janepic17a_zps80430386Bleck. Well, I had hoped that last week’s productivity would stick around, but turns out the only thing that I got stuck with was an exhausting sickness for both Lilly and myself. I’ve been tinkering here or there, but all the sleeping, taking care of my sick girl, and then going to work stuff didn’t give me much time. Lo and behold, the week where I’m down with something, it’s not quite sick enough to keep me from going to work, but just enough to make it difficult to concentration and makes even a small amount of effort just down right awful.

Would have been a fun week too, because I’ve had 3 different parties this week. Two of them where short little birthday party things, a beach bonfire and then a nice Korean BBQ with some friends. Was nice, but without being able to taste or breath very well, things lose luster. Last one was a kind of bitter sweet situation, my best friend broke up with her fiance (which honestly is probably a good thing) and felt like getting drunk, which obviously takes a bit of precedence over my pervy private project lol. So Lilly and I had her over at the apartment and we got really drunk and it actually turned into a pretty fun time, nothing we regret but yeah. The next morning, wasn’t nearly so..enjoyable as one can imagine, but it was worth it. And finally, today (probably the only time I could have worked with any sort of continuity) my roommate decided that despite there being two sick people in the house, it was time for summer/spring cleaning and if we didn’t help she’d just do it herself (which would only be used for blackmail latter) So today was a huge, passive-aggressive pain in the ass, only to go off to work after.

TE_Model_Example_06-13-15Anyways, the point is I never got into a situation this week that made me comfortable or truly able to get down to business on Elysium. I’m hoping that my schedule and my sinuses can just clear up soon and then I can get back at it. Right now, and in the times I’ve had here or there, I’ve been working on fixing up the viewer model. You know, shaping out the parts, smoothing wonky bits and trying to get all the segments a tad more seamless. Obviously it’s difficult to just draw something correctly, it’s even more unreliable to have to draw each part of puzzle separately and try to get everything to still match up after, lol. On a side note, I’ve also made the face change slightly according to gender amongst a number of other little things. This week I’ll be continuing that work and maybe explore some TF stuff to add into the model.

I’ll see what I can also do about improving the various segments at larger weight ranges as well as other bits like getting nipples, outie-bellybuttons or other possible protrusions that can both change size and sync with the change on their parent part (right now they don’t really even have a representation due to syncing issues). I can’t quite work on the frontal view just yet because I still have a number of factors I have to work out on the normal side view, but I may explore some of that or try stuff. Don’t know. You know how my spuradic work is, I may come back next week with something completely unrelated. lol.

I Should at least have a patch out soon to fix some bugs and deliver some of the minor changes I’ve done already, I’ll see what else gets on board by next week. Anyways, sorry that this week didn’t go better, would have loved to have something to show for, but yeah, you know.

Have a good one, I’ll be around.


  1. Ellis

    Hope you and the girl are feeling better. I’ve been feeling a bit ill myself at work.

    Anyways, as always, I’m super hyped.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Thank you, we are doing better now, just some of that “not right” feeling still sticking around and some sore throats, but other than that it’s pretty much cleared up.

  2. Musicfruit

    Hope you two feeling better now.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Indeed we do, thank you. It just took a while for it all to clear up.

  3. Heppi

    Hope you’re feeling better.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I am now that things have finally calmed down, just some left over symptoms but otherwise in the clear.

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