Progress, but a non-post plus some tidbits

Welp, I did what I usually do and started more things than I could finish in the allotted time. I’ve never been good at sitting down and just getting one thing done, I need a million little side projects going to keep my attention or something. haha. Well, anyways, just thought I’d put up a …

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Lore Profile: Biss

♦      Lord Compendiary      ♦ Name: Biss, The torturous Trope: undead slaver queen Region: Els’Gazzar Desert Temple: The Nine-Tailed Sphinx Followers: Thorns of the Rose Allies: Valkos, Garamond Enemies: All other lords Fetishes/Themes: BDMS, slavery, surgery, futa, body part swapping, undead, femdom ♦   Brief Description In the scorching sands of the Els’Gazzar Desert, Biss builds her …

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