Sorry for the late post, things got away from me. Anyways, I got a little time this week and worked out some decent progress. It’s nothing to show off and nothing new, seeing as its more of the conversion/trudge work shit that’d have to be done at some point anyways. So I’ll keep it brief for this weeks post and maybe come back with something more interesting next time.

oom-concept-120416-textless-crop-tinyObviously it’s been a while since I got a good break that could be spent working, so I didn’t just spend it on trudge work I took some time to relax and stretch parts of my brain I haven’t used in a bit and doodled some crap as well as continued my work on that lore glossary thing I’ve yet to post up. It’d been a long while since I last drew anything and I had some stuff I wanted to rework some stuff on the Oom (lore post on them here) and you can see the full sized updated drawing of my weird creation here or by clicking the thumbnail if that’s your thing. I don’t know.

Anyways, just more work shifts, thinking about things I wish I could be working on or fixing in Elysium while I’m there and then tinkering on Elysium if I have free time when I get home lol. So since I’ve been thinking about lore, the Q&A’s (although I didn’t get any this week) and what events I’ll want to test shit with I got some things I wanted to know from you all in regards to NPCs and the kind of things you look for with interactions and the like. So here’s a little NPC related survey, (or you can take this straw poll if you’re short on time) but feel free to leave comments or things in the Q&A or down below in the comments if you want. (The survey is just a gauge concerning NPCs, companions and waifus, not the Elysium will be all that heavy on companions, but there’s still things I’d like to get a measure on)

I’ll be leaving it at this though. So, you all have a good one and I hope to have to good stuff to discuss with you all next time. Cheers mates


  1. Anonymous

    Hey I have a question. Is there going to be a kindof tldr setting? I really like text based porn games but not reading long text.

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      Yep, that’s actually exactly one of the things my next update will be bringing. I’ve rewritten all of the intro scenes (plus some new ones) with a TL:DR version that can be swapped in anytime. There will be a semi-dedicated button in the bottom right hand corner that’ll switch the read modes between full text and tldr. Not all scenes will have this, particularly if they’re already short or I just didn’t have time to write up their tldr just yet, but eventually if anything is going to make you scroll down to read, it’ll have a tldr summary.

  2. Anonymous

    I love your concept art. Keep up the good work!

  3. Owl

    Love the updated version of the Oom.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Atticus! In the last Q&A someone asked about consuming cum, but what about producing it?
    Will the player be able to enchance cum production temporarily and/or permanently?

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