♦      Development Road Map      ♦

(This page is currently under construction, please excuse the lack luster formatting)

(Last updated: 04/21/16)


PreAlpha-Phase Objective List (Current)

Total Pre-alpha Progress: [53%]*

*(Not mathematically calculated Estimated)

  •  : Pre-list Endeavors (prior to 6/04/15) [ 100% ]
  •  : Refine Inventory Systems [ 100% ]
  •  : Refine Item Systems [ 100% ]
  • : Create Equipment Systems [ 88% ]
    • : Implement test clothing items
    • : Add equip system
    • : Add removal system
    • : Add stretch & tightness
    • : Add fit restrictions
    • : Add worn fit restrictions
    • : Add fit messages
    • : Add clothing tearing
    • : Add clothing effects
  •  : UI Overhaul [ 62% ]
    • : Enhance Inventory System
    • : Improve Button placement and effects
    • : Overhaul layout and UI process
    • : Improve Viewer Model
    • : Add font color coding and effects
    • : Improve navigation
    • : Add new, expandable map system
    • : Add Fast travel system & location memory
  • : Improve Body Systems [ 69% ]
    • : Improve metabolic system
    • : Improve body shape systems
    • : Improve stretch mechanics
    • : Improve milk & cum production functions
    • : Improve digestion mechanics
    • : finish work on willpower and sanity systems
    • : add appetite and hunger modifiers
    • : add exercise (still needs to be improved)
    • : add health detriment and hygiene (still needs to be improved)
    • : add addiction and Withdrawal systems
    • : add mobility modifiers
    • : add parasite & pathogen systems
    • : Misc improvements
  • : Create System Libraries & Functions to speed up scene writing [ 14% ]*
    • : Create skin color synonym library
    • : Create automated correctors, arctilizers, capitalizers, and other text modifiers to improve scene writing
    • : Create universal color synonym library
    • : Create material system
    • : Create npc/enemy data libraries
    • : Create environmental/locational libraries
    • : Create other efficiency systems
  • : Create Combat Systems [ ?% ]*
  • : Create NPC’s & Interaction Systems [ ?% ]*
  • : Flesh-out Sub-Systems [ ?% ]*
  • : Move on to Alpha-Phase [ ?% ]*

*(Not calculated: work may have been done, but there are no means, or reason to calculate the given percentages yet)




  1. Xaon

    It might be a good idea to add some optional music to the game.

  2. F*Word

    Just picked this game a few days ago. And I really like what I see.
    I don’t know if here is a right place to post suggestion, but anyways, here we are:

    Wound and Injury System.
    I like how you build this whole metabolic system, and that you can get fatter, or more muscular overtime depending on what you eat and your activities. So, how about making it a level higher? How about instead of a homogenous HP and Stamina bar, you introduce a wound/injury and O2(assuming you’re human)/heart rate system? There could be many kinds of wound/injury, open wound, bruises, broken bones, concussion, and internal bleeding. Imagine the possibilities, you will be knocked out if you get a severe concussion or lose too much blood, and if you don’t treat your wounds right, they will leave scars. Open wounds can attract predators, and abdominal bleeding can bloat your abdomen. Bruises and broken bones will hurt and can immobilize you. You can also passed out from exhaustion/lack of O2. I think it will add more immersion to your already developed metabolic system

    Clothing description
    I know this is still in early development, and clothing will definitely get more depth in the future. But I just want to let you know that more flavor text is always good. Different type of clothing can also be made to provide different level of insulation to heat/cold, and protect you from laceration or bruises.

    Overtime transformation
    I see that there is a poll about this. And I definitely think that overtime transformation is the way to go in this game. Mutagen level should not transform you immediately, but instead will change your hidden DNA value in game. The higher the level, the more likely it will change. And also depending on what you eat, they will transform you overtime, e.g. to be able to develop horns, you need to consume calcium, and to be able to produce honey, you need a high level of sugar, etc. And also, I imagine that if you produce honey, you won’t need to store energy in fat anymore, no?

  3. F*Word

    Oh and also, I read that you are planning to split calories into healthy and unhealthy. Well, I understand that it’s your privilege to design the game as you wish, and I don’t want to overcomplicate things. But if you’re willing to hear some opinion, I think there is better way to handle that. You see, in reality, glucose is, well, glucose. It is not split into two categories, healthy and unhealthy. It is unhealthy if its level in blood is either too high or too low. The “unhealthy calories” that you are mentioning are in fact, fatty acids. And it’s dangerous in high level because it can accumulate in your organs, or even block your veins.
    So, what I’m suggesting are:
    – Keep track of free fatty acids level in blood. Too high, and you will have a thicker blood, and obviously, hypertension. What effect should hypertension have in game is to be discussed. Lower stamina, increased risk of heart attack and stroke (if you are willing to implement it, brain stroke may lead to brain damage that lower your intelligence, for example) are some of it.
    – Introduce additional three body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. It will affect how the body stores fat. Ectomorph will store more fat in internal organs, such as liver, epicardium, and arteries wall. So they have higher probability to develop hypertension and atherosclerosis. Endomorph will store more fat subcutaneously, and excessive subcutaneous fat of course hinder mobility, and flexibility. But thicker fat layer could probably dampen blunt trauma. And mesomorph will store the fat quite equally. I believe these 3 body types could give you more option in how you want your character to be. You fancy a slender character who will not get fat no matter how much he/she eats, pick ectomorph body type. On the other hand, if you want to be able to easily make your character rounder, pick endomorph.

  4. F

    Will wings and more eye/hair colors be a thing?

  5. Mjw12180

    So… there’s a bug apparently, the inventory seems to be like a mirror, when you go to descriptions, and has been a bit of time for you playing I think, the descriptions will be in both the inventory button and the description button, this really ruins the amount of time you can put into this because you cant save when it happened, once it happened, it happened. Now its JUST the newer versions that are “unstable” its in the old stable ones as well! So if you already know about this bug, then this is just a reminder for you devs to fix it. I love the game even if it is unstable and buggy, I think it has lots of potential, anyways thanks for keeping note of any bugs and keep doing what doing, thanks!

    • Mjw12180

      I didn’t know that people already reported this and this was already fixed (Well kinda) so my bad, forgot that you guys had forums on WG, still a good game to play even it is still “kinda” buggy in a way.

  6. Mjw12180

    (Happens in both new unstable versions has well as old and stable versions, sorry for mistakes)


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