Welp, more of the same. Barely worked on the game at all the past week and things have just been nuts. So instead of putting out nothing for another couple I figured bug fixes and minor additions is better than silence. Lilly says we can all largely blame the delays on her, haha, even if that’s just a half truth. A lot of my time was sucked up at work with the holiday (and sports game) rushes starting up, but this time Lilly really wanted to celebrate Halloween with some friends the day before Halloween (for scheduling purposes), so setting that up and hosting it took a lot of our time. Our roommate brought THC gummies and we all took some and oof was that a mistake. I’ve smoked, eaten and tried a lot of things, but THC has never effected me before these things.

Lilly got so high she ate enough to make herself throw up, my roommate passed out and, Catboy and I were pinned to the couch trying to not fall into another dimension while my sober friend messed with us. On the right you can see royalspot’s artistic recreation (look at that, the discord is making cringey memes, does this mean we’ve made it, did we win??). lol. After that Lilly and I just took a recovery day and we just hung out alone on Halloween to relax and watch movies. So to say the least, my two free days were soaked up pretty quickly. Sometimes I wish work would just give me longer shifts and fewer days so I could make the same amount of money but have more time to spend on Elysium and other things..

Now, this week was slightly more productive but hardly as much as I would have liked. Ended up working on art assets and stupid shit that won’t even be seen for a while yet, so haha, oops. Here’s the patch with some bug fixes and small bits that I actually put into the game lol.

Next week they’re only giving me a single day off, so I’ll just have to inch away at what I can when I can, but I’m hoping at least some of the junk I’ve started on the back-end can be finished and pushed out by then. Lilly’s also trying to find time to work on her art, so I may have some lore posts whenever that gets finished. So its not all bad news I guess.

(Although on the note of bad news, my computer crashed the other day, luckily the only thing it did was corrupt the source file for the changelog. So, the changelog has been started over, but you can still read the old one if you want to. meh.)

Tainted Elysium Update [0.2.1F] Patch 1


Debug Command List (a little bit outdated)

From [0.2.1F] to [0.2.1F] Patch 1 (11/06/17)

  • [0.2.1F] Patch 1 (11/06/17)

  1. x Fixed Pumpkin seeds applying aicubus venom instead of simple lust poison

  2. x Fixed an error that caused items to not be cleared if those items gave another item in the process

  3. x Fixed Anti-mutagens not properly being removed upon use when preventing a mutation event

  4. x Fixed some stress/clarity messages missing important parts of their message variables

  5. + Added Overnight event 8 (ONW_E8) Pneumata mushroom spore attack

  6. x Fixed cream trees applying full maximum sap load (10 gallons) one submit when its meant to be proportional to stomach capacity

  7. x Fixed gluttony being applied through non entity means when it shouldn’t have resulting in doubled gluttony in certain circumstances

  8. x Fixed over eating while having the glutton trait not applying lust as it should

  9. ^ Gluttony lust triggers now display messages

  10. ^ Gluttony messages now display when force fed or when self suckling, not just when eating standard foods

  11. ^ Consumption sounds should now play when self-suckling

  12. ^ Increased adult phase length in Grubblings infection

  13. ^ Grubblings now siphon calories and grow primarily off of siphoned cals, but are supplemented by the standard growth rate as well

  14. ^ Grubblings now continue to grow in adult phase provided there are calories to siphon

  15. ^ Added variety to lust messages, particularly lust event trigger text

  16. ^ Lust events intro text rewritten, the rest will be rewritten soon

  17. x Fixed lust events sometimes using the wrong genital triggers

  18. ^ some items have had their effects and potency slightly randomized

  19. x Fixed ShapeChange potion using the wrong shape library resulting in weird protion changes like massive arms or necks on otherwise ordinary frames

  20. x Fixed Shape Change potions sometimes applying the wrong shape due to running its randomizer it two separate portions

  21. + Added strawberry shaped to the shapechange potion to keep things consitent


  1. Duotes

    Little progress is still good progress.

  2. Perro the traveler

    And then I somehow broke the mutagen gauge. Didn’t see that before.

  3. noah

    Will this game be converted to HTML5 by 2020 because thats when Adobe will stop supporting flash completely.
    Source: https://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2017/07/adobe-flash-update.html?sdid=9J8K4JR6&mv=affiliate

    • bronn

      what about the standalone flash player?

  4. The

    Download .sfw opener my dude

  5. bronn

    arc, the genderbending still works only halfway despite playing different chars everytime, I’m stuck as an intersex.

  6. warhead1747

    Hey Atticus, it looks like your road hasn’t lightened up at all when it comes to life. Regardless, don’t let life beat you down, don’t let it rob you of your passion. It seems to have robbed me blind, I’ve been a security guard for the last 5 years now, when I truly love messing around with computer hardware and should be some sort of technician. Keep grinding brother, don’t let up in your attacks against whatever obstacles life throws at you. I may not be a computer tech like I have passion for, but I’ll be damned if I pull my nose away from the grindstone. Thank you for dedicating so much of your time to T.E., and a deep thanks to including expansion fetishism, namely the air pump function you included a long while back. I have yet to see another fetish game include some kind of content that you’ve provided. Here’s hoping the lewdness gets more fleshed out with time, but above all, here’s to you brother, for providing something us perverts can utilize and enjoy without having to pull out our wallets.

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