Progress, but a non-post plus some tidbits

Welp, I did what I usually do and started more things than I could finish in the allotted time. I’ve never been good at sitting down and just getting one thing done, I need a million little side projects going to keep my attention or something. haha. Well, anyways, just thought I’d put up a …

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Lore Profile: Biss

♦      Lord Compendiary      ♦ Name: Biss, The torturous Trope: undead slaver queen Region: Els’Gazzar Desert Temple: The Nine-Tailed Sphinx Followers: Thorns of the Rose Allies: Valkos, Garamond Enemies: All other lords Fetishes/Themes: BDMS, slavery, surgery, futa, body part swapping, undead, femdom ♦   Brief Description In the scorching sands of the Els’Gazzar Desert, Biss builds her …

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Tainted Elysium: Update [0.2.1A] Unstable

Well, hey there, I don’t know how to begin this, but I’ll just say, here’s the update. You can scroll down to the bottom and pick it up if you’re not up for the blog bits. So, after whats been far too long, I’ve finally managed to finish the semi-refactor of this game and transitioned …

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