habit of smoking the glowing green “bushman’s resin” which tempers her addictions and if only shortly dampens her immense hunger. In these times where her lack of self control becomes dangerous, she isolates herself below the organic distillery system below the temple to feed in peace while her guardians care for her people.

♦   Cult

The Grove Concord is the name of the cult that worships, protects and surrounds Volupta Gula. They are lead by Volupta herself and her “Auslese” (Select harvest) and made up of travelers and “Eiswien” (“ice wine” as in, the German wine made from frozen grapes, “in from the cold”). The Auslese are Eiswien that have served their lord long enough to be blessed with consuming her flesh or otherwise be blessed with her mark, adopting both her powers and many of her habits as well as her favor. As Auslese they have two roles: the first is to act as care takers for the Eiswien and new comers to the temple; feeding them, pleasuring them, cleaning and caring for them. Secondly they serve their lord directly, acting as more experienced vessels when they’re needed and in a more general sense, simply caring for their lord when she’s too intoxicated, incapacitated, immobilized or is just hungry for their attention. As members of this cult, her followers get to experience the safety of the temple and enjoy everything they could need physically or sexually; only at the cost of offering their body or services to the lord and of course the risk of addiction and mutation associated with her realm.

♦   Origin

The origins of the lords have long been lost to time and even their own memories on the matter have long sense been buried by the beings they’ve become. This information may never make a canon appearance in the game, but the lords were all humans once and those have relatively normal origins. In her human days, Volupta was the head nurse and nutritionist of I.E.S. Elysium’s crew, maintaining the ship’s nutrient dispersion systems and maintaining crew health. However, on Elysium’s surface the use of automated systems died out and her “skills” fell mostly into disuse. Especially with other doctors abound and with her role in the council she grew bored and indulgent, and eventually addicted to distracting herself from the increase disparity and difficult of life on the surface. As the council broke apart and Amoria fell, she became consumed by her addiction and mutations, these hedonistic traits were exaggerated immensely. She quickly grew fat and dependent on her followers. Afraid that her addiction would drive her followers away she devised means to enrapture and use them for her needs, creating a sanctuary of plenty to isolate her with her source of pleasure, until she became the bloated enchantress she now is.



  1. Duotes

    I am loving her aesthetic right here. She reminds me of the owner of an old-timey brothel. And given the lore, it very much suits her.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Thank you. That’s pretty much what I was going for. The protective, portly matron of a less than classy, but not too crass, establishment of pleasure seeking and excesses. lol
      (sorry for the late post, things got away from me some how)

  2. Nekomundo

    Yay, lore! I’ve been waiting for this post (and those to follow) for a while. It’s nice that you are still managing some work (both in game and life) and even better that you can take time off to celebrate your anniversary. (Happy anniversary btw!)

    Take care and be safe!

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Thank you :)
      We had a great anniversary and it’s been relatively nice on the progress front as well. Sorry its been so long since the last lore, I get discouraged from posting them when I don’t have complimentary art to go with it, given that, I don’t draw all that often and it takes me a while to make something of quality. Eventually though there will be lore and art established for all the lords.
      (Sorry for the late post, been away)

  3. Anonymous

    Isn’t the correct germain term “Wein”? Or is “wien” just an unusual spelling in case of this specific wines name?

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      oops, yeah, I just mixed up the e and the i. Thanks for pointing that out.

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