I think this makes the record for longest time without an update (post public release that is), but as I have said for the past few weeklies, expect this. Busy, busy as usual with bullshit and feeling like crap, but I did find time to relax and get down to work on Elysium. The Layout is coming together, and I’m nailing it all in. Still a ways to go yet but it’s looking rather nice. You can see its new art pass in these three photos. New representations of the standard background, the forest background and the camp background respectively.

Tainted Elysium New UI Preview1_small
Standard “blank” background
Tainted Elysium New UI Preview2_small
Forest Background
Tainted Elysium New UI Preview3_small
Camp-Ship Background

Do try to ignore the fact that the right side hasn’t been filled in yet, nor have all the button columns been worked out yet. Also, ignore the two bar things on either side of the Alignment chart, they aren’t quite setup up yet. I guess what I’m saying is this is just the art pass, the UI and setup isn’t nearly complete yet.


Anyways, as you can see from the post title, this isn’t a post about my UI progress, but rather one to discuss the results of this recent poll and answer some of the questions I’ve been left. Because of the nature of this particular poll and the fact that only 50 people ended up answering, I’ll probably leave it open for future reference and new comers.

I asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how much you enjoyed or were interested in each of the nine lords, and here are the results.

Poll8 Lord Results

There’s many ways to dissect this, but the way I’m interpreting it is the lords rank in popularity something like this.

  • 1. Volupta-Gula or Freya
  • 2. The Architect or Papillon
  • 3.  Eros
  • 4. Válkos or Garamond
  • 5. Chastia
  • 6. Biss

So, it looks like Biss could use a little more work before she’s proper for the game, and perhaps even Chastia. Although she’s supposed to be somewhat “unfun” inherently. lol.

On that note, it’s time to answer some of the questions left in the comments section of the poll. I’ll be addressing these in the order they came in, and this won’t be all of them, only the one’s a felt were important enough to address publicly.



Q: “How does Chastia reconcile her hatred towards non-humans and her own “mutated” body?”

Tesserarius by Toshinho

A: She sees herself as a grand divine and beyond human, as the guardian of human kind. She sees herself as innately pure and that the non-humans and other lords are just corruptions. Physically she’s also the most human, simply being taller, more fit and more radiant than normal humans, so this furthers her feeling of “I’m not a demon”.

Q: “A question I had regarding Chastia was that if you had already had a mutation due to being tainted prior, such as a tail or horns, that would clearly be against their views, so will their be a way to remove taint or mutations in the future?”

A: Yes, absolutely. A process to do so may not be immediately available, but I certainly plan on having mutation removal and other things. However, to be lore friendly, it’ll have to be a rather exclusive thing. Such as a hard to find item, and expensive surgery, etc. But not so hard as to make some feel like they’re stuck with something they didn’t want. Lore wise, non-humans are allowed into Sun’s harbor and into Chastia’s faction, but only in segregated parts of the city and only in very minor roles in their groups, and only so long as their mutation as controlled and their behaviors are immaculate. It is worth noting that within these ghettos are rising opposition groups, fighting for a more free and more lewd future.

Q: “While reading the info on the pdf about Válkos I believe that I read that he had ‘beloved generals’, I’d personally like to see the relationships there and maybe a part of his side-story being working your way up to being one of those said generals.”

A: With all the lords they will have a special “elite” group within their respective faction, most of which will be a rank or title the player character themselves can achieve. It might be a more trivial thing, such as in the less ridged faction of Freya’s groups where their “elite” rank is gained simply by outbreeding or out “helping” others in the group, becoming a “town matron or patron”,    or it can be more like the military rank and file of Valkos’ army where trust and rank must be earned through quests, combat and revelry. Becoming a general in his army would be an end route for a set of quests, placing you in a position of influence over the city. From their the next tier of quest would be available. etc.

Of course I could keep hyping that up, as it’s always easier to say than do, but it’s certainly a goal.

Q: “Regarding Eros, if you were to join ‘it’ and become a part of ‘it’, you would still retain control of your character, right? I mean it’s described as a singular hive mind, so I’m confused how’d that coincide with a character that’s still controlled by a player.”

A: Lore wise Eros would naturally assimilate all who come in contact with it in some form or another, but as you 1384408216584_smallmay recall from the guide, it briefly mentions that occasionally it will convert beings into monsters or specialized mutants to do its bidding in places it can’t go (namely, direct sunlight). While yes, they may remain a part of the hive mind, they do retain some of free will in order to better play the part of an infiltrator (kind of like terminator, where the machines are all a part of skynet, but retain the ability to make their own decisions, simply fallowing a directive). So on the game side, this will mean the play get’s converted into a monster, carrier or disguised servant type being and gets certain urges and pushes from the hive mind, but ultimately will still retain some of their sanity and free will. The longer you go without fulfilling your task on your own time, the lower your sanity will go, till eventually the task will be carried out forcibly, much like the way lust is forced if it maxes out.

Q: “Can we defeat any lords in the game, then use them against each other?”

A: That’s the plan. Fullfilling lord quests or taking on lords will change the political structure of Elysium. (again, big and lofty, too much talk for so little show, bit it’s what I’d fucking love to do). So for example, siding with Valkos and defeating Chastia will give you access to her city and army, converting them into demons and weapons of your own. Defeating a lord with Biss, Eros or Volupta might give you control over the lord themselves through breaking them, or converting them. Even just being part of a lord’s faction may give you enough favor with them to ask for certain actions. I’m certainly open to a lot of interactive ideas and I’d love to accomplish as many as humanly possible. So we’ll see how that goes when I get to that road, but yes, I’d love to have lord interactions influenced by the player.

Q: “How does Garamond make so much money when it seems like everyone would hate his guts? Are the other lords trading with him, or does he just own some major production centers and have access to lots of “natural” resources?”

A: Garamond literally invented the currency that is used and thus has an innate control over its distribution. Naturally it took a long while for it to become a common in-circulation currency, but eventually it got there. Garamond’s powers allow him an immense amount of charisma and persuasive skill and that’s his most important ability, he’s a “sell ice to an Eskimo” type of guy. With the help of like minded individuals he build a sort of Con-man empire and has been influencing Elysium over time, slowly trying to bring it under his control. He owns most of the southern and western parts of Elysium, but lacks trade routes in some of the more dangerous areas or in the areas that are against the depravitious ideologies spread by his economy. He makes the majority of his money from stores or shop owners that he franchises too, and from black market deals, sneaking in erotic materials, drugs and slaves into the more pure cities, he also pits factions against one another, supplying both sides with weapons and power, draining them of money. It’s been a long build up over time that got him there, but yes, essential he does have access to a lot of production and natural resources, owning a factory district that has a lot of the old ship’s technology still intact.

Q: I noticed one of the cons for Volupta’s faction is called ‘health issues’. What kind of health issues might be brought into the game? They’ll be weight-related, I assume?”

A: While I know it sounds a bit odd for a game about sexy things to have health problems involved, but if done right, for certain people health problems can be sexy. I want one’s play to influence their character in both realistic and fantastical ways, so bad diet leads to fat, slobby and unhealthy,     a good diet but lots of it, leads to fat but radiant.

Drug use, instinct or mutations can cause addictions, or neurosis, leading to withdrawal and other symptoms. They’ll be sexy needs, like sex withdrawal or a thirst for cum/milk/magic fruit. etc. but regardless there will be subjectively “detrimental” effects to overdoing something. A character who gets fat too quickly and unhealthily will wear down their body, becoming a bloated mess; they can’t fight as well and they tire and sweat easily. An addict might need their fix, 138458551057_smallor the player might get urges and somewhat timed “forced” actions. etc.    Excessive impregnation will stretch out one’s womb and belly, potentially “ruining their classic good looks” if they don’t take care of themselves. Over mutating will cause instinct to take over or for the player to take on that creatures weaknesses. There’s a lot of possibilities, some enjoyable, others not so much, but it’s something I’ll certainly explore.

There’s something sexy about depravity leading to a messed up corruption of that beings former-self. And I’m sure I’m not alone in that boat. But don’t worry if you think that’s an awful idea, because you can toggle it off, and any of these detrimental effects can be reversed or circumvented through other means in the game. There’s no traps or permanently stuck situations here (unless you want them to be).



That’s all for now, but I may do more like this in the future, thanks for all the feed back. I know I’m not always the most responsive and things haven’t been the best production wise as of late, but I do truly appreciate everyone and all the interest they show in this project. I know that hyping it up just makes some people even more frustrated and disappointed, but hopefully someday not to far off all of this can be a reality.

Thank you everyone.


  1. Cups

    See that’s the problem with filthy sub-humans. Give them a chance to live instead of being put to the sword and they want to start up a revolt? How about they leave and go live with the other lewd lords instead of bringing that non-sense up in here? My only concern about the humanity fuck yeah lord was because of the ‘feminine-might’ raising some flags. Is there any chance I can purge the unclean attempting to infest our glorious bastion of purity and sanity? Or put them into slavery where they belong? Filthy peasants.

    • Anonymous

      Just for that i’m totally gonna, if possible, defeat Chastia in my playthrough then stuff her full of delicious foods until she’s…let’s just say unfit for combat. Or maybe inflate her until she pops like a balloon~

      Clearly miss high and mighty needs to go. Give in to your corruption and enjoy your new home!~

      (On a serious note, I really enjoy her faction. I think most people didn’t vote for her because they wanna stick to the fetishy stuff. But there’s definitely more to the game than rampant sex. That’s just a big part of it! Every good story needs villains and honestly most of the factions/lords could be antagonists OR protagonists to a variety of players. P.S., it’s pretty obvious who my favorite is!)

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Haha! yes, you can play that side as well. I want one to be able to explore many routes in the game and trying to preserver their purity and finding or using natural relationships, makes for a great challenge, but purging the land of is hedonistic infections are that greater quest line stuff, mostly related to Chastia’s quests.

      I’m glad you like it friend. Just as sexuality can be pretty dynamic I want the gameplay and the lore to resemble that dynamism. Good can be bad, bad can be good.

  2. Anon

    This would probably be a lot more work but, are there any plans for different character mentalities in regards to their changes? For instance, under the current perks, glutton describes the character enjoying their eating disorder. Will there be any room for a character wanting to resist, wanting to lose weight, being embarrassed, etc?

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Absolutely. I want the character’s mental state to be a big factor in the way scenes develop. I’ll eventually have it set up so you can customize your character’s mentality, so you can set what they find attractive and unattractive. So if you set WG to a negative, they’ll have negative reactions towards their bodily changes.

  3. Anon E Mouse

    “While I know it sounds a bit odd for a game about sexy things to have health problems involved, but if done right, for certain people health problems can be sexy. I want one’s play to influence their character in both realistic and fantastical ways, so bad diet leads to fat, slobby and unhealthy,”

    EXCELLENT. Exactly what I’ve been waiting for

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I’m glad and I’d love to deliver on this. It’s something rarely explored and I know it’s shaky ground, but there’s probably a way to do it right.

  4. Anonymous

    Can’t weight to meet with Volupta! :D

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Puns make the best “paunch” line.

      They’re so bad. lol

  5. chimeranfighter

    So I’m wondering for the interface will the right hand side be filled with more options or visuals of characters you are engaging with?

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Both hopefully. After the overhaul is finished here, it’ll be a little barren for a while, leaving room for new UI elements in the future. But essentially the left side will be focused on the player character and the right hand side will be the environment, current location or current interaction, including items, npcs, enemies etc.
      So, in combat the whole right side will now facilitate data on the combatee, plus visuals of course.

      When it’s not in use I plan on implementing a better map system, so the right panel (when not interacting) will have a map with click-able locations to make travel less tedious.

      We’ll see when we get there of course.

  6. Atlya


    I was wondering, and don’t take this badly it’s just a genuine question, but developping a game such as this one, have you looked at existing advanced development solutions such as Unity? Because I’ve been fiddling with it for a couple of months and it really strikes me as a sweet solution for game dev, quite robust, and free.

    Flash always striked me as a so-so solution for this kinda thing, making things complicated both for the developper and the user. Unity 5 currently supports 21 platforms. :P

    Again, just an opinion, I know you already are overbooked with the current solution. ^^’

    • Chrome OS is Suboptimal

      If I understand correctly you are saying that Unity is easier to code in and is supported by more platforms. Across my various devices, more of them support flash than Unity. Since I have almost no experience with coding, I can’t really say anything about the difficulty of coding in either. However, if we are talking solely about compatibility with the most platforms, I think JavaScript and html are the winner, followed by flash. Again, I am no expert but in my experience this tends to be the case.

      • Atlya

        I am not sure I get your post but I was speaking dev tools in general, not web design…

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Well, all in all Unity and html5 are the cool kids on the block so to speak.
      I won’t dispute their ease of use or breadth of the tools they off because I honestly have zero experience with them, outside name recognition and games made with them. However, I do know that unity is more focused on 3d rendering and more complicated systems, something I don’t particularly require at this stage.

      I’ve grown up with the flash system for years now (while originally I used it as an art program for some crappy animation projects and other such junk) and only recently have I even dared venture into the world of programming. But because I learned it here first and even then I still know very little about the language, a new language becomes all the more intimidating to learn, particularly when I feel like it’s not immediately helpful to me. For one, the transition would mean I’d have to learn a new language and then rewrite the whole game into the new system, all for what would be subjectively a somewhat easier or more platform friendly experience.

      Ultimately it boils down to the “blub programming” paradox if you’ve heard of it. lol

      It’s a sort of “first language” bias, where other languages feel overly complicated or overly simple but whatever you started with is “best”


      • Atlya

        Unity totally allows for 2D development, quite easily.

        The scripting language of Unity can be used in three forms: C# (the best way – and I did not start with it), javascript and Boo.

        While I understand your reticence on learning a “new” language, for starters C# is quite supported and the web provides an endless stream of tutorials and whatnot to kickstart anyone in using it (and if you already know Object-oriented programming, it’d be all the simpler).

        Speaking of tutorials, the Unity3D website provides a fuckton of those in every aspect of their solution, including scripting. All presented in relatively short videos.

        They also provide online streaming (which are uploaded to youtube later as archives) that present more specific stuff and at which you can ask questions pertaining to it.

        Downloading the free Unity5 and watching a couple videos would take very little of one’s time to see if it’s adequate for one or not.

        I guess both solutions have their perks and disadvantages but, that said, you’re the man behind this project. :)


  7. Anonymous

    I am SO SO SO happy that health issues are going to be included in this game. I was already looking forward to Voluptua and her faction, but the idea I can glut myself into being unhealthy slob makes that all the better.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      haha! I’m glad.
      It’s certainly something I’d like to explore the options with.

  8. Heppi

    I’m wondering that if your PC were to become immobile, how could you make them lose weight?

  9. Geekingout

    A thought with Biss – one of the big things in the BDSM community is trust. If someone’s not into something, then that’s what the safe word is for. I would think that if someone is a willing person they could have that type of relationship in Biss’s domain, but as she stands she’s more into slavery and punishment & probably wouldn’t be interested in bondage play.

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