To put it simply, I’ve been away. Outside of work, most of my time has been sapped up by some on going family matters and spending what free time I had on other matters. Its resolved now and I just want to get back to doing things again. So, very clearly, progress isn’t going as I planned, but what else is new. hah. I’ll have something out at the end of the week for sure, even if its unfinished, I need to catch back up.
For now I’m going answer some of the Q&As you all have left me, because I owe at least that much and then I’ll get back at it.

Anyways, as usual, the Q&A is answered in no particular order, some questions are reworded for clarity and if your question isn’t answered it’s nothing personal, it just might not have been in the right criteria, was already asked before or I simply didn’t have time to answer it just yet. If you missed out on previous Q&A rounds or just have further questions, feel free to leave them here. Thank you.


Q: “Are you capable of gender change in game now. As in start as male and transform fully into a female?”

A: Not quite yet, that’s part of what I’m trying to do with the hormone system, there’s still a lot of changes that needed to be added to it and bugs to be fixed, but not too far from now full male to female tfs and the opposite will be full functional. It’ll largely be a gradual effect but in there will probably be parts of the game that will include more rapid versions of these TFs.


Q: “Will the player be able to make money/earn experience/etc in traditional “pornographic” ways, such as selling sex, videos, etc.”

A: I think there will probably be stuff like that, as the technology in Elysium would provide a medium, but it’d be more rare than simple prostitution and the like. Most people wouldn’t even own something in which they could watch a video or film one, or otherwise participate, but there would certainly be some regions or individuals that could and would be willing to spend large sums of money to support it.


Q: “To what extent if any will slob content be covered?”

A: To some extent, it will exist, but it won’t be the most pervasive of the contents. I do like some elements of slob and others I don’t, either way it’ll easily end up under my filtering system and so those who don’t enjoy it can turn that stuff off. I had concepts for a soilage system that would collect materials on the character, like dirt, semen, food, etc and would have to be washed off or otherwise accumulate filth but I never got around to actually implementing it because other materials were more important at the time, but I do plan to get back to it at some point. Gas systems are mechanically mostly finished, but I’m not all that interested in them myself, but they may get fleshed out later if there’s demand. There’s also a sweating system in the game, but it’s been mostly disabled do to some issues with it that I’ll be re-implementing at another time. There will probably be other light slob related mechanics added later as well, but things like scat or excessively slobby/gross materials don’t interest me so much. More of the slob content I think will be found in interactions and reactions, so it’ll more likely come into play later on in the games development.


Q: “k, so you don’t mind questions unrelated to Elysium do you? but what do you do for entertainment?”

A: Well, I’d say its not the primary use of the Q&A for sure and I think as far as “presenting questions on the blog to be answered” questions related to lore or mechanics are probably more interesting to the readers, but if you’re really curious about me for whatever reason, that’d be okay to ask there I suppose. As to your entertainment question, despite what I think some people think, I actually do spend a lot of my “entertainment time” on Elysium because it entertains me. I love making things work and coming up with new ideas, when I’m at work, its how I keep my mind occupied. But I suppose that’s also a given. For non Elysium related entertainment, most of my time is spend with my fiance Lilly, playing games together or watching shows. When I’m solo, my favorite wind-down game is team fortress 2. Despite all the 13yearold hackers and toxic memes, its just my jam. Main Pyro like the freak I am. (Also, its been like 400+ days since the pyro update was announced and there hasn’t been a single major update since that announcement, valve you’re as bad as I am at developing). Beyond that, sex, porn and drinking basically. lol


Q: “While I really enjoy the depth of the lore for your game, do you ever think it might be a bit much for a porn project? Also, next lore post when :)”

A: Oh, I don’t think it, I know it. haha. Its way too much for what can realistically be done in the long scheme, but I don’t really care. I’m stuck at work a lot and thinking up characters and lore and all that stuff helps me pass the time and keep my head in a better place, so I’ll always end up with more lore than will ever be in the game or presented to the public. I have a huge backlog of storylines, narratives, descriptions and backgrounds for tons of topics that I’ll probably never post or do anything with, just shit I write in my notebook when there’s a lull at work. As far as when I’ll have another lore post up? Well, hopefully soon, I’m waiting on Lilly this time to draw up some of the concept art for me (since she’s the real artist here, I’m just a hobbiest) but she hasn’t had time lately to work on it and my art time is better spend making in game assets or just you know, coding junk. Once she gets back to working on the art, I’ll have a lore post to coincide with it.


Q: “I like the UI in Elysium. I’m working on my own project and was wondering how you came up with it?”

A: Well, to be honest, mine probably isn’t the best example of how to do UI. Mine is more or less just a layout, actual, nice functional UI is more code than it is art and structure, so naturally that aspect of it isa weak point for me. My layout is extremely static in that regard, plus if you’re viewing the game on a resolutions that’s larger than mine, the backgrounds end up crunched and pixelated and I’m not sure how to fix that without massively bloating the file size by having larger background images that scale down or if its just something I can fix with code. Don’t really know. Anyways, back on topic. My layout has been an evolution overtime of minor adjustments and redoing it over and over again to fit in more crap into and make it look prettier. There’s more than likely a far better way to do it out there, so I wouldn’t follow my processes if I were you. haha. Here’s a picture that shows some of Elysium’s journey over the years, starting from some of its earliest non public iterations. I started this whole game with a test to see if I could make stat bars move and work. I spent more time on the art of the bars than I did learning how to code them, but they ended up working and I used that as a green light to start this messy quests. lol. Also, as an aside, if you get far enough in your project where you’d want to share it, feel free to post about it in my comments and I’ll put a link to it on my “peer projects” page, (I’ve been meaning to update that as its really outdated) because adult devs do better when they’re around other devs to boost views, get advise and criticism, etc.


Q: “I think you may have answered this before, but what kind of balance do you see Elysium having between fat and thin characters, given your tastes but also your scope for the game?”

A: I think I may have answered this before as well, but I honestly don’t remember and I’m too lazy to look back through the other Q&As haha. Basically I’ll just say that there will be a decent balance of body shapes and sizes as well as genders and species, but in general chubby and soft females will be a tad more common than lean and trim males, not only because of my own tastes but I know a portion of my audience leans towards preferring bigger girls as well. That said I really don’t want to leave out thin or muscular females or fat males, or what have you. There should be a variety to pick from, particularly if you’re just looking for characters that aren’t overly complex, because there will be randomly generated encounter npcs and simple stuff like that, that will certainly be more varied than the static characters. Obviously we aren’t there yet, so it’ll really depend on how the game ends up developing, but in general, that’s my goal for it. To be varied and balanced.


I think I’ll leave it at that for now. Thank you for reading.


  1. kneggis

    Still excited to see what this game will end up being!
    And the Q&A’s are really interesting.
    #voteofsupport #lovethisthing

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Woah, so sorry for the late reply. Comments completely slipped my mind with everything going on. I’m really glad that you’ve been enjoying the Q&A’s. They really help smooth time when I’m too busy for the update, but I was worried they might be too boring. Its good to heard that they work as intended.

  2. Anonymous

    Since the Gas system is mechanically mostly finished, maybe you can work on that after the hormone system just to get it out of the way since you’re not that interested in it.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Well, because I’m not interested is precisely why I haven’t done anything with it, plus as someone not into it, its harder for me to be sure exactly what I should do with it. But it might be on the table for later. I do at the very least plan on some gaseous events/effects. So its not a completely dead end that’s for sure.

      (terribly sorry about the late reply, things really got away from me)

  3. firesoul10

    Well, glad to hear it’s business as usual! =P

    Always glad to read some Q&As, at the very least. Really interesting to see how the UI evolved too- it’s hardly surprising, though. Nothing starts off looking as good as Elysium does now.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      haha, well, it was quite the journey and it will likely grow more in the future. She’s really changed a lot. but its been worth it every step of the way for me. I hope one day she’ll be as worth it to everyone else as well.

      ((always good to see that Elysium is loved regardless))

  4. cael

    really love your work~

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      thank you friend. I appreciate that love. :)

  5. cael

    Can we get an updated debug list though? trying to figure out how to turn of water retention for a specific reason and I see that you added a bodywater command so I can tweak it, but I can’t seem to figure out how to just turn off water retention from food sources

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      yeah I do need to update the list, but as it turns out there was a hard to find bug that had been causing the water retention, not the settings or commands, Should be much better now in the newest version. So sorry about the long wait.

  6. CW

    Regarding resizing the background – you could try to make it a vector, which retains image sharpness regardless of how large or small it is.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I did think about maybe doing that at some-point, but the issue then becomes filesize. A vector version of my backgrounds could become quite the mess, but I will be looking into it.

      Thank you friend.

  7. Fart Dude

    I know you aren’t that interested in gas content, so I’m wondering how you’ve even started to code it. Like, are there fart descriptors for smell, size, length, and moisture? Are the farts just described or written out as letters (example: PRRRRROOOOOTBLBLBL) with a description? Can they get to inhuman amounts, like 18 a minute or a 10 minute long fart? Are there different conditions in game that make you predisposed to farting? Are there fart based prostitutes or brothels? Could they be weaponized like in Brave and Stinker? Have any plans to outsource fetish content that you don’t enjoy?

    Oh, and thanks for answering my question (the porn one)

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I may get help one day for subjects I’m not as interested in, but I’m not 100% sure on it just yet. And as far as how gas works, its a lot more simple than that. It has volume and pressure and is naturally generated and released by the body overtime depending on digestion and the effects of certain materials, but there’s nothing in the system to describe it or anything. As it is, its just the mechanics and nothing else. A lot of the game content is currently mechanical only and has no descriptions or visible effects applied to it just yet.

      To make it all those things I’ll have to build a description set that just calls from the numbers already inside the mechanic set. But thats not a thing for just yet. It’s not completely off the table of anything yet, just not really under any pressure either.

  8. A fan

    Dunno if output from the standalone debugger is helpful, but I got this message when I wound up searching for items, getting an “item found” output, but not getting an item:

    ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property INV not found on Entity and there is no default value.
    at Elysium_fla::MainTimeline/ITEM_INFO()
    at Elysium_fla::MainTimeline/PICK()

    • A fan

      Also, here’s what I got when I wound up losing keyboard control and the buttons got all funky, as illustrated:

      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
      at TextData/getCOLORS()
      at Entity/SkinInfo()
      at Entity/Update()
      at Elysium_fla::MainTimeline/UPDATE()
      at Elysium_fla::MainTimeline/EVENTgo()
      at Elysium_fla::MainTimeline/EVENTgo()
      at Elysium_fla::MainTimeline/EVENT_DISPATCH()
      at Elysium_fla::MainTimeline/SHORTKEYS()

      When I tried clicking anywhere, I got the following message:

      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
      at TextData/getCOLORS()
      at Entity/SkinInfo()
      at Entity/Update()
      at Elysium_fla::MainTimeline/UPDATE()
      at Elysium_fla::MainTimeline/UPDATEclick()
      at Elysium_fla::MainTimeline/SHORTKEYS()

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I’m glad you found this, its actually a good help as it shows me more of where to look. Unfortunately I’ve still yet to actually get to the root of it. I can’t replicate it on my own just yet, even though its telling me the stuff I usually see, its still missing my personal tracers. If you ever run into the issue again, or find a way to replicate it, sending me one of your save files would be a huge help too.
      saves can be found under this route. USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Maacromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[letters&numbers]\localhost
      Where user name is your computer user and the [letters&numbers] is a unique serial number.

      Thank you for the help friend.

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