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Expect that the lore presented as only representative and fully subject to change until otherwise verified by in game features.

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List is current as of (04/01/16)

Lore Glossary

#1: Compendairy

#2: The Lords of Elysium

#3: Gender and Genetics

#4: Modes of Mutation

#5: Defector Of A Corporate Empire


♦      Lore Supplemental      ♦

♦ Profiles:

♦ Q & A’s:

The supplemental pdf files below contain extended readings and information on the topics above. Files marked (old) are considered outdated and only partially canon and while the material within will give you a general outline of what’s to come, expect it to be subject to change.

The Lords of Elysium Guide

The Regions of Elysium(old)

The Denizens of Elysium(old)


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    Will there be a open source so people can improve the game further?


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