[0.2.2A] Tiny Patch + Quality of life

Sorry for the silence this last week. I had a busy work week, became ill and have had a lot on my mind as of late, which I will address below. I only really got the wherewithal to work on Elysium today and so I quickly threw together a much needed patch to smooth over …

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Update [0.2.2A]

Well, its been a rough ride because the holiday season rush at work and dealing with hosting Lilly’s mother among other things and everything is madness but bleck, its over and here we go, I finally got an update out for once. haha. Its not as much as the amount of time that has past …

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Don't Worry, Still Alive + Update [0.2.1F]

Been a messy month so far. Holiday season is starting to pick up at work and been busy at home, but did find time here and there to sloppily throw together a new update. As I tend to do I jumped from subject to subject to often and ended up not having anything complete or …

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