Apologies & some Q&As

Sorry that Its been a while and there’s still no update. Things have been nuts lately and I haven’t gotten shit done. It’s a lot to get into, so instead of wasting all the time explaining I’ll just chalk it up as “bad luck”, “being sick” & “mental health” and just get down to finally …

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Holiday Hold Up + Lord Survey

Every year I get crazy delays around this time, and every year I think it’ll be different lol. Well, I’ve been swamped with finals, work and other crap and then this Christmas week I’m working nearly 60 hours. Great for the wallet, but hell for anything else. So, that’s it. I don’t really expect I’ll …

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Diligent Distractions

Not a whole lot to say this time as there were only a couple questions asked on the Q&A, so I’ll save them for next time. For now I’ll just drop off some progress news. So, after Halloween I picked up a pretty intrusive head-cold, It’s almost cleared up but has otherwise been a literal …

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