Busy Easter

Well, this was not a productive week and at this point I know I’m not going to get the update finished by tomorrow, so I’ll let it go till next time. Tomorrow is Easter and I’ll be spending the day with family and such, but after that, it’s business as usual. I apologize for keeping …

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Well, This Was a Bust. [0.1.2A] Patch 3

I’m just going to axe the shit I was doing for now and drop off a patch for all the bugs. I have numerous fixes for you all and I got too many new things started and didn’t leave myself time to finish them. Ontop of that, if you’ve read the previous posts I’ve just …

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Holiday Hold Up + Lord Survey

Every year I get crazy delays around this time, and every year I think it’ll be different lol. Well, I’ve been swamped with finals, work and other crap and then this Christmas week I’m working nearly 60 hours. Great for the wallet, but hell for anything else. So, that’s it. I don’t really expect I’ll …

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