Just dropping in real quick to say that I’m still around. It’s just that time of year again. I always tend to think “Oh I got time, the holidays aren’t that close” and then boom, holiday hours kick in at work and I’m just fucked haha. I’ve had nearly double the hours this week with thanksgiving coming on and all, and on top of this Lilly’s mother has come out from France to staying/visit with us for a week or two. To say the least, finding time to do anything on my computer, let alone work on Elysium has basically been futile.
I really wanted to have at the very least a patch out before this season really started up but I just wasn’t paying attention.

Even this post was meant to come out sooner. I’m just a mess right now. lol
I don’t imagine things will return to the normal deving cycle until at the least, after thanksgiving. So, just know that I’m not gone, dead or on “hiatus”, I’m just crazy busy and in a piss poor mood haha.

I’ve got a few surprises in the next update and clearly I’m hoping to find time to finish it. No high hopes for this sunday, but I’ll be doing what I can.

For now, I’ll be thanklessly serving the unending horde of animals we call customers, dealing with Lilly’s neurotic mother and slowly trying to find private time to work on what I want to. And before I go, I worked on updating the old Elysium map a few weeks ago. I was saving it for a time to write a lore post on all the regions, but I just haven’t gotten time yet. Eventually though, I’ll put up a healthy dose of good lore when we need it. haha.

As per usual, if you need me, have bug reports, have questions (on the lore, map, game, mechanics, etc) or other wise, you can leave a comment below or hunt me down on our discord server

Either way, just know that if I don’t comment back or respond right away, don’t worry. I’m out there and will try to get back as soon as I can.

Thank you


  1. NoOneYouKnow

    How does one get to Volupta Gula, I wonder??

  2. Anon

    Have fun wrangling the customers!

  3. Nekomundo

    I like the map! It makes everything seem so organized… and big.

  4. Statesss

    i cant wait for cow girl and cow boy tfs :D

  5. Duotes

    This map is simply lovely! I enjoy these kinds of maps that give a far better picture of the lands. This is good work here. I hope you survive the hellish task of “retail” this season, you seem like a pretty alright dude.

  6. Korota

    I was wondering, would it be possible to re-categorize bloating/water retention under something other than naturality? I really love water expansion, but I prefer to play without stretch marks and such, so I usually keep naturality off.

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