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This is a simple list of other projects and games in development by peers, friends and people I’m fans of. Feel free to spread your interests and support exploring projects similar to Tainted Elysium or at least related to the interest of Elysium’s Author

Last updated (06/10/16)

Game Spot-light: (Alphabetical)

  • Game Title: AGHG
  • Author: Catboy w/ Cream
  • Themes: Femboys, Cum/fluid stuffing, Monster-sex, cutsey pixel graphics, etc.
  • Description: This is a game being made by a friend of mine, there’s no public demo just yet, but he does have a dev blog and the game looks promising and cute. Its going to be a 2d platformed with fully animated sprites and graphics with lots of adorable lewd monsters and characters.


  • Game Title: Castle-Rock
  • Author: CastleDev
  • Themes: Post-Apocalypse, cosplay, rape, monster-sex, Metal ass pixel graphics, etc.
  • Description: CastleRock is an Adult -2D RPG set in a radioactive post-apocalyptic world, with party based/turn based combat and player customization. It’s pretty neato, the art is awesome and castle is a cool dude. lol


  • Game Title: Boundlessboundless_small
  • Author: Leupai
  • Themes: Furry, Weight-gain, Mutation, Parasite
  • Description: Boundless is an interesting experimental fetish game set in a pretty unique universe. It’s themed around a dream world with a shifting reality. There is a bit of a learning curve and much of the game’s terms and systems are based more on the knowledge of the author (Dr.susses-esque oddness) than something easy for the player to understand. Regardless it has some interesting applications and has inspired a few things for Elysium. It’s primarily weight gain themed and does not have any inherently sexual content, it’s very colorful and beyond that it is a bit odd in general, so viewers beware


  • Game Title: Fatty-Text-Adventure
  • Author: Noone
  • Themes: Furry, Weight-gain, Vore, force-feeding
  • Description: This is one of the games that inspired me to create my own as it was mechanically similar to what I wanted and of course covered some of the things I was into. The game is “complete” now as the author is done with it, but it’s still a fun romp for any weight-gain or vore fans. It was never fully satisfying to me however due to its lack of humans and there was no real sex elements as that wasn’t what interested the author. Again, hence the inspiration.


  • Game Title: Fetish Master
  • Author: H-coder + (Dohavocom)
  • Themes: Mind-control, slave-management?, weight-gain, body changes, pregnancy
  • Description: While I don’t think the author of the game is able to work on it anymore due to life circumstance, the game he created is very interesting. The basic premise is that you’re someone whose been severely injured and in order to live your life you control other people who at as your proxy. The proxy has their own wants and desires but you influence and control them. Lots to do and while admittedly I spent most of my time fiddling with things to turn my proxies into submissive cows, its a fun and interesting environment. Luckily the game is built well and makes a good platform for modding. My friend Dohavocom has made a more weight-gain centric addon for the game if anyone would like to check that out.


  • Game Title: Free Cities
  • Author: FCDev
  • Themes: Slavery, Management, Human Cattle, Prostitution, racism etc
  • Description: While this game is a little light on my love of freaky-fatty-alien stuff, this game is pretty fun. Many joke that it really becomes more of a management sim than a real sex game but I thought there was plenty of good sexy stuff in it. The game puts you in charge of domed off city in an apocolyptic earth were in you control, fuck, buy and sell slaves and do all sorts of god awful things to them. Although I inevitably end up turn my personal slaves into fat pampered cows instead. The attention to detail is great and FCDev produces updates at an impressive speed, so I really respect the dude. Wish there was more detail to fat and body types, but its not his bag and the game doesn’t suffer for it. /d/ certainly loves the game so you can general find it being discussed there if anyone is interested.


  • 8728328@400-1346005655Game Title: WGRPG
  • Author: Kilif / Vilified
  • Themes: Dragon, Weight-gain, experimentation
  • Description: This game was probably one of the biggest pieces to push me towards creating my own game. Something about it just clicked with me and I spent a lot of time examining its parts. It’s an ancient abandoned project created by a friend of mine, but it still holds up well for what little content it does have, if you’re into WG stuff of course.


  • Game Title: Yaffaif
  • Author: DingoTush
  • Themes: Furry, Weight-gain, Body-changes
  • Description: This is a game created by a friend of mine. He’s been tinkering on it for a long time, longer than Elysium actually and it was yet another part of the vehicle that got me interested in developing my own project. In the game you can run around as a number of anthros or human beings and meddle around with all the tests, traps and adventures DingoTush has setup. Obviously there’s plenty of eating and fat stuff, but its an interesting game and something I’ll be continuing to keep my eye on for both inspiration and fun.



Other Games & Resources

  • /d/’s List of /d/ Games : http://pastebin.com/Su7gb2iq
  • Anonymousynn’s Game : They’re a big fan of Tainted Elysium and they’ve recently started working on game and I figured they could use a little traffic their way to get some energy flowing. I meant to do this sooner, but I could never get around to finishing this page.
  • Fenoxo’s Games: Obviously most everyone knows who Fen is and what CoC, and TiTS are, but I figured I’d put these out there anyways. His games were always a big inspiration to me anyways and regardless of what people say about furries or futas or waifus, I consistently enjoyed the game and it was my “gate-way drug” into the world of /d/-games.
  • Parasite Infection: I played this game the other night and while its a bit rough and early in its development cycle, there aren’t that many folks out there that’ll take on the subject of parasites. So I figure if any of my squirm fans are around I should send them their way.


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