Welp, I did what I usually do and started more things than I could finish in the allotted time. I’ve never been good at sitting down and just getting one thing done, I need a million little side projects going to keep my attention or something. haha. Well, anyways, just thought I’d put up a post to talk about the progress I’ve made and post the results of the player survey.

The results (as you can see to the left) of the survey were basically as expected, but it was still interesting to see. Our audience here is largely male and straight, as to be expected, but there’s a notable amount of people who are bisexual or flexible individuals which combined is 41%. I was a little surprised that most people play the game in second person, but I suppose thats not actually that surprising. Most people like self insertion of some form. I’m more of a detached observer type, so that’s why I’m all up on that third person. lol

(The sanity bar will now take on various shades of red as stress levels rise, adding in the separate factors without needing to make more bars)

Also interesting that the Oom and Jynx are so much higher on the list than I thought they would be, so that’s neat. Everything else was about on par with what I had thought, but as I said before, its good data.

As far as game progress goes, I’ve been fiddling with bugs as usual, but I’ve also been tinkering on a handful of new effects, a new item, a new parasite and a new event to give the new parasite. A thing that stalled stuff (other than being busy with work and the usual) was separating out stress and sanity into two systems. I realized that it would be dumb for something like pain induced sanity loss and pleasure induced sanity loss to work under the same conditions, so now there’s a short term trauma sort of things “stress” that builds up and is relieved by various activities. Stress can lead to panic attacks and mess with hormones and other stats, while sanity is a deeper layer that’s more along the lines of “euphoria” and intoxication. Loss of sanity can cause one to pass out or experience a psychotic episode (which aren’t in yet, but will be a thing). Both will have different types of messages and effects, lead to different types of bad ends, etc. long story lol

I dunno. I think I’ll just keep this brief, talking too much about stuff gets peoples hopes up and hype is dangerous. Keep that train on the tracks so you don’t crash into disappointment, you know, lol. But eh, getting closer to an update, so it is what it is either way. I’ll leave things here and thank you all for all the support and engagement this community has been providing as of late, things have been stellar.

Oh, and one last thing. There’s this bug (I’m just calling the pixel jank bug), for those that are viewing my game at resolutions too different than the original, some of the backgrounds and screen parts get their pixels all janked up. It looks bad, like the corners where hit with a tire iron. haha. Well anyways, finally found a simple solution to the issue and in the next update everyone should be seeing the game as its meant to look with 90% less jank. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  1. Statesss

    Where was this survay 0..o iwould say egg laying pregnant and dragon tf

  2. Anon

    Make Elysium jankless again.

  3. anon

    Yeah i’d love to see some more pregnancy stuff

  4. wootles

    we need furrys. fuzzy fluffy furrys. with fur

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