Goodbye 2016 + Lord Q&As

Sorry for skipping out last week. The holiday work week was insane and the time away from the madness took precedence. Anyways, I’m just dropping in to finally put up the lord Q&As as well as the results of the survey. Oh, and a general gripe and goodbye to a shitty year lol So, Rant …

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Retail Without Revenge

So, I ignorantly mentioned last week that work would likely be letting off since the remodel is over, but hey fuck me, I forgot: I work retail and it’s the holidays. Surprisingly, I still managed to get some work on Elysium done but naturally all of my time has just been so goddamn backwards I …

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Thank you

I’m having trouble responding to things individualy right now, so I just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone that expressed their sentiment to me. It has been a bumpy couple of days now, and with the funeral over I’m trying to re-normalize my life again. I apologize for the silence this passed week, …

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