Wage Slave Solidarity

Just dropping in to post a, later than intended, progress report. Despite the title, I’m not actually upset with work, but naturally it does take up my time, and more importantly my energy. Thus, as was mentioned last post, updates for January are still unlikely. So, I’m here to talk about what progress has been …

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A Spooky Lack Of Tangibility

I’ve added some small spice to the beehive scenes and spent (wasted) some time this update working on art assets, a number of which aren’t even for this update. The majority of this patch’s time however was spent bug fixing. So a stability patch I guess. Not fun, but I certainly hope it helps clear …

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Sweeping up some bugs

Apologies for the delay on the patching, things came up. Anyways, here’s a small fix for a number of issues with the previous version to finish off the string of patches I was doing towards the beginning of the week. I guess my productivity streak didn’t feel like hanging in there, lol. Here’s the meager …

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