Tainted Elysium: Update [0.2.1A] Unstable

Well, hey there, I don’t know how to begin this, but I’ll just say, here’s the update. You can scroll down to the bottom and pick it up if you’re not up for the blog bits. So, after whats been far too long, I’ve finally managed to finish the semi-refactor of this game and transitioned …

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Lore Profile: Volupta Gula

♦      Lord Compendiary      ♦ Name: Volupta Gula, The Witch of the Grove Trope: Dionysus-esque hedonism god Region: The Glutted Grove Temple: Palace of Plenty Followers: The Grove Concord Allies: Frejya Enemies: Biss, Garamond, Chastia Fetishes/Themes: Weight gain, gluttony, addiction, intoxication, vore ♦   Brief Description Hidden in her magically concealed forest, Volupta Gula sits upon a …

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NPC Musings & Survey Results + Q&A

Sorry for the late post, I ended up getting caught up with work on Elysium and then sorting through the NPC data so I could present the findings and of course answer some of the NPC related Q&As I’ve received. So, here’s a progress summary, the findings and then the Q&As. Work on Elysium was …

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