Not quite what I had planned, but here’s a patch with some necessary bug fixes, minor additions and adjustments. I didn’t have much time for Elysium this week, as per usual, but this time a good portion of the time was put into working on some art assets and setting up some stuff for addition that’ll be coming soon. So, its all good news in that regard, in a way atleast.

And feel free to skip over this part, its just more melodrama shit about whats been going on in my life for those that find that interesting for whatever reason. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve been a bit distracted this week. As some of you may be aware, drug abuse, mental illness, crime and death seem to be things that haunt my family. We’re all very close, even those most would consider “distant family”, but we all tend to struggle with our demons. Long story short, there was an event in my family and we nearly lost someone who is very near and dear to me, someone I grew up idolizing. He survived the incident, and is recovering now in a mental hospital. But the whole thing has weighed heavily on me. This is a sickness I too struggle with, and to avoid any alarm or attention seeking, I’ll just say that I did some things I shouldn’t have, but I’m fine now, I’m in a better state and I just want to get passed it.
I just thought its only fair to give a warning if I’m at all out of character, or prove forgetful.

Anyways, while work is clearly going to keep me busy this week, I’d also just like to get down into Elysium to take my mind off things, I got some fun stuff planned that I want to experiment with and I’m hoping I get the time to have anything presentable by next week. If not, just know that it’ll be soon regardless. I won’t say much more on it so as to avoid getting anyone’s hopes up.

Alright, well, here’s the patch. I still haven’t been able to track down the Ovikari larva bug (as I’ve been stuck dealing with other bugs that needed to be cleaned up and got distracted haha), and there still might be an issue with metabolism, my initial fixes might have worked, but I think it might still get stuck under some conditions. So if you run into that bug or anything of the sort, feel free to give me the details here or on the discord. Thank you as always, and hopefully I’ll be back with something soon.


Tainted Elysium Update [0.2.1E] Patch 2


Debug Command List (a little bit outdated)

From [0.2.1E] Patch 1 to [0.2.1E] Patch 2 (09/25/17)

  • [0.2.1E] Patch 2 (09/25/17)
  1. $x fixed missing consumption descriptions for item#37

  2. $x fixed various grammatical errors

  3. $x fixed some skin colors showing up as “colorless”

  4. x Fixed an inventory error where gaining an item when all slots where full but some stacks were still incomplete would cause the item drop/swap menu to not call and the game to stall

  5. x Fixed an error that caused negative effects to not diminish as fast as positive effects and in some cases, not diminish at all

  6. x Fixed an error caused by excessive milk collection under some circumstances

  7. x Fixed various text errors

  8. ^ Updated the donor list in the credits and broke them up and color coded them by donation tiers just as a small token to those ridiculously generous folks I’ve been lucky enough to have supporting me. As usual if you would prefer your user name not be displayed or would like it to be displayed as a different name, please let me know

  9. ^ Reduced the magnitude of item37 (Ponderous Pumpkin) effect, super massive stomach capacity can still be achieved, but it’ll be more difficult now

  10. ^ All timed effects now decay on a scale relative to their proportions, this way high magnitude effects don’t take absurd amount of times to return to normal

  11. x Fixed an error where some scaling decays on older effects weren’t using additive scaling.

  12. ^ Effect#8 (nausea immunity) and Effect#12 (stomach-elasticity) now adds the proper effect glow to the fullness bar

  13. x Fixed an error in which Item37 (Ponderous Pumpkin) would apply effects that ended instantly

  14. ^ reduced the effect of the Silver tree sap material, so it’ll stop completely overwhelming the metabolism to the point that it takes impossibly long to recover

  15. ^ reduced the amount of time that silver sap applies Nausea immunity for, reducing the given timer from 1.8 minutes per ounce to 0.8 minutes per ounce

  16. + Lust bar tooltip now displays cum volume

  17. ^ Item#37 (Ponderous Pumpkin) now increases both semen production rate and maximum semen capacity

  18. + added “cum” commands. cum, cumr, cumc, cume to manipulate current semen volume, semen production rate, semen capacity and semen capacity elasticity

  19. + Reduced base milk production rate slightly, until breast milk production being linked with body calories is restored

  20. ^ Skin tanning and paleing now works under a threshold. This way normal sunlight can no longer turn pure white skin to pure black skin over the course of a few days. Each zone will have a different maximum tanning point based on the environment and skin tone.


  1. plebian

    Sucks to hear. Hope things improve.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      They will, things always turn around eventually. You just take it as it is.

  2. dudeguything

    There is always a chance tomorrow will be better, you just have to get there. Hope for swift recoveries and warm hugs. hugs shall save everything.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Thank you friend. Hugs certainly are helpful in their own right and tomorrow is certainly a new day as they say, lol.

  3. Perro the traveler

    Thanks for making metab stop acting like some kind of countdown clock.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      It’s only really a bandaid fix until I can figure out the root of the problem, but I’m glad its helping smooth things over for now.

  4. Duotes

    I know the words of a stranger may mean little, but for what is worth, I hope both you and your relative get better.

    • Profile photo of Atticus.Arc

      Words from any source can hold as much strange of the listener allows. I have a lot of neat people in my community, so even the words of a stranger are nice to hear. Thank you for the sentiment my friend. Things will be better, life comes at you in waves, this was just a low point for me and those in my life it seems.

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