Q&A Deluxe + (Plus More Progress Stuff)

Hey all, I can’t believe it’s been a whole week. I’m just dropping in to let you know things have been progressing as usual and I have yet another Q&A for you all. It’s a really beefy one this time since I got so many questions, I missed a few, but I’ll probably just sock …

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Lots of Q&As + "What even is my life"

Well, hmn, the good news? I have plenty of Q&As for you all and I’ve made some “okay” progress on Elysium. The bad news? I’m going to have to start looking for a new roommate again, among other bullshit that’s really wrecking my ability to function as a human being here; I’m so ready to …

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Small Set-back + More Q&As

So, as many of you should know by now, math has never been my strong suit, particularly when I first started with this project. As it turns out I recently discovered a calculation error at the base of “mass-to-volume-to-circumference” type stuff I’ve been using. A ton of things are based on these calculations, so if …

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