A small snag

As was mostly predicted didn’t really get much time this week, so nothing new. Got a single day off and the rest of the time was spent working or taking care of lilly as she was quite ill. Unfortunately, just as she started to get better I ended up infected. Usually if she gets sick, …

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Q&A catch up post

To put it simply, I’ve been away. Outside of work, most of my time has been sapped up by some on going family matters and spending what free time I had on other matters. Its resolved now and I just want to get back to doing things again. So, very clearly, progress isn’t going as …

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[0.1.2D] Patch 1

Dropping in late because work and other things took precedence. But here’s a bug fixing patch to hopefully stabilize the unstable release. Sorry for the delay, I meant for this to drop Monday night but some shit came up, long story. Doesn’t matter. I’ll admit and say I’m a bit drunk at this time, so …

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