I meant to get this out earlier tonight, but forgotten house chores before bed ended up delaying things a tad, but the good news is we have a nice and healthy bug fixing patch with a few bonuses. It’s already 5am here and I have work in the morning, so I’m going to keep this real brief. haha.

So, first off just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone that joined up on our Discord last post, so far my experience with it has been amazingly helpful. Not only is it nice to see my community in action, having fun memeing and messing around, its also (and more importantly so) nice to get so many speedy bug reports in a situation where I can directly interrogate the report and get a small bit more of the details that might help me. As a result several bugs that were in the game forever that I never knew about have been fix and more importantly, the one bug that’s been causing the buttons to disappear at random times has finally been hunted down, taken out back and shot. Hopefully for good. haha. (obviously there’s still a number of bugs that haven’t been found yet, but finding this one in particular is a wondrous starting point)


So even if this update doesn’t bring much it’ll at the very least be somewhat more stable than before. You’ll also find an incomplete event in the fertile fields (there will be an encounter here later, but for now you can just collect a new item so you can fiddle with a simple new effect). Going to busy with work this week, but I’m hoping to have some expanded content on this new event and some other tidbits by next sunday, so hopefully things go as planned for once. lol

Thanks again folks, I’m going to catch some rest, and I’ll see you all around

(also, a small side note, if you’re a donator on Tainted Elysium’s Patreon, check your donation settings as you should automatically get a special role on the discord, but you have to opt into it as patreon automatically sets your donations to op out of rewards if no rewards were set prior to your donation, but they’re there for you and your current donation should trigger it. If you’re having any trouble receiving your role, please let me know and I’ll fix it right up.)


Tainted Elysium Update [0.2.1E]


From [0.2.1E] to [0.2.1E] Patch 1 (09/17/17)

  • [0.2.1E] Patch 1 (09/17/17)
  1. ^ Metabolism no longer has a lower limit of 0.5, it can now reach zero

  2. ^ changed metabolic calculations so a metabolism of zero no longer stops all metabolic functions

  3. ^ The calories tool tip, now lists calories from fats and carbs combined with protein at the top and segregates them below, for clarity

  4. x Fixed mystery potion height changes affecting the wrong variable

  5. x Fixed horns not displaying on the model

  6. x Fixed effect #11 displaying effect #21’s descriptive data

  7. x Finally tracked down and fixed the mysterious disappearing buttons bug (at least one of its causes). There may still be other sources of the bug out there, so keep an eye out, but this should dramatically reduce the occurrences if not fix it completely

  8. x fixed an error with effects applied by the mystery potion

  9. x Fixed a crash related to mystery potions changing skin shade

  10. ^ Increased the likely hood of the mystery potion applying effects from the effect library

  11. ^ blood color now has a default so the game doesn’t crash if one chooses a blood color number above 7

  12. x Fixed nipple color sometimes appearance as “colorless” due to some color names not being registered in the color library.

  13. + Added commands “clearallfx”, “clearlastfx” and “clearfirstfx” to remove all material effects on the player, to remove the most recently received material effect and remove the oldest received material effect respectively

  14. + Added Effect #12 (stomach elasticity)

  15. + Added item #37 (ponderous pumpkins), a large food item that increase stomach capacity slightly, increases fertility (and seamen production rates) and has a chance to trigger effect #12

  16. + Added an incomplete event (FF_E1) to the fertile fields. Currently there aren’t any encounters related to it, but its a free location to collect item #37


  1. Perro the traveler

    Could someone please tell me how to recover metabolism? Thanks.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Metabolism is supposed to rise back up naturally, but there’s a bug (that I thought I had fixed) that’s still causing a problem with it. I’m going to try and find the source of it as soon as I can.

      For now, its best to avoid the cream tree event (as that has a lot of metabolic effects) and you’re free to use the “met+#” commands to change metabolic levels. Sorry about the inconvenience.

      • Perro the traveler

        I had actually been bringing it up for a while but I guess I worded it so terribly it sounded like I wanted it to go lower. Sorry about that.

        Oh and does the character not have abs yet? During an attempt at an earlier version I held low fat to see the muscle building pattern and I couldn’t see any ab development at all (which looks weird with the chest muscles sticking far forward). Do I need to pick a different workout?

        • zxc

          crunches bra

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