Sorry about how late this patch is, I meant for it to be out a handful of days ago, but an injury in the family required my attention for a while. Everything fine now though and I can get back to work. It’s a small patch, just a handful of fixes for the last update. You can find the change log here and the patch below.

Tainted Elysium [0.1.5A]+Patch1

+Debug Command List+


Just as a forwarning, this week is finals week and I unfortunately have a pretty packed schedule with work so I do not have any expectations of being able to make an update for next sunday. I might work on Elysium here or there when I have time but I’ll simply suggest waiting for the following week. I’m sure a number of you out there are dealing with finals right now and we know how tight this last “cram in and do every last thing you forgot to do earlier” time is. lol.

Anyways, I’ll leave that there and see what I can do.

now, on a different note, two posts ago I opened up a little Q&A survey to get some feedback from the user base and hopefully help answer some questions, so I figured I might as well address that now. Seeing as the patch isn’t all that much and next week won’t have a lot of time.


Not every question will have gotten answered, nor will anything get that in-depth of an explanation either (at least at this time) and I’m only listing the ones that I felt were the most relevant. If you don’t see your question here, don’t worry, it’s nothing against you or your question, I’m just pressed for time, lol. The questions and answers will be broken into two categories below,  “TECHNICAL” for questions about game mechanics and plans, and then “META” for questions having to do with the lore of Elysium.






Q1: So far a lot of planning has gone into things that seem survival based. Do you intend to make Tainted Elysium semi-survival themed, and if so, how heavy are you going to go into it?

A: It will be in some light, survival themed, but that’s essentially just a by product of my attempts to build seemingly realistic metabolic and body systems. I’m unreasonably aroused by body processes and getting them fined tuned between the real-world and fantasy worlds allows me to create fantastic extremes and unnatural processes that seem weighted in some form of reality. It adds to the immersion values.

Ultimately, while the theme will have plenty of “realistic” and “survival” aspects, the island itself will be so bountiful and provide so much to the player, that they’ll likely not have to worry about a thing, other than addictions, pregnancy, obesity and other problems related to excesses. Essentially I’m going to be going for something that provides a soft sense of limit and realism, but not so much as to hold too much of the fantasy crazy stuff back.


Q2: Will there be npc’s or enemies that will act as feeders or other influencing agents over our character?

A: Yes absolutely. Right now the game has a sort of “I’m the feeder controlling a feede pc” but that’s mostly because I’m getting all the mechanics into the game and need the player character to be the focus at this time. However, down the line when NPCs get into the mix the focus can shift. The player will both be able to influence NPCs and NPCs will be able to influence the PC. Relationships, slaves, feeders, feedes etc. It should all be in the mix.


Q3: Will there be giants or other such “tall and heavy” characters for the player to interact with?

A: I plan on a wide variety of fantasy beings of many shapes and sizes, there will be no doubt about very large partners as well. Just expect that normal squish humans might have a little trouble keeping up with something so big. You might need some enhancements, and iron pelvises. :p


Q4: How will travel work in the game, will there be means of fast travel or other forms of faster transport?

A: Travel as it currently is in the game is pretty rough and rudimentary. This kind of close quarters travel will likely be more reserved for close quarters areas, like the ship or inside rooms and such, but larger more spaced out areas will have generally more “travel too” kind of feel. However, Elysium will eventually be a pretty big place, so I plan on alternate means of travel as well, perhaps some carriages, or magic spells etc. but I do plan on a way-point system in the game where the player will be able to find and repair derelict wayshirnes, teleport systems form way back, that’ll allow the player instantaneous travel between cities or major sites.


Q5: If we aren’t into weight gain/loss will there be a way for us to turn off that feature?

A: I want the grand majority of “kinks and fetishes” to receive the “toggle” option treatment, so most things will have the option to be cut out or mild down for the users preferences. However, in this one I’m a little more on the fence because it’s currently so interconnected with a lot of the body systems. However I’m sure I could just through in a “metabolic stasis” kind of debug command that just turns off digestion, hunger and all those other process. Thus allowing the player to freeze their weight settings and just play as they want. Wouldn’t hurt me to try it anyways. It’d essentially just turn the character into an android of sorts, which, hey, maybe a transformation down the line anyways. who knows.


Q6: Will immobility be introduced? If so, how will this limit the player’s ability to experience the game?

A: I’m on the fence with this one. On one hand it fits well into my “realistic consequences mixed with fantasy extremes” kind of theme, but on the other it makes a large number of player interactions moot. Most noticeably, movement, fighting, even sex to an extent. I would like to explore the options obvious, seeing as this is a land with both magic and technology, so surely there will be ways I can still realistically allow this and keep a lot of player autonomy. Either that or one will need servants. We’ll see.


Q7: How will pregnancy be handled? Will we be able to experience inhuman pregnancies and other more unique forms of reproduction through transformations? Will there be items that affect pregnancy?

A: Like many of the themes I’ll be hosting in this game, I plan on having both elements of realism and fantasy. naturally having a pregnancy that last a full 9 months, even in the sped up in game time is far too long. So little things will be exaggerated for user comfort. Notably, a normal human pregnancy will lost for about 21 to 27 in game days. Really short compared to a real pregnancy but still feels like a long thing in game, there will be other forms of pregnancy too, far faster ones, slower but bigger ones, etc. even semi permanent states or temporary “carrying” stages. There are plenty of options with transformations and items as well. You could speed it up, increase the growth volume, maybe even change the species with transformations. Lots of options and I plan to explore whats fun. So We’ll see.



Q8: Most fetish games have a problem of pandering towards a certain audience or to the interest of the primary author. How will the variety of fetishes be approached in this game and how will the writers of the content be regulated. Will things that turn you off be included or exported to other writers in someway? How will underrepresented fetishes or things less favored by the community be approached or request representation?

141202105246A: Ultimately the biggest content filters will be the community and I, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what it’s like to find something and realize that your primary interest is being underrepresented or not represented at all (sometimes even with no chance of it being represented), it’s actually one of the reasons I even started to build this game. I wanted to create something to play around with my own fantasy and concepts that I felt I would have trouble finding what I wanted of.

Ultimately, things boil down to the fact that I’m actually open to quite a wide variety of content, because while my main interests funnel down to only a handful of particular things, I have many branching or subsidiary kinks as well. In general there is very little that I’d want to keep out of the game, and those are mostly due to both a lack of demand and the whole “public, private and legal shame” involved in those areas.

I’m going to try and include as customizable of a filtering system as I can, to allow both a wide variety of content (even things that I myself would be less inclined to write) but still keep the integrity of the game and still allow the users to not feel over pressured by the presence of other fetishes. Some areas will naturally get more attention than others, these will likely be the interest most aligned with that of my own and the community, but I will make the effort to work on other aspects as well.

I want to also leave lots of room for other writers and content, and while they will still be subject to my own review and the general views of the community, anything that’s written well and isn’t ridiculously out of place or ridiculously hard to implement will still get a chance to be included, given the time to do so.

I can’t guarantee any protections or any strong stances on this matter at this time, however, simply do to the fact that I’m not really sure how all this will go. It could be beautiful, or it could be a war zone. Either way I’m going to try and not dictate too much and will try to be as accommodating and understanding as I can, provided the community does the same to me.




Q9: I want to know more about “X race” or whether there will be an “X race” in the game, will there be more info on this? How many races are there, what are they etc.

1424823527241A: Eventually I will amass a guide book or all of Elysium exotic lifeforms and racial transformations and all the things associated with those beings and their culture. For simplicity’s sake, I plan on having nine major races (each filling a trope or role; the warrior race, the inventive race, the sexy race, etc.) and then everything else will be less common groups or specific beings. But there will be far more than 9 total races as the lore allows for a lot of flexibility in that regard. Essentially, so long as things attempt to fit into their environments and senergizes with the lore enough, the lore will be adapted to fit them.

As the development process continues and more content is added to the game, the number of characters and races available to the players and writers will continue to grow, so I don’t want anyone to feel that they are confined to the 9 major races or even the whole racial guide book. If you have a new character and they’re a certain way, so long as its lore friendly, their transformations and appearances will surly work their way right in.

I’ll have more info on these kind of things the next time I’m able to work out a new lore post.


Q10: Can we allege ourselves to more than one lord? How will our involvement with one lore affect another. Furthermore, how do the lords feel towards one another?

A: You can surely work with more than one lord, depending on the lord, they might not even know you’re working with another, it may even be part of a quest for one to spy on another. I plan for there to be a lot of flexiblity so that one’s choices don’t take away too many things for the player. I also don’t want people to be put into situations they aren;t interested in, so there will always be alternative means to meeting given goals. For example, while working for Valkos might require you to spill blood or show a feat of strength, one can also offer someone else to fight in your stead or one can choose to show strength in the bed room instead of the battle field.

Anyways, that’s getting off topic. In regards to the lords and how they interact. Siding with one lord and defeating another lord could result in that lord becoming a thrall to your lord (chastia into valkos’s cum slut, or volupta into a flesh generator for Eros, etc.) and it could also mean that their city will change (Sun’s harbor turns from chaste to a sinful party city, or Valkos’s Polemos turned into a sanctified outpost. etc.). All the lords can also have side stories that could bring lords together in beneficial relationships instead of purely conquest. Perhaps one can get valkos and can work out a deal, protection and amnesty in exchange for a fertile growing army, or maybe one could even get chastia and valkos to put their differences aside to fight of the secret threat of Eros. Etc.

Of course all of this is the big grand end game kind of scheme which ultimately might end up as infeasible wishful thinking but it’s certainly something I’d love to see down the line, no matter how long it takes to get there. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and open up a sex game studio where we can make the most complex and immersive sex rpg ever, but yeah, sure, that’s how it’s going to go. lol


Q11: Is there more you can tell us about Volupta Gula, her people, their society and the dangers/benefits of the glutted grove?

14258630324101A: As development continues and concepts and ideas get more finalized I’ll certainly have much more to offer in that regard, but for now, fuzzy outlines will have to do. Ultimately, Volupta and her people are attempting to bring peace through excessive prosperity. Elysium and the glutted grove are so abundantly fertile and provide so readily that there is no need for scarcity, poverty or war and they believe that be spreading this intoxicated, orgy infested dream to others they can unite Elysium. While Volupta herself, and her elite tend to use their thralls more like a vampire with human cattle, they still care for them and provide a beneficial symbiosis.

It’s kind of the unsavory shadow lurking beneath the paradise, but it’s easy to forgive it when one is in the bliss the grove provides. However, like most magical wonderlands, there’s a lot of danger hidden in the beauty. Poisonous flowers, hallucinogenic toxins, giant hungry honey pot plants and a wide host of trickster monsters lurk the forest ready to ensnare, fuck, feed or feed from their unsuspecting and often blissful victims. All this free stuff is usually a trap.

It’s kind of like the lotus eaters in greek myth, mix with the whole “demons lurk on the path to paradise” trope.


Q12: How will the lords react to the players influence in the holds, especially if the player is performing actions against that lord?

A: Kind of connected to Q10, but essentially doing something against or for a lord will result in different things from different lords. One lord might let minor offense slide pretty easily, while others might keep a meticulous eye on your doings. In the same light, some lords might earn trust far easier than another. There will be varying degrees of rewards and punishments as well. While punishment might be kinky affair in Biss or Volupta’s court, it might be a little rougher in chastia’s or even valkos’s provided you don’t have the stamina or fortitude. A lord might also give meager rewards, because their general benefits and generosity lean a more laid back and less appreciative attitude, while anther might have require great effort to get close and their signs of trust reflect that effort in quality rather than quantity.


Q13: Are the lords and their niches set in stone? Will there be more lords, or other communities/ leaders/ groups written in later? Where does user created content stand in this regard?

A: The lords, their powers, fetish roles and many other details truly aren’t set in stone at this time and will honestly grow a lot with the game. However, I feel the balance between the nine will be enough for a general lore sense in uniting the backstory and setting of Elysium and won’t require user created lords or other such ideals. Things will be refined and whittled down or added too till they become both unique enough and general enough to fit the kinds of roles we need them too and the way the lords are shaped into character and theme will be guided by the community at times.

Now that’s not to say that there won’t be other important figures in the game, there’s lots of room for elite officers, political agents, independent scientist/wizards, town leaders, clans, syndicates, gangs and much much more that will need input from the community and myself as the game grows. I’ll need more cities, camps and settled lands to flesh out the island and that’ll need new leaders and lords, cultures and other such things in their own rights. There are plenty of magical and powerful beings on the island besides the lords, the lords have simply been there the longest and will act more as uniting images rather than actual focal points. For some lords you may interact more with one of their servants than you would the lord themselves. It’ll all depend. The lords will simply act as a funneling point or way to focus creative energy into a region, but they won’t hopefully take it all away. I want people to feel like they can branch out into plenty of areas outside just the lords.




That’s all the questions for now, but I’ll answer more as time goes on and I’ll either add to this list, or make another Q&A post down the line. If you have more questions, feel free to ask them below or return to the survey. Thanks for reading.




  1. Korota

    Is it just me, or is there something weird going on with the neck and back fat when you use the apple debug setting and raise the weight up to 1000 pounds? the double chin gets way out of proportion with the rest of the body. Maybe that’s just because the body doesn’t have a setting that matches weights that high up, though.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Essentially things beyond 500 pounds start getting…funky. The larger portions simply haven’t been reformatted yet because of time limitation and “lack of reference”.

      In general the larger sizes still need a lot of work, like increasing the scaling of the model and syncing the descriptions better with it (it should sag to the knee when the description says it does, or vise vera). Hopefully I can work on it soon, it’s just a difficult process because it involves drawing each part of the body at variable sizes as individual sectors with no reference to the other points. It’s a very Frankenstein process.

      It’s also a bit difficult to find side view images of 1000lb people standing and it’s making an accurate portrayal difficult because I’m not always sure what it’s supposed to look like or how bad it’ll sync up with all the other parts at the same weight with various body shapes thrown in.
      Ontop of that The neck is the hardest one to do, because I need to create it in a way that sits on-top the chest without looking like it’s floating, something that’s gone horribly wrong. haha!
      It’s hard to make it transition realistically from, little double chin to billowing mass of fat. It’ll just be one of things I’ll have to keep adjusting until it feels just right.

  2. Anonymous

    Could you tell us what the nine races you have in mind and there themes? Does each race line up with a lord, or do you not have them that figured out yet?

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      I can tell you a little bit, I’ll probably have a lot more detail to go around this kind of stuff with the next lore post, whenever I can get to that, that is.


      Essentially, my “line up” isn’t complete because I’m still refining concepts and “getting to the root” or things, so, while some slots have species ready for them, others are merely concepts that I’m working out.

      Basically the 9 races would be something like this, each reflecting a trait or ideology. None are associated directly with a lord and can be found spread around the island, some do flock to certain lords more than others however.

      1: Mundane: Middle ground, variable
      – Humans/ Elysians

      2: Debauched: Sexy, Sinful, party animals
      -Aicubus (Lust demons) (Your general succubus, incubus group)

      3: Militant: Prideful, Fearless, powerful
      -Raksha (Wrath demons)

      4: Exotic: Foreign, Interesting, Cultured
      -Sobeq (Reptilian beings from the deserts)

      5: Cute: Petite, energetic, rapid breeders
      -Huldra (short stack Forest nymphs/imps)

      6: Beastly: Nomadic, barbaric, savage, simple
      -Urko (Essentially just orcs with scifi elements)

      7: Industrious: Labor force, inventive, naive, humble
      colonial insectoids, perhaps a bee or ant race, maybe even colonial spiders

      8: undecided (possibly a machine race or alien race)
      9: undecided (possibly another demon race, probably gluttony)

      Still working on it, and they’re all rough concepts that’ll probably change around a bit. I’ll be refining it after my finals are over. Hope that helps stir the pot a bit. :)

  3. Reaper

    Whooo iron pelvis someone point me to the nearest cyborg modification shop and bring on the horny giants. That’s great also I have another question will your stats play a huge part of things aka high strength x speed means you are able to carry a very large once unmovable object and sprint around.

    Agility X intelligence means you are able to dodge very fast lasers while coming up with a plan to successfully turn off the rouge robot.

    High toughness X stamina means you can sit down an take a brutal beating for hours to show some orcs that you are worthy of fucking their women with high lust for hours and joining them as brothers in arms/ join up with valkos.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Yes, it’ll pretty much be like what you’ve described, stats will hopefully have a larger role in what the player can and can’t do. Or rather, what they can do better.

      But one won’t be limited to just stats and levels, there will be plenty of transformation and item based abilities and increases available as well.

  4. Heppi

    One problem I’ve had with some erotic games in the past is that when the creator implements different races, there’s usually no different or unique kinds of interaction with NPCs, etc. no matter what race you are, it’s all the same dialogue. I’m curious to know that if you pick a certain race in the game if you would get different interaction with another NPC or would even be treated differently just because you happen to be a member of that race (stuff like racial conflicts,for example.)
    I think it would be interesting if you added something like that, because it just kind of adds an extra layer of realism to your universe and would give the game some more depth.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Well the plan for me is to try my best to give actual differences and reactions according to the differences in bodies. If you’re a goo-girl, or a fat person, or a centaur or what have you, you’re probably going to fuck a little different than your average human being. I want to try and reflect that, so scenes will have a lot of “swapped out parts” that’ll allow partial shifts in the narrative to reflect the player’s body and choices. It’ll be difficult but sooooo worth it.

      In general I also want one’s racial or transformation choices to affect their play. Human extremist will notice your mutations and shun you, an admire might like that you’re an orc, or you might be hunted for your egg producing abilities as this species or that species. etc. It doesn’t have to be big grand differences, but even a little acknowledgment of your difference goes a long way.

      Plus differences in a abilities, a goo person can squeeze into tight spaces, another species might be able to climb really well, or can eat their way out of a prison building, etc. It’ll open up new options to the player, but not having those abilities won’t hinder you, it’s just extra toppings.

  5. Warhead

    Well, after pushing my character’s belly way past her bursting point due to this still being glitchy… There’s gotta be a better bloated belly type, this current incarnation just looks all sorts of wrong… Hope the feedback helps chief.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Yeah, once my finals are over, the three things on my list are “work on racial concepts”, “rewrite status event code” and “refine character model more”. lol

      Although, I don’t quite know what you mean, could you be a tad more specific? like “too lumpy”, “too round”, “under sized” “oversized” ect.

      As I explained to Korota up-top, the model is a really rickety thing and it still needs a lot of work, especially for the larger less realistic sizes and it’s a real process to get everything to sync up together and reflect on image of it’s real world effects. Esspecially with the transition to the more realistic base system, all this things on top of that are still being refactored. The lower sizes are better synced now, but again, the larger one’s quickly loose that feasibility because I haven’t gotten to them.

      • Warhead

        Well, for an air bloat, the belly just isn’t round enough. If you’ve seen as many youtube vids as I have, a belly full of air seems to be rounder than one that’s caused by pregnancy or stuffing. This incarnation looks all flabby and droopy, and once it gets to the larger sizes, then it just deforms into a sloppy mess. It’s kinda hard to explain, but the best way I can sum it up is it should hold a very spherical characteristic, even with water in real life the abdomen stays quite rounded, but not quite as much as air does since air floats.

  6. Anonymous

    I put this question in the survey, but I realized it might be quicker to get an answer in the comments. Oh well, whichever works.

    Since dick growth is partially implemented already, will ball growth and cum production be implemented somewhere down the line as well? Cumflation seems to be a pretty popular method of expansion, and I’m sure there’s more than a few people interested in seeing the possibility of willingly or unwillingly being made into a blubbery cum factory. xP

  7. Dude_that_sucks

    Sucks that the shop got robbed. Hope they aren’t docking your pay or anything, glad you didn’t die.

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